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Searching for Extraterrestrial Intelligence - looking in the wrong direction?


Image: Proposed Square Kilometer Array

The question whether there is intelligent life in the universe besides our insignificant and rather barbaric human "civilization", is of course a question that needs to be asked. SETI, the project that analyzes radio waves captured by our ever vigilant antennas is perhaps the most widely known effort thanks to the seti@home program run by Berkeley University. The goal of that program is to detect intelligent life outside earth, and the program employs computer users all over the world who voluntarily contribute computing power, bandwidth and disk space to analyze signals for patterns indicating an intelligent origin. Despite all the effort invested, the search has not yielded any clear confirmatory information.

But what if other intelligent life forms communicate with a method that is radically different from our radio waves? What if they had a workable method that bridges vast interstellar distances in the blink of an eye, instead of having to wait for years for the information to arrive. It would stand to reason that any advanced society might have such technology, but that would also mean that we are wasting a whole lot of effort on a search in a direction that will never produce a result.

Talking about wasting effort (and money) on a search that very ingenuously assumes our technology to be the best and only communication technology in existence, here is a piece I just came across describing a plan to spend upwards of two billion dollars on a new array of antennas designed to capture signals that travel with light velocity at distances of more than 30,000 light years away.

Something does not add up. Either the proposed array of antennas will be looking for something else than the presence of intelligent life, or there is a serious flaw in our basic assumptions.

In a more recent (April 2012) development, there is an effort to develop a computer capable of handling the huge amount of data the array will be producing.

IBM developing exascale computer for the Square Kilometre Array

IBM has just been awarded a contract that challenges the company to handle an exabyte of data every single day. To put that in context, the Internet currently handles around 499 Petabytes of data every day. An exabyte is 1,024 Petabytes, meaning more than double the data.

The reason this exascale system is required is to support the largest and most sensitive radio telescope being developed by the Square Kilometer Array (SKA) consortium. The SKA is set to come online in 2024 and will be capable of collecting multiple exabytes of data from a telescope 50x more sensitive than anything that has gone before.

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17-nation project to look for life in remote galaxies

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Posted online : Sunday, January 7, 2007

CHIDAMBARAM, JAN 6: In search of life 30,000-plus light years away from our solar system, scientists on earth have finalised plans to set up a Square Kilometre Array (SKA) housing 8,000 antennae and discs, occupying a surface area of 50,000 sq metres. This SKA would be a hundred times more powerful than the Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope (GMRT) commissioned near Pune.

The project, to take off after selecting the site in 2008 and to be completed by 2020, will be supported by 17 nations including India, at an investment of around $2 billion.

"The antennae will help scientists tap bio-signatures existing in the universe outside our planet," said the Govind Swarup, Fellow of the Royal Society and professor emeritus at the Pune-based National Centre for Radio Astrophysics. The proposed SKA will enable scientists to search for extra-terrestrial intelligence. Swarup is here in Chidambaram to participate in the 94th Indian Science Congress.

Swarup said that according to the Drake Equation, there are about 10,000 planets in the universe where there can be a possibility of existence of life.

Swarup, who is actively associated with the project, has suggested that each of the 8,000 antennas should be of 12-metre diameter. He suggested that India can effectively make its contribution by developing software and antennas for the project, which would cover 15% of the total cost.

He revealed that South Africa and Australia have been shortlisted for the site of the SKA project.

"The decision on the site is likely to be taken in 2008 and thereafter the issue of fund-raising will be finalised by 2010," he said.

Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Tata Consultancy Services and Persistent Vision have evinced interest in the project, said Swarup. "I am working to form a core group for software specialists based in Pune to work on the project," he said.

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Of course looking for electromagnetic signals from extraterrestrial beings is a perfectly useless exercise. Any communications over interstellar or intergalactic distances are not going to be possible with a technology that is limited to light velocity. Communication by electromagnetic waves is fine for our planetary needs and may barely suffice for extension through our solar system, but it would be woefully inadequate for anything more distant than - say the outer planets.

So why are we looking in that direction?

Apparently, there is a high level cover-up of the real facts of extraterrestrial intelligence visiting and interacting with mankind. Dr Steven Greer has been investigating the reality of the continuous presence - denied by press and officials - of extraterrestrial presence and contact with humans. His books and the video witness testimony available on the Disclosureproject site detail what he found and I recommend you get and read them. Especially interesting is his latest work - Hidden Truth Forbidden Knowledge - which goes into detail on the cover-up of any information that indicates alien contact, and chronicles how he got involved in this research in the first place.


