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Sub-atomic particles in a-temporal space

Does time have any real existence or is it merely a mental construct?

Spiritual teachers have long held the view that time is a thing of the mind, a figment of the imagination. In The Power of NOW, Eckhart Tolle argues that what has real existence is only the present moment, the now. The past is composed of memories we recorded, and the future is merely an imagination of what might happen that is created by our minds.

Davide Fiscaletti and Amrit Sorli seem to have a similar view. In their paper that discusses the motion of sub-atomic particles in quantized space, they say that "the passing of time cannot be perceived directly as matter and space; we can only perceive the irreversible changes and movements of matter in physical space (i.e. the space where material objects exist). The linear time in which events happen exists only in the scientific models of the universe, but not in the universe itself."


Schroedinger's cats: Quantum Mechanics and world view - Davide Fiscaletti

But the Fiscaletti/Sorli paper is not only about time. Space is a-temporal, they say, but it is also quantized, and elementary particles, so the argument goes, are space quanta in a certain vibratory state. When particles move, it is not an actual physical thing that changes position in space, but the vibratory state that creates the particles moves across a range of space quanta, successively re-creating the particle at each new location.

This reminds me of the proposal of another Italian, Gian Piero Godone, who in 1994 posited a fourth law of motion, to add to Newton's three:

"Ogni possibile movimento di ogni possibile corpo è dovuto al costante moto dei suoi elementi base, i quali sono continuamente sostituiti da sempre nuovi elementi base che arrivano ordinatamente dallo spazio e poi al medesimo ritornano"

or in English

"Any possible movement of any physical body is due to the constant motion of its basic elements, which are continually substituted by always new basic elements that arise in an orderly sequence from space and then to there return."

While not acceptable to the physics mainstream, it is nevertheless a good exercise in mental mobility and perhaps not entirely futile, to mull such things over. In any case, here is the paper of Fiscaletti/Sorli.

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Toward a new interpretation of subatomic particles and their motion inside a-temporal physical space

Davide Fiscaletti, Amrit Sorli, SpaceLife Institute,
Via Roncaglia 35, 61047 S. Lorenzo in Campo (PU), Italy


Four-dimensional a-temporal physical space is the stage in which natural phenomena happen. Quanta of space having the size of Planck length and vibrating at certain frequencies are the basic "packets of energy" which build up matter and A-Temporal Physical Space. In particular, quanta of space constituting A-Temporal Physical Space vibrate with the "basic frequency" and are the "non-entropy state" of energy, while quanta of space constituting matter vibrate with appropriate different lower frequencies and are the "entropy-state" of energy. Each subatomic particle can be interpreted as the result of the interaction of energy in the "entropy-state" with one or more quanta of the A-Temporal Physical Space. This interaction of energy in the "entropy state" with quanta of space is determined by the vibration of these quanta of space at appropriate frequencies. A new interpretation of quantum potential is thus proposed: the quantum potential intended as "special state of a-temporal physical space in the presence of microscopic processes". When we take into consideration an atomic or subatomic process, a-temporal physical space assumes the special "state" represented by quantum potential in consequence of the entropic energy shifting between certain quanta of space: this energy shifting (which is determined by the vibrations of the quanta of space occupied by the particle) materializes the subatomic particle into examination in the different points of physical space. We underline that this new interpretation of quantum potential appears permissible also in virtue of the fact that both a-temporal physical space and quantum potential allow us to explain quantum nonlocality.


If we base ourselves on elementary perception (sight), no experimental evidence exists that material objects move in time. The passing of time cannot be perceived directly [in the same way as we perceive] matter and space; we can only perceive the irreversible changes and movements of matter in physical space (i.e. the space where material objects exist). The linear time in which events happen exists only in the scientific models of the universe, but not in the universe itself. On the basis of elementary perception, we can thus say that time exists only as a stream of irreversible material changes and movements happening in a-temporal space. This is an alternative, different point of view from that conventionally adopted in physics, but is perhaps more correct and appropriate because it is more coherent with experimental facts.

