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Mysteries of Megaliths, Human Cells and Static Electricity

While reading the latest issue of Nexus this morning, my eyes fell on a letter from Miroslav Provod, which I would like to share with you. It is on the subject of static electricity which seems to be in some way concentrated and channeled into a global grid by megalithic stone structures erected in various places on this planet by ancient cultures we know little or nothing about. Miroslav has been researching this mystery for years, and I have reported on his studies before. See for instance

Is 'Cosmic Energy' Static Electricity?

Static electricity versus ether

Now here is Miroslav's letter to Nexus Magazine and two further, recent articles about this particular line of research of his.

Golan Heights Megaliths

The Golan Heights (wikipedia) spreads over 1250 square kilometers and is an important spring region that supplies four states with water.

The great presence of static electricity can be deduced from the high number of megalithic structures.

A local circular structure of 159 meters in diameter is composed of five concentric circles that are laid out by freely laying stones that all weigh 37,000 tons in total.

The heaviest single stones that were used weigh about 20 tons. Around this structure there are a further 8,500 dolmens and menhirs, the heaviest weighing 50 tons, and they are up to 7 meters in height.


One of the last great barely known wonders of the ancient world is a Stonehenge-like monument sitting atop Israel's Golan Heights. Called Gilgal Refaim in Hebrew (The Circle Of The Refaim or "Wheel of the rafaim"). It is one of the most mysterious archaeological sites in the world. The monument consists of five concentric stone rings whose diameter is155 meters. The best preserved of the rings is the outermost, whose height reaches 2 meters and thickness 3.3 meters. The central dolmen is built from relatively smaller rocks. [Refaim = spirits or ghosts] Image credit and description: GODSSECRET'S WEBLOG

The Golan Heights may be thought of as a natural laboratory which can provide us with historical information, in view of this research.

The static electricity that is almost unknown to present science was crucial for all megalithic structures that were built around the Earth. The new knowledge about properties of static electricity that I describe at provides more in-depth information via continuing research about the mysteries of construction of megalithic structures with combinations of different kinds of rocks; for example, at Stonehenge, Machu Picchu and many other sites.

The megalithic structures had all the same function. They accumulated static electricity in their matter, which they gained from various sources. At the Golan Heights the sources are mainly underground springs, which provide the megaliths with the static electricity charge.

The electronics of the human body take the static electricity from cellular membranes in order to maintain functionality of all organs. The static electricity is continually supplied by the mitochondria.

It can be proved by various experiments that the charge of the human body can be filled by other means as well - by staying close to a greater source of static electricity, which spontaneously gives the energy to cellular membranes. The transfer of energy is rather slow.

In the case of transfer between a rock and a human body, it takes tens of minutes. This shows that the megalithic structures and, later, also the sacred structures were built mainly for health purposes.

Miroslav Provod, Czech Republic

contact centrum11 [at] volny [dot] cz

- end of Miroslav's letter to Nexus Magazine -

There are two further articles by Miroslav which add to this discussion, and you will find them here below.

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Further mysteries about megaliths

It has been empirically proven that megaliths were built for the purpose of electricity accumulation during the course of their research. Hundreds of thousands of various megaliths placed around the Earth make us think of questions for which we don't know the answer. The unknown properties of static electricity that are the basic principles of megaliths create a great obstacle not only for their appreciation but also for the progress in other fields. Static electricity is a natural force that is part of all matter. The fact that it is possible to empirically find some of its yet unknown properties gives us a hint that something has escaped our attention in this area.

We shouldn't assess history in view of our knowledge, because it may lead us to wrong conclusions due to lack of information. An example would be language barriers. If dolmens, Logan stones, clay mounds, pyramids and other structures were built across the globe, it has to be explained, how the information needed to build them was transferred across the oceans, but also how the language barriers were solved when it was spread to hundreds of thousands of places across all continents. This can't be answered. The correct answer is hidden in the yet unknown properties of static electricity. But we may learn from this and direct our thoughts in a way that we can also learn something from the people that were living then.

