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Is 'Cosmic Energy' Static Electricity?

The following just came in from Miroslav Provod, a Czech researcher into auras and cosmic energy. Miroslav uses instruments in his investigations that are an extension of human sensitivity. In earlier articles on this site, Miroslav described research into Auras and Cosmic Energy. Another article discussing Dowsing versus aura was posted as a comment on an article (Utility and limits of dowsing) by John Janks.

This recent article, called New pieces of knowledge raises the possibility that static electricity and cosmic energy may be one and the same thing.


Miroslav did some experiments with groups of condensers, which led him to that conclusion. See what he says...

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New pieces of knowledge

I gradually found in further research that the phenomenon that I describe as "Cosmic energy" is actually static electricity. Although static electricity is a known phenomenon, it hasn't been totally explored yet. The effects of static electricity are found in many industrial places as well as other totally different surroundings.

It isn't possible to properly identify static electricity even that the consequences of an electrostatic discharge are easily observed. Static electricity is an electric discharge caused by an imbalance of electrons on a surface of a material. Therefore, the description "static" is not appropriate. It doesn't mean inaction, but it actually points to forces imposed by unchanging electric field on charged objects. Also, the name electricity is misleading. Both "electricities" have different properties.

The imbalance of surface charge shows that objects feel attractive or repulsive forces. It is known that static electricity is caused by friction of different materials. This piece of knowledge inspired me to observe and do research with water quells and other water streams. In this way I found properties of static electricity that had been unknown.

These are three energetic parts - aura, zones and 'interzones'. These are described in the article called "diagrams". Yet unexplained energy of a field is caused by water flow and it's friction with rock; it's immeasurable with available measuring devices and meters. This energy goes through the surface of the earth and penetrates metals, concrete and also other hardly penetrable materials. The charge that is transferred by electrified contact is stored on the surface of every object. And the greater it's surface, the greater charge could be stored on it.

I am aware that everything that I have published and will describe is only a small hint towards what needs to be explored. As an example I can write about findings from the experiments with groups of capacitors. The first finding is the fact that their charges have three energetic parts and these parts may be altered by changing the charge stored on the capacitors. I have further found that that by the contact of auras of more capacitors, a common aura is formed, whose volume is equal to the sum of volumes of auras of the individual capacitors. However, this is not true in all cases. Why - I don't know yet.

In the same way as capacitors, every matter has its own charge and by the contact of auras the charges spontaneously equalize. However, this is not everything. Every matter has its specific chemical properties and by the contact of auras of different matters, different chemical properties are caused. Could we imagine the astronomical number of combinations that comes out?

Nothing that is stated here is made up. I just copy the knowledge of engineers that built Stonehenge and other megalithic structures. Nobody will doubt the existence of static electricity in the ancient times and therefore we have to look at megalithic structures in this way as well.

The most important piece of knowledge found in my research is the fact that it's possible to alter the charge on cellular membranes of organisms by the use of capacitors. It is also applicable in this case that the energy transferred could be chemically changed as needed. I won't describe this effect in detail because it may be misused.

The research of cosmic energy could be faster if skeptics stop doubting its existence and pointing away from its further research in this way.

Miroslav Provod


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