The stage in which physical phenomena happen is not space-time but is really a four-dimensional a-temporal space. Phenomena run in space-time only in the mathematical models of reality, which sometimes become more real than reality itself, which instead - on the ground of our elementary perception - turns out to be a-temporal. General relativity can be therefore interpreted in the following way: gravity is transmitted by the density of the four-dimensional a-temporal physical space and its effect is to determine modifications in the geometry of this a-temporal space. This new interpretation of general relativity, which can be defined also a-temporal gravitation theory, implies that matter makes physical space dense and that material particles move in the direction where the density of physical space is increasing. A-temporal physical space allows us to provide a consistent explanation, an interesting interpretation not only of gravitational interaction. It can open new perspectives also as regards quantum nonlocality: the communication between two quantum particles is instantaneous just because it is transmitted by a-temporal physical space.

In virtue of these considerations, it appears permissible to consider four-dimensional a-temporal physical space as the possible intermediary of all phenomena observed or predicted by the different theories; in line of principle, this a-temporal space should be able to include all objects of physics (and therefore also ponderable matter and force fields). It is permissible to think that this a-temporal space represents a reality ontologically primary as to the matter and that the different types of fields (electromagnetic, quantum, nuclear) can be seen as special states of it.

Here the aim is to introduce a new interpretation of subatomic particles and their motion inside a-temporal physical space. This new interpretation, on one hand, can give results similar to standard quantum theory and, on the other hand, will allow us to open new perspectives as regards bohmian quantum potential.

To read the whole paper, download this PDF version.

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A-Temporal Gravitation

A-Temporal Wave Gravity Theory
Davide Fiscaletti
Starting from the idea that time exists only as motion of matter and introducing the concepts of the density of cosmic space new perspectives are opened in gravitation and the interpretation of physical space. In this interpretation, mass can be considered a physical entity which is not so much different from cosmic space (in the sense that it can be seen as the portion of space where the space is denser). The state of gravity-space can be described in terms of two fields, namely the gravitostatic field and the gravitokinetic field, which are defined in terms of the density of cosmic space and of a quantum number j indicating a sort of rotation-orientation of each elementary grain of cosmic space. In virtue of the features of these fields, a wave function of gravity-space and therefore the idea of a wave gravity-space have been introduced.


Black Material is the Cold Quantum

Chao Junping Chao Ri Chao Guang
No. 51, Guihua street 170-1 Shujiatun district Shenyang China
Post Code:110101

Abstract: The target of the thesis is to explain that black material is the cold quantum, the blackbody and black space in the outer space is the black materials can be seen by the human, gravitation and other things are mostly the pressure of the cold quantum and black materials, some of it are heat pressure. Low temperature physics is the pressure of the cold quantum and black materials, the mass of the material is the cold quantum and black material, mass is the quantity of the proton, this being the case of blackbody.

Key words: Cold Quantum, Pressure, Black Material, Blackbody, Low Temperature, Gravitation, Quantity of Heat

Material is composed by the quantity of cold and heat, the light and the quantity of heat can be seen by the human-being, just because there is the bright of the heat, that people can watch the world and nature, then knows and understands the nature. The concentration of the light and bright is the neutron, neutron is the centralized reflection of the heat quantity, just because of the light and bright that people can carry out all kinds of the activities. Because if people was living in the shadow pressure of the black materials and the cold quantum, then human can not have the chance to survival. Human-being needs the heat and the Sun light. There is only a small quantity of heat, but they have all taken part in the composition of the material. There are great a quantity of cold quantum, but only a small part of it has taken part in the composition of the material, a great quantity of remaining cold quantum still exist in the space. That is the cold quantum, black material or black body pressure, some much cold quantum is not beneficial to the survival of the life, life needs quantity of heat, therefore, people can not live without quantity o of heat. Need and demand the heat is the major activities for the exist of human being, Besides the heat and bright radiating from the celestial bodies in the space, the rest of all are the space of cold quantum, That is what we called as the vaccum, there is no vaccum of cold quantum. What we called vaccum is the vaccum of atmosphere, because there is the cold quantum, but without atmosphere, 90% vaccum and above is the space of cold quantum in the space. That is what we guessed as the black material, or cold quantum or black material world. This is the low temperature physics, if you understand these , then we can give all these materials such as black material, cold quantum, black body, low temperature a unified name, that is cold quantum , we abbreviated it as cold quantum. Because we understand that block material, black body, low temperature are the understanding we realized when they situates in the different positions.