Greer has established CSETI, the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence, where he says:

"A thorough review of existing data and documents concerning "UFO's" indicates that the Earth has been visited by ETI and Extraterrestrial Spacecraft (ETS) for decades, if not centuries, and that this contact has intensified since 1947. The existence and authentication of top secret documents confirming the retrieval of crashed ETs and their occupants, the numerous photographs and films showing ETS, the reports of thousands of credible civilian and military observers, and the presence of associated landing all provide compelling evidence for the ongoing contact between ETI and Humans."

I would also recommend you get "Fastwalkers" - a recently released feature-length video that documents the fact of numerous alien visits on this planet and of contact that has been established. You will hear some first hand accounts of how the evidence is covered up by our governments, slotting the spiny question into a "national security", military category, where no real data is allowed to escape into our very controlled media and public knowledge.

Fastwalkers features a host of investigators of the phenomenon and makes the case that instead of letting military handle all contact, we must open up to these visitors, who probably see us as a dangerous, rogue race of beings on the way to destroying our planet's environment and perhaps ourselves, with our fixation on war and outdated but profitable petrochemical energy technologies.

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Can We Please End The UFO Cover-Up?

Hacker uncovers UFO evidence
I also got access to Excel spreadsheets. One was titled "Non-Terrestrial Officers." It contained names and ranks of U.S. Air Force personnel who are not registered anywhere else. It also contained information about ship-to-ship transfers, but I've never seen the names of these ships noted anywhere else.

Missing laptop found in ET hunt
No ET signals have been found by SETI(at)home, but at least the program finally turned out to have some use: Locating a stolen computer, which dutifully checked in to the SETI database to help in the search...

France opens secret UFO files covering 50 years (originally published on PhysOrg)
The CNES fields between 50 and 100 UFO reports ever year, usually written up by police. Of these, 10 percent are the object of on-site investigations, Patenet said.

Other countries collect data more or less systematically about unidentified flying objects, notably in Britain and in the United States, where information can be requested on a case-by-case basis under the Freedom of Information Act. "But we decided to do it the other way around and made everything available to the public," Patenet said. The aim was to make it easier for scientists and other UFO buffs to access the data for research.

The website itself -- which crashed host servers hours after it was unveiled due to heavy traffic -- is extremely well organised and complete, even including scanned copies of police reports. To visit the website: .

Understanding UFO Secrecy in the 21st Century
While not new - Steven Greer wrote this in 1999 - the article spells out clearly and without distracting emotional garbage, why UFO data are being kept top secret to this day, and what the dangers are of a closed military group dealing with the matter. Change is urgently needed, today as it was back at the end of the last century. We must insist on transparency, lest we be judged by the disastrous results of the "diplomacy" of military minds. This is a call to action that unfortunately has not found a proper echo in these last few years.

SETI Makes Alien Contact?
According to Dr. Steven Greer, yes, SETI has received multiple extraterrestrial signals. This news he says, is confirmed by senior employees within the SETI program.

"We have confirmation - and I'm not going to give the name yet because we are trying to coax this guy out of the closet - but one of the senior people in the SETI project, which is the Carl Sagan Search for Extraterrestrial project, has confirmed to the Disclosure Project that they have received multiple extraterrestrial signals," Greer said.

Galactic Cointelpro - Covert Counterintelligence Program against Extraterrestrial contactees
In this excellent article, Michel Salla describes how the US intelligence agencies have, with a long-term program of disruption and debunking, effectively neutralized what seems to have been a perceived threat that people in direct contact with extraterrestrials could bring about changes in earth politics and social systems in preparation for humanity's entry into the larger community of space civilizations.

Not only did the US authorities know that the extraterrestrial presence is real, they did everything to ridicule and split UFO investigators and set them against each other.

Alternate "life" styles: scientists predict the possibility of a Shadow Biosphere
... Scientists Jack Cohen and Ian Stewart realized that as a civilization advances they begin to use the available electromagnetic spectrum for communication more fully and efficiently until ultimately their radiative emissions are indistinguishable from blackbody radiation. In other words, when we look out into space with telescopes to search for signs of alien life (SETI for example) we will likely mistake it for being just a regular old hot rock! So either three things must be true to find life through a telescope: 1. The civilization is at a very precise moment in its development, 2. The civilization wants to be found and so sets aside some broadcast space for a message, 3. We know their decompression algorithm and what frequency band to apply it to.

It's this last possibility that relates to the shadow biosphere in a philosophical sense. Unless we know how to interpret the signs of such life, we may not be able to distinguish it from the natural background.