It's easier to understand megalithic structures in connections. On the island Sardinia, many circular structures were built from boulders without malt. These were of many sizes and were called Nuraghas. These were built in the Bronze Age and 7000 have been preserved until present day. Nobody has answered their purpose yet.


Santu Antine nuraghi at Torralba, south of Sassari in the north. It is said to be the second largest structure of its kind. Image credit: Around Naples Encyclopedia

Another unexplained mystery is 40 000 circular structures in Ireland. All of those have similar architecture, but they differ in their degree of segmentation and therefore by their mass in the same way as Nuraghas on Sardinia.

Similar structures are also located on Aran Islands. The greatest of them has an area of a few football pitches. It's composed of four mounds that are 1.7 meters high and their width is five meters. All the circular structures have a similar sign: they have no windows or battlement and they also don't have any water sources. There are thousands of spiky stone blocks with sharp edges (suction by a point) between the third and fourth mound, which are about as high as the rampart. In our current view there is no obvious purpose for their construction.

Erich von Daniken puts these in connection with the remnants of The Great Zimbabwe and reminds us that we currently know about hundred and fifty similar places. I agree with Mr. von Daniken that these structures need to be put in connection. They were built for the purpose of interconnection of the etheric raster (network, grid - Sepp) which is conducting and may be used to transfer information.

Every similar piece of information inspires us towards further new pieces of knowledge.

It can be deducted from the Tibetan prayer mills, which produce energy by rotation of metal cylinders by friction of two different substances - air with metal, that there aren't similar energetic sources in high altitudes to the ones in low altitudes.

In another case, Czech scientists have proved that the region under high voltage wires definitely influences the behavior of animals. Prof. Hynek Burda from Essen says: "If an animal behaves in a different way to its normal behavior under high voltage wires, there must undoubtedly be changes on its brain, cellular and molecular level."

Scientists have come with a surprising discovery last year. They found that herds of cattle, deer or roe-deer sleep and eat in such a posture that their bodies are aligned in a north-south orientation. They have now found that the animals lose this ability under high voltage wires. They behave very chaotically and stand in a way that their body is randomly aligned, unlike under normal conditions. As soon as they go away from the high voltage wires - they eat and sleep in a north-south orientation again. "The disturbing effect by the behavior of these animals can be observed up to fifty meters away from the high voltage." The scientists admit that they are opening a door into a space where they only suspect what may be hidden behind.

I can add to this new piece of knowledge that similar negative influence of the high voltage may be seen not only by animals but also by drivers. I have been observing an increased occurrence of traffic accidents on a road near my residence. There is a high voltage line, which copies (parallels - Sepp) the road on a section that is tens of kilometers long. I'm describing this in other former articles.

I have noted this critical distance of fifty meters from the high voltage as an important piece of knowledge and I will be checking this up further. According to my research this distance reaches into (is divided into - Sepp) zones and it probably follows that the zones that are further from the source disperse their energetic value.

The 3D raster creates charges of static electricity. This can be proved by many experiments, which are described on my web pages. However, this is only a small hint for further research. In order to get on the right track it would be necessary to map and measure zones of the greatest charges on the Earth first. These are sea currents, great rivers and also further zones of great constant charges.

It would also be beneficial to find out which changes in the etheric raster are caused by the 1800 thunderstorms that are constantly occurring and by the fact that one hundred lightning strikes discharge every second. Practically, the energy that is released is equal to the energy that would be released in a small nuclear war. There are about three billion lightning strikes that strike the Earth every year and the number of thunderstorms that occur on the Earth is 16 million per year. I think that if we don't fill in the gaps of information missing in this part of physics, we won't be able to solve not only questions of ancient history but also many other present day cases.

Miroslav Provod

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Cells versus capacitors

During experiments regarding cells and capacitors, we have seen yet unpublished properties, which could explain phenomena that have been thought of as mysteries till now. These could show many other solutions. Because there are new terms used in the results I will try to demonstrate these new findings on three natural phenomena.