Ⅰ. How did people discover that black material, at the same time, comes to a conclusion that it really exists? Under the gravitation theory, black material is a puzzle discovered at the exploration of celestial body movement. Just because the gravitation theory is a wrong conclusion that people have discovered the black material. We don’t know what is the black material, we only know its existence, but nothing can be found or seen, so we called it alack material. Puzzle is something can’t be explained by a wrong theory, wrong theory is the maker of a puzzle, this is an experienced understanding about the theories formed by the human being in its long times realization on the nature.

According to the theory of gravitation, The Sun attracts 9 planets to move around it, the Galaxy is 100 million times as big as of the Sun, but in the center of the Galaxy, it’s a vaccum, no celestial body, then what is it to attract the Galaxy to move around it? People discovers that many galaxies like the Galaxy in the space are turn round in accordance with the theory of gravitation, only the force 100 times bigger than the Galaxy who has the gravitation to draw the movement of the Galaxy. But there is no such a powerful celestial body can be found in the space, some people said its due to the gravitation of the black hole , but no black hole ever be found either, people considers the force is sure to exist, but nothing to be seen or to be found either. Then what is it? At last, we called it as black material, nowadays, people don’t know what is the black material, we all consider that the turn round movement of the big or small celestial bodies or galaxies is produced by the pushing force of cold quantum, this understanding is easy to understand, and people thinks its right, it’s the cold quantum who pushes the movement of the big or small celestial bodies or galaxies. Before, we don’t know what is the material who pushes the movement of the Galaxy, now we finally know that black material is the cold quantum pressure.

Ⅱ. What is the black body? The light , bright and other things can be seen by eye is the bright body, what we can’t see is the black body, black material or cold quantum , there is no air behind the atmosphere, there is no reflection of the light , we can only see that the light of the Sun, but surrounding space are all black or cold, that is the cold quantum or black body, the black cap formed at the top of hydrogen bomb explosion site are the black body or cold quantum , the black ray contained in the light of the Sun is also black body or cold quantum . They are the same thing just like the cap shape cloud rising in the sky of a hydrogen bomb explosion site. They are the same existing form of the black body or cold quantum, just like the proton at their resolve. Because of proton is the concentration of the black body or cold quantum, therefore, at the resolve of the proton, we can see their existing form. Black ray radiating by the Sun is also the black body or cold quantum ray radiating from revolve of the proton. The light below explosion of a hydrogen bomb is the concentration of the heat photon, we called it as neutron. The shell of nucleus which concentrated by the cold quantum under the pressure of the nucleus reactor heat is the proton, its black body or black material, the core concentrated by the heat and light is the atomic nucleus , its bright body.

Ⅲ. Low temperature. Soon after people will come to realize that low temperature is also cold quantum, water can be frozen to ice in the low temperature, air can be frozen to liquid, liquid can be frozen to solid, soft material can be frozen to hard material. In the atomic field, under the cold quantum or low temperature, electron is extruded into together, electrons and atomic nucleus are all extruded in one , in this way, if a electron is sending into it from one end, another electron will be gone out of it from the other end , that is the phenomena of super-conduction. Now lets take an example, in a railway carriage, some travelers mount on from this end, some one goes down the carriage from another end, passenger number going up and down the carriage is not the same, because there are a lot of passengers still in the carriage. If the carriage is over loading, one goes up the carriage form this end, another must be extruded out of the carriage, that is the phenomena of super-conduction, also we called it as low temperature, cold quantum or super-conduction.

