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A-Temporal Gravitation

Time does not have physical reality, say researchers Amrit Sorli and Dusan Klinar, all we measure with clocks are changes in matter existing in space. Space itself, they say, is a-temporal. Space-time as advocated by Einstein and Minkowski is merely a mathematical construct, it has no physical existence.

Gravitation is a property of a-temporal, quantized space. There are no 'gravity waves' that travel from one stellar body to another, gravity is a stress-condition inherent in space.


Is gravity a result of 'bent' space? - Image credit: NPR

Sorli and Klinar propose a new formula for determining the strength of gravity inside a stellar object and, as a consequence, inside black holes. They also propose a simple experiment to verify their new way of calculating gravity.

Active Galactic Nuclei, they say, re-cycle matter into space and space into matter.

Universe is an a-temporal system in permanent dynamic equilibrium - there is no beginning and no end of the universe.

A-Temporal Gravitation

Amrit Sorli, Dusan Klinar
Scientific Research Centre BISTRA,
Slovenski trg 6, 2250 Ptuj, Slovenia


With clocks one measures duration of material change going on in space. This is what time is: the irreversible stream of material change in space. Space itself is a-temporal, time does not run in space on its own, it exists only as a stream of material change. Space-time exists only as a mathematical model, it does not exist as a physical reality. Space-time is a formal model in which one describes motion of material objects and elementary particles in a-temporal space. Gravity force is a result of curvature of a-temporal space that has a granular structure. Density of grains of space depends on density of mass, the higher the density of mass, the lower the density of space and the bigger the volume of grains. Bigger volume of grains causes stretching of grains that is gravity force. Gravity force is a-temporal: no time, means no material change, no motion of particle or wave is needed to transport gravity force.

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Einstein and Gödel were right: time as we experience it does not exist in the universe; it exists only as a mind concept through which we experience material change in the universe. Let's see the process of experiencing material change: material change is first perceived by senses (eyes) then elaborated in time as a mind concept and finally experienced. Linear time is a "mind prism" through which we experience material change that occurs in the universe. Past, present and future are elements of time as a mind prism. In the universe there is no past, present and future.

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Hosein Javadi says (by email):

I agree with you about time, in CPH theory time is a name for clock motion.

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gravitational warpage :
The stretched rubber bed sheet and the bowling ball aren't an accurate model of the gravitational warpage of space... that implies the area nearer the sunken ball is higher density and other masses are attracted to it.

The reverse happens, particles seek a lower density, as in (something like) pressure. You can't say the higher mass or density has a higher gravity because you are using gravity in the example (the explanation) and you can't because in this case it's the question.
In this model "gravity" is causing the acceleration downward not the curve. If you stick this model in space and incline the plain there is no effect. Space (everything) must have a actual field like explained. (Note: my 2-d and 3-d are different from what we're talking about here)

...Also, if gravity (the actual pulling effect) is caused by a warping of the supposed void of space, there would be a measurable difference in even a miniscule range, for instance the opposite sides of a piece of paper held horizontally. If we stick this whole scenario in a vacuum, the paper would drop like a lead weight, leading us to believe there is an impossible different warp or curve per micro-meter. The force of gravity at the surface of the earth (for instance) and lets say 300 yards up, are about the same, correct? But now if you think of the sheet of paper in a vacuum... there is enough difference even in the range of a micrometer to make it drop like a lead weight, ...there is so much difference/change on the opposite sides of paper that it drops like lead? Does that seem right? Do you see my point?

In a micrometer there is a dramatic difference but 300 yards is the same? No, somethings really wrong with that thinking, it's backwards.
Just about the same "supposed" curve at 300 yards would be negligible
at the micrometer, what's causing the pull?
The picture itself bothers me also... it uses a 2-D model (the sheet) to represent something that can't be represented without sticking a 3-D bowling ball in it and including "gravity" (rolling downhill) without an explanation. And space itself is supposed to be one dimension higher than mass, not less. If you wanted to bump everything down from what is perceived as actuality to those dimensions...
you would have to take a...
3-D earth and 4-D space and reduce them to a...
2-D earth and 3-D space, not the 2-D space (sheet) like the diagram.

Four dimensional space is curved? Where or what is the curve? Is it thicker closer to the source of gravity? Why would something be attracted to a thicker area/density?

Gravity isn't curving space, it's (space is) curved because the Sun or a planet is spherical. If the Sun were an infinitely sized flat object there wouldn't be a curved field but it's safe to assume there would still be what we call Gravity.

The pressure of cold quantity

cao, jun feng, cao rui
No170 ifo room 5-1, guihua street, shujiatun district
shenyang china post code: 110101
Tel: 024—89823077

Through several years’ probes it has been found that there are cold-and hot quantity and it’s powerful pressure in nature. Cold quantity formed the physical world by binding with hot quantity and rotates the celestial bodies. All of movements and changes in nature could be explained with cold quantity.

Keywords: pressure of cold quantity, forming particle, Rotation of whirlpool.

1. the pressure of cold quantity exists around us in nature

Cold quantity occupies the most of universe and exists in the physical world. Nothing in nature could change water into ice, but onley cold quantity with powerful forces. The cold quantity flows to the space of hot quantity consistently and sets off a reacting force from hot quantity. The space of hot quantity existed around celestial body is very small. The hot quantity is encircled by cold quantity. Both of cold-and hot quantity possess energy All of the ocean currents, gales and electron clouds couldn’t be formed without cold-and hot quantity. As a kind of energy the cold quantity can be divided and is a maximum force in nature. Cold quantity forms the physical world by binding with hot quantity and rotates the celestial bodies.

