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Static electricity versus ether

Miroslav Provod is a researcher into those "fine energies" that our technical culture does not yet recognize. We have no way of measuring and therefore no way of utilizing those energies that ancient civilizations accumulated with the help of huge rocks. Miroslav has run into limitations in his research which he says someone with a well equipped laboratory could probably overcome. He would be happy, he says, to pass this particular line of research on to someone who is better equipped.


Rocking Stones such as this delicately balanced rock of some 800 or 900 tons are called Logan rocks. The image is of a rock at Treen in Cornwall. It has been taken from a wikipedia article on Logan rocks.

In any case, here is Miroslav's article...

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Static electricity versus ether

It was Aristotle who coined the word ether and was the first one to familiarize the world with it. However, the megalithic structures, whose essence is the 3dimensional energetic raster - ether, show that even much older cultures knew the properties of static electricity. Albert Einstein said that ether is "dead" probably because he didn't need this idea for his work. Ether is not dead. Conversely, it's made of energetic parts of great amount of charges of static electricity - the zones and interzones, which greatly affect life on the Earth.

The charge of static electricity comprises of three energetic components - aura, zones and interzones. Ether is made of two energetic components - zones and interzones.

The charge of static electricity = aura + zones + interzones

Ether = zones + interzones

There would not be a logical explanation for the construction of megalithic structures if their constructors did not know other properties of static electricity that two or more charges join when their auras connect and form one mutual charge and then their potentials slowly equalize. Also, the construction of megaliths in great distances from their energetic sources hints that their constructors knew the conductivity of zones and knew the way in which they could be identified. The spontaneous transfer of energy from greater charge to a smaller charge by the means of ether was the reason for the construction of megalithic structures.

These characteristics of static electricity present only part of its properties, which could easily be proved by experiments. Other attributes that are evident from the manipulation of rocks remain hidden. I mean the combinations of rocks with respect to their chemical composition and the greatest mystery of ancient cultures - the construction of Logan stones. The increase of energy in a rock during even a small move can be proved by an easy experiment. This was the main reason for building hundreds of thousands of Logan stones around the Earth. We would probably have to wait for the explanation of this phenomenon until physics reaches the level of our past predecessors. Maybe the explanation is hidden in the yet unknown property of static electricity in the same way as the explanation of ball lightning and the trajectories on which it moves. I was unsuccessful in my trial that lasted a few days in making a raw 20Kg rock into a Logan stone. I can't understand how people in the old ages could do this with rocks weighing tens of tons. There are many other mysteries hidden in the megalithic age and I think that the time to explore these more seriously has come.

We can't be surprised that since the ancient times ether has been used by all civilizations only for cultic purposes and it has been marginalized for other purposes. It could also be understood in a way that spiritual leaders used this force of nature, because it was easy to manipulate people with it. It's not necessary to write more about this as it's generally known that it went through the history in many different forms and it reliably works even today.

Menhirs were replaced by obelisks and towers. Dolmens were replaced by chapels, rotundas, mounds and other smaller structures that are placed around the world. The circular megalithic structures for more people were replaced by greater sacred buildings of all types. I have stated on my web pages the proper energetic locations for construction of such structures. It's easy to believe that the constructors of these megalithic and sacred structures respected these locations. I think that we can't criticize the spiritual leaders of ancient history and medieval times. Good leadership can only be beneficial to the people but it could also be easily misused.

Everything was however changed at the time when the greatest force of nature - static electricity - has been negatively affected by humans by creating great civilization charges. These are mainly power stations, electric mains, cities, dams on rivers, etc. The ether that had been greatly balanced by nature has been chaotically disturbed by humans. This imbalance of static electricity could be the cause of natural anomalies that are attributed to other factors. Some empirical experiments show the negative effects of ether on organisms and it can't be excluded that this has been caused by apposition of natural ether by civilization charges. The newly re-revealed static electricity makes new space for research in many directions.

Nikola Tesla wrote: "The day when science starts to explore nonphysical phenomenona will it advance more in a decade then it has advanced over whole centuries of its present existence."

I have been dealing with nonphysical phenomena for 45 years and can only confirm the statement of Nikola Tesla. However, making new space for further research will be very difficult. Firstly, it is necessary to construct a measuring device of the energetic components of static electricity - ether. The article "Dowsing versus aura" shows the properties of static electricity that may give a hint when choosing the sensor. I have been trying this for years but have concluded that only specialists in equipped laboratories can be successful. I would be happy to hand over to them my "baton".

March 2009-03-05

Miroslav Provod

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