In the extreme low temperature or cold quantum, heat of the atomic nucleus can not be released out, decay stops, there is no resistance between atomic nucleuses, atomic nucleuses are extruded together, when several atomic nucleuses are extruded by powerful super low temperature, we calls it as a concentration. Both the Nobel winners in 2001 and 2003, theirs physics achievements are 2 tests research, one is concentration material, another is super-conduction, theirs successes all come from low temperature and cold quantum pressure physical tests.

Ⅳ. Exist of the gravitation. Gravitation is also born under the pressure of cold quantum, cold quantum produces pressure to the Earth, it acts on atmosphere, so atmosphere produces in the Earth, it enable the material to produce the gravity, heat pressure from the Sun reinforce the gravitation in the Earth, the Moon hinders some of the cold quantum towards the Earth, then the gravitation below the Moon reduces a little, bigger cold quantum pressure in other places of the Earth are squeezes into areas below the Moon, low cold quantum pressure enable the area under the Moon experiences a tide with rising sea level. When total solar eclipse, the Moon hinders the pressure of the Sun towards the Earth, the gravitation under the shadow of the Moon reduces, that is the reason why at total solar eclipse, the gravitation will reduce under the shadow of the Moon.

The gravitation of the material is formed under the pressure of atmosphere, the mass of the material is the mass of the proton concentrated by the cold quantum, when mass of the proton of the material are pressed under the pressure of cold quantum, it makes the material to possess the gravitation, it is due to the pressure of cold quantum that the mass of material possesses some gravitation.

Above is our new concepts, please spare some time to study, it may be the truth.

Oct. 27, 20003

Phil says (by email):

Time and space are both mental constructs which we experience as our

Now in time is the present or zero time, now in space is where we experience being at the present

We do not experience our movement relative to the sun, it is a change in
spacetime. w/o space and time we cannot calculate change


- - -

My reply:

Yes, time and space are mental constructs, and we might even say that ultimately physical existence is a mental construct, as solid as the material world may appear to us.


Paul says (by email):

Time --

The understanding of subjective experience and the knowledge of laboratory experiment simply do not yet come together in human understanding.

For physics proper...

there is no progress possible yet, either from the extreme "left" (the imagining of models in which time works extremely differently) and the extreme "right" (the traditional ideology of always marching forwards along a linear continuum of time).

The next big step forward in physics, in my view, will be if humans are able to solidly grasp (and use) the concept of time implicit in Einstein's story -- time as simply another continuous dimension, in which "forwards time causality" is as meaningful as "falling in the downwards direction." In both cases, it is a local emergent property.

More distant step forwards are fun to think about... but if humans cannot truly take this one next big step, ON THE GROUND... they will never see more than they see at present, a mix of nearby rocks and fuzzy dreams beyond.

- - -

My reply:

I'm not so sure about Einstein's time. We have been working with it for quite some time now, with less than brilliant results.

I personally think that it's time to look at time in a new way. Imagine it doesn't really have physical existence at all, neither as past, nor as future, except in our minds and our mathematical modeling. What is important is the present moment, and the sequential changes in space of matter that we measure by using time.

But then - perhaps it is quite possible to access moments of time that aren't present in a quite random manner, just as we might be able to access positions in space in such a manner from "outside" the physical universe.

- - -

After some more email exchange, Paul refers to two pages of his:


He clearly does come from the mainstream, but is looking for ways to rid physics of its inherent contradictions...