2. Particles of matterials are formed under the pressure of cold quantity
When the heat of celestial body strakes back to the area of cold quantity, we could find out visible-and invisible Lights and other rays, their intensity depends on the time how long it took during of it’s radiation. And finally those would be encircled by cold quantity and become a lot of small cold whirlpool, we call it electron. Photon inside of electron emits light when the cell of electron is broden, it’s velocity is the same with electron’s. Electron gets uninterrupted raise in number in the space and becomes
the smaller the elements, the smaller atomic field is. Where decay appears, there is atomic field. According the quantity of heat getting from outside the atomic field could be changed to big or small atomic field. This is just the reason why everything exists in three forms - solid liguid and gases. Using the same way we could explain the low of temprature cohesion of Einstein.

3. cold quantity makes celestial body rotation
All celestial bodies are releasing different quantity of heat so a large number of cold quantity flows to celestial body and gathers outside of celestial body. This cold quantity forms a whirlpool, which makes celestial body rotation. The lineal speed of whirlpool outside is slower than inside. Sol is a very hot and large celestial body, it emits a large number of heat and forms a big whirlpool. This whirlpool could make the earth rotate around the sun. The relative geometric position of whirlpool between the sun and the earth makes them form a cross angle of 23.4 degree. This is the reason why we have four seasons. The cross angle of uranus is more than 80 degrees and 2-3 degrees for venus and jupiter individually. Calculating formula of radius of whirlpool is follows:

V1=V2 S1=S2 S1/V1

V2=V1 S2=S1 V1/V2

S:distance, v:velocity, (1:near one) (2:farther one)

Electron atom magnetic field, water whirlpool
Radiation of celestial and man-made satellite are rotated by the force of whirlpool. We could use the calculating formula mentioned above to obtain the altitude and velocity of planets. Eletron group or electron cloud will turn up a ball under the pressure of cold quantity and finally reaches to forming a fission of electron. The high quantity of heat released during the fisson of electron makes electron form a very hard new particle, we call it hydrogen nuclear. The outer covering of nudear is proton which is formed by the pressure of high hot quantity against cold whirlpool of electron. The neutron in nuclear is formed by cold quantity against heat of light. Both cold and hot quantity is a kind of energy, but not particles. Neutron is a compressed hot quantity, but not particles. Neutron is a compressed hot quantity but not particles. Electron, atomic nuclear and atom are particles, cold-and hot quantity, neutron, proton are not particles.

Electron and atomic nuclei of hydrogen appear in space
Innumberable foming of electrons and hydrogens nuclear have produced particles in space, at the same time helium is produced through the nuclear fusion under high pressure. This, in fact, is just the process of forming fixed star, in this way the physical world would have come into being.

Decay and fission of elements
As we know small elements have less neutrons than large one, that means large element emits heat quantity more than small one. When the hot quantity emitted from inside of nucleus reaches one or several of neutron quantity then the element will become a smaller element, we call it decay of element. In the same way we could know that the decay of large element is faster than small one. In the case of heavy element there are lots of neutrons inside of nuclear shell. That means, even more nuclei are given up to outside of shell we call it fission of radioactive elements. There is no way to breake up atomic nucleus with cold quantity because nuclear shell is photon made of cold quantity, it has to use neutron with high speed. Heat quantity to be given out during decay of nuclear and cold quantity form a whirlpool around the nucleus and forms an atomic field.

Blocking cold pressure to the earth, sea water has lost a few pressure and sets off rise and fall of sea water. For the reason that the moon blocks the powerful solarwind to the earth, it sets off the great raise of sea water at the beginning and end of month in luna calender. At the middle of month, a spring tide appears because the moon blocks the cold pressure to solar and earth.

4. weight of materials
The more neutrons a particle has, the bigger the specific gravity is. This is the concept of weight, the solar wind makes planet place it far from the sun, and the cold quantity makes planet place it to near the sun. So two kinds of force make planet keep its balance at a certain position from the sun, the smaller the planet is, the farther it is from the sun. Cold quantity compress to fixed star in galaxy which has hot quantity of surplus and forms a big whirlpool. This is the way to form quasar which is the biggest celestial body.

It is said that there is a dark material which, in fact, is the cold quantity. There are only two kinds of energy - cold and hot quantity, otherwise nothing in the space. The univese is short of heat quantity because all of heat quantity and a portion of cold quantity are forming physical world together. Mankind is looking for the way to find the source of heat. Cold quantity can form nature, materials weight and all movement and changes in nature. All of the above are owed to the cold quantity. Finally I would like to point out emphatically that there is pressure of cold quantity in nature, otherwise there is no way to understand the nature.

25th May 2002

I have in the past proposed a similar experiment. My version is to simply place one of two synchronized atomic clocks in the mine, leaving the other on the surface. My expectation is that the clock in the mine will fall behind the surface clock at a greater rate than can be explained by a differential in rotational velocity.

So the twenty dollar question is, how are the two accelerations going to be timed? Perhaps the timing devices (clocks) ought to be tested prior to the acceleration experiment.

jd hill