New telescope may find alien life: square kilometre array SKA

The square kilometre array is one of the most ambitious science projects ever conceived and when completed will be the world's most powerful radio telescope, thousands of times more capable than anything currently available.

The 1.5 billion euro project involves the construction of about 3000 dishes which, when linked together, have a total collecting surface of about one square kilometre.

IBM developing exascale computer for the Square Kilometre Array

April 2012 - IBM has just been awarded a contract that challenges the company to handle an exabyte of data every single day. To put that in context, the Internet currently handles around 499 Petabytes of data every day. An exabyte is 1,024 Petabytes, meaning more than double the data.

The reason this exascale system is required is to support the largest and most sensitive radio telescope being developed by the Square Kilometer Array (SKA) consortium. The SKA is set to come online in 2024 and will be capable of collecting multiple exabytes of data from a telescope 50x more sensitive than anything that has gone before.




(received by email)

Dear Sepp Hasslberger;
I was unable to post a comment to your latest email even after waiting a long time. It was not as long as the 4 billion years this earth has been around, or even the duration of the Iraq war. It was a long time as this frantic writer measures time though, so I reproduce the comment below;

If the intelligent life is aquatic and the size of a whale, it will never visit here. This would be lucky, because it is not likely that any intelligent life would be any kinder to animals than we are. If they use oxygen, it is almost certain that they will take our planet away from us.
We would be better served putting our energy into educating the Sudanese and Iraqis enough such that they can perform research against tropical diseases, which will soon be moving north.

(by email):

Dear Sepp,

You are right: The search for extraterrestrial communications is in a wrong direction. I am convinced that the communications are by longitudinal waves. They are based on an Ether concept about space, so they are not envisioned by the contemporary physics and modern technology. See my conclusions in Chapter 13 of my book "Basic Structures of Matter -Supergravitation Unified Theory". I enclose it for you (16 pages).

I have presented two plenary reports in the conference "Space time, gravitation" 6-11 Aug 2006 St. Petersburg for which we had e-mail exchange the last year and my extended article will published in a conference proceedings.

Regards, Stoyan

I agree with you - searching for radio waves is primitive, like baying at the moon and expecting a response. What we should be doing is studying the ETs and UFOs that are already visiting us, rather than continuing to ignore them. Fastwalkers has an excellent video about this, in which even Msgr. Balducci of the Vatican thinks that "angels" are actually ETs.


Dear Sepp,

Our dear and respectable Sir, Madam, Ladies and gentlemen, dear our friends are fine and delightful dreamers, much more in the greater degree, rather than scientists (though and also, certainly, fine).

I think, that so-called the Drake Equation there is a magnificent exercise of mind of the talented person... But anything more if to mean an opportunity its practical use. Though it is capable "to excite imagination", it so is pleasant...

In 21 century we are already in a condition to start concrete designing StarGates, own "ufo" with which help the most worthy can the nearest years in millions times already slow down own time - moving in multivariate space and operating development of hundreds other civilizations. Alas, maintaining reason and technological achievements of these communities. In the justification, they will be created by us from a lifeless matter so reached the greatness all "gods". Any other concepts (christianity, the theory of communism.. etc) are a Utopia contradicting to a science. They are, in effect, a way of self-preservation of collective of the camp ("prison") prisoners, the going deceit "from above" and "sideways".

It is a pity, that bad command of the English language prevents me to state precise model of technical realization of the Project. If someone from gentlemen has an opportunity well to read Russian texts and to make their good translation, I shall, with great pleasure, undertake evidently to prove validity and efficiency of the statements.

Best regards,

Michael comments by email:

Strange, isn't it. Especially since Tesla proved over a century ago that there are waves that travel virtually instantaneously and are not limited by the speed of light at all. It's been established for a long time now that charge and mass are two separate entities, and since charge has no mass, a wave of pure charge has no limit to its velocity. It's mass that increases as it approaches light speed.

During experiments Tesla conducted in Colorado Springs, he discovered quite by accident that the signals he was sending were coming back very quickly - much faster than the C limit they should have had.

Then there's gravity waves and others as well related to the Higgs field, and then there is entanglement between photons, etc. Create 2 entangled photons and take one away 100 million miles from the other and act upon one of the photons - the other will respond instantaneously, over that distance.

I can't believe that they haven't tried anything else but radio waves. It's simply been kept secret, because it's been know way too long that these things exist and any advanced culture out there would be using something far quicker, more efficient, and less detectable than radio waves.

Radio waves are space communication for dummies.