Michael says (by email):

Interesting. Have you ever read "Schrodinger's Cat" by Robert Anton Wilson? This is the borderland of the mental and physical and the role of the mind in reality. It is the realm of the perceptive ancients such as the ancient Cabalists, and the realm of the quantum world where just looking at something can change it - i.e. wavicle properties.

Let's suspend our disbelief for a moment and pretend that reality is constructed by all
the minds in existence. Take them away and there is no "reality." And why is it that we can't perceive that we are controlling it and bend it to our will? Because the force of all other minds unaware is simply much greater than our own.

Is this true? Let's suspend our disbelief for a moment and pretend that it is.....

But don't expect almost all of science to allow such thinking - it's much like the "mystical hogwash" Oliver Heaviside presumed to describe at the time he abridged Maxwell's treatise on electromagnetism.

- - -

My reply:

no, I haven't read Wilson's "Schrodinger's Cat".

But then - I don't have trouble to suspend disbelief for a bit and consider that reality is constructed by agreement of all the minds in exstence.

Why can't we perceive that we are controlling it? Because we aren't. Once the agreement was made, complete with programmed forgetfulness about our being primary cause, we were no longer in control. We are immersed in that reality of our own making and are in effect controlled by it.

Robert Monroe in his "Far Journeys" has an interesting take on that.

I believe we are at the cusp of finding out about all that (the nature of reality, I mean), after which we will be in control once again ... and perhaps Maxwell's treatise wasn't such "mystical hogwash" after all. Time will tell.

In my essays, "The Kronospheric", The Eleven Dimensions of Space/Time", and "The Eleven Dimensions of Time/Space", I discuss this matter of the non-existence of time as we have been taught to understand it."Real" time is a dimensional domain (consisting of multiple temporal dimensions) that is at right angles to all spatial dimensions, which is one reason why it has been so elusive to understanding. In the temporal domain, measurements can be made just as in the spatial domain, but since we don't live in the temporal domain, we cannot measure time in fact.By contrast, beings in the temporal domain find space as difficult to measure and grasp as we find time to be.What we do "measure" (and call time) is actually a ratio, change/change where the first change is the movement of the event in question and the second change is the movement of the clock hands (as in, 'running a mile in 7 minutes'). Two movements, no real time being measured!

Here is an email received in response to this article, which has links that may be interesting for some of you.

Received from: Ben Connell

Amrit Sorli (A-Temporal gravitation), Roger Gouin's "On the Origin of Space" Thesis

I am writing to tell you about a thesis written by my friend and colleague at the time Roger Gouin. Roger died in September 2004.

I had worked with him in his last year and it was a great privilege to have been able to work with such a true visionary genius.

Roger worked with Amrit Sorli (A-temporal) too, and indeed Roger got the first paper of his 20odd papers i worked with him on in 'Frontier Perspectives' journal where Amrit has a number of his papers published.

So to the "On the Origin of Space Thesis" (held in archive online so others can see his life's work

Roger took the concepts [from] forces and geometries of cell science, the precise co-ordination of millions of motions that operate under a set of mechanics that modern biology does not want to see.

As a life scientist he was amazed as a student when looking at a cell dividing (mitosis) that no matter how much pressure he applied to the glass slide, the cell astars (components in motion) could not be stopped, to him this was the quantum, seeing cells as liquid crystals.

(complete history of the thesis

His main focus was a little known part of the cell called the centriole, and why this component seemed to hold all the inertia of the cell, ( although roger assumed density of space to be the source of the inertia, not rotation as these authors thought, and is indeed in charge of mitosis and organising the entire cell. What he discovered was if you dissolved the centriole proteins inside the cell, the centriole would magically rebuild itself from empty space. This has no place in present scientific theory yet is
easily observable down a microscope.

What Roger realised was there must be a fabric or shape in space for the centriole proteins to be attracted to and reform the structure, this is not duplication like DNA -this is an entire process un-realised in current science.

Then there is the un-computability of the entire cell and cells systems, ie life, trillions of cells all functioning together in processes far beyond anything we can create with our technologies. Where are the wires and networks for this data to create the motion that is life.

I and Roger are both engineers and build things that work, scientists have no problem with leaving holes in their understanding, Roger's approach was to look at all the holes in science and i could go on for a long time telling you about them.

(Roger's new findings page

As you can see he applied the concepts of his space ideas from the centriole work
to not only the whole of a life form, but to the entire universe we perceive, indeed he
sees galaxies as giant biological cells and is a scientist not a spiritualist.

I am writing to try and publicise his work because of the passion and sacrifices he had made in his life to follow it, up to age 65 when he died, and to see he gets the credit he deserves for his wife and family.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or wish to know more,

thanks for your time,

Ben Connell

A paper, “The Pervasive Hubble Expansion of the Universe”, investigates consequences of the assumption that if an aether exists its fluid elements must recede from each other in accord with the Hubble law. This expansion of the aether, called R, is the only expansion that satisfies the modern Copernican view that the recessional motions of the galaxies and the fluid elements of the aether are on a large scale isotropic relative to all galaxies of the universe. Or all galaxies are on a large scale at the center of the Hubble expansion of the galaxies and the aether.
The expansion, R defines expanding coordinates whose coordinate points remain coincident with the fluid elements of the undisturbed aether expansion, R. The aether is assumed to be ideal, monatomic, and adiabatic, and to be in accord with Euler’s equations. For this fluid one can determine the nonlinear interactions between the Hubble expansion of the aether and any fluid motion superimposed on it, called expansion effects. The expansion effects turns out to be a pervasive Hubble law affecting all aspects of the superimposed motions.
The Hubble law states that any distance, d(t) between any two galaxies is given by d(t) = γ(t)d(0), where γ(t) = 1+t/т, t is Newtonian time, and т is the Hubble age of the universe. The pervasive Hubble law states that all characteristic dimensions of and distances between all fluid motions superimposed on the expanding aether must have γ(t) as a multiplying factor. All characteristic volumes and energies associated with all superimposed fluid motions must have respectively γ3 and γ-2 as multiplying factors. The mass center velocities of all superimposed fluid motions relative the contiguous expanding coordinates must have γ-1 as a multiplying factor.
The fluid dynamic analysis require two coaxial coordinates, the expanding coordinates defined above, and inertial coordinates which are the independent space variables in Euler’s equations. It also require three different time scales. One is Newtonian time, t which is the independent time variable in Euler’s equations. The other is atomic time, τ defined by stable masers. It is related to Newtonian time as τ = т ln γ. Third is planetary ephemeris time, Г = t/γ.
The fluid dynamic analysis provides irrefutable evidences that all forms of matter, fields, and propagations in the universe are fluid motions superimposed on the expanding aether. One resolves many outstanding questions and paradoxes that have puzzled and irritated scientists for many years. Of interest to above discussion one notes the following. The expanding coordinates are preferential coordinates for the special theory of relativity. The motions predicted by the equations of motion of the special theory of relativity are relative to the expanding coordinates, and τ is the independent time variable. The relativity principle and twin paradox are gone. Time, τ replaces Einstein’s notion of proper time It is no more a coordinate for the equations of motion of the special theory of relativity than time, t is for Newton’s equations of motion for the fluid elements in Euler’s equations. Moreover, the problem of finding an origin for the expanding coordinates is identical to the problem of finding an origin for the inertial coordinates.
The remarkable aspect of the unified theory proposed in the above paper is that it in accord with results obtained by the laws of Einstein, Newton, Euler, and Hubble when calculations and observations extends over a few years or less. It differs from Einstein's laws by only about one part in 10.5 billion parts per year. Yet it removes all ad hoc and paradoxical assumptions associated with Einstein's laws, and it suggests necessary corrections to the Schwarzschild solution of the general theory of relativity.
A PDF format of the above paper is available at the web site,