On cellular membranes, there is spontaneous transformation of cosmic energy into electric energy if they are located in energetic overcharge in the same way as on the electrodes of capacitors. If two or more auras of matter objects are interconnected, their auras merge into a bigger common aura and then their energetic values are equalized.

If we think about the human body according to this new knowledge, we could say that billions of cells are in contact and their auras overlap, which means that the whole body has a common aura. This phenomenon works not only in between human cells but also in electronics. The memory of a computer comprises of a great amount of miniature condensers and is able to store information in the form of 0's and 1's (0 = there is no charge, 1 = there is charge). Therefore, we could say that the human body and electronics have some similar properties. This tells us that if the charge is increased it could cause harm not only to cells in the human body but also to electronics (this could be proven by some simple experiments).

According to the procedure that I'm describing in the article "Dowsing versus aura" it is easy to prove the reactions of energetic parts of water flows (aura, zones, interzones). By this we get an idea about the energy of small water flows and we could orient ourselves in the energetic properties of great water flows more easily. By this I mean sea currents. There are many of these and their flow is in the order of hundreds of millions m3/sec and it could be assumed that they are in interaction with large streams around the Earth. The Gulf stream has various bends and meanders where there is multiple energetic concentration. In the Sargasso sea there are also whirlpools whose diameter reaches up to 300km and they reach depth of 5000m. These further increase the local energetic concentration. These places could be thought of as critical from the point of view of further energetic increase from other sources, which could be thunderstorm clouds as well as the moon, planets and other sources. Also, the planes that have been lost in this area could have connection with energetic overvoltage.

The zones of the Gulf stream copy in the shapes of cylindrical shells the US East coast. The energy of one of these zones could be artificially significantly increased by the use of groups of great capacitance capacitors and this would create a barrier that would destroy all organisms and electronics. However, there is a great number of sea currents and this gives us the opportunity to build such a barrier anywhere on Earth. This piece of knowledge could also be used for other purposes.

This knowledge about the energetic overvoltage of cells could also explain a strange phenomenon that occurred in the streets of the capital of Nairobi on 24 July 1956 at 15:00 (03:00 p.m.). About 200 men and women danced on the main street in Nairobi. The dancing people had a regretful look in their faces such as if they danced because they were forced to dance. It wasn't possible to communicate with them and they didn't perceive anyone who asked them a question. One hour later, there were 20.000 men, women and children dancing. Eventually, there were about 50.000 people dancing in a strict circle whose diameter was 3.5 kilometers. It looked like they weren't perceiving anything but they kept about a meter of space between them and they didn't bump into anyone. It's interesting that even older people could dance in this dancing marathon for about 5 hours without any visible signs of getting tired. Later accounts of the dancing showed that they didn't remember anything because their senses were totally crippled. Their memory and thinking didn't work. It is very interesting that even though there was no music playing with this dance, all the dancers kept the same rhythm.

In this magic circle, not all the people were dancing. The dancers were those who had some metal objects such as coins in their pockets. The dance participants later realized a feeling that their body gained energy from these metal objects. Everything suddenly ended - at 20:00 (08:00 p.m.). Nobody was hurt or died. This is a very rare phenomenon, which was also noted with some differences in Rheinland at the spring equinox in 1374. Between 1871 - 1878 in the Savoy region, there was an epidemic obsession in nuns' monasteries that was changing into diabolic freakout. The cause of these incomprehensible events hasn't been found yet.

Knowledge from empirical research also gives us an explanation of this mysterious event. People that were affected by the dance were located in the energetic space of the town that had greater energetic overcharge than the optimal cellular charge. This caused greater charge on the cells (including brains cells) and was followed by disorder of thinking. The fact that is peculiar about this event is that even older people didn't feel tired after 5 hours of dancing. Not less interesting is the information that only those people that had metal objects in their pockets were affected by the dance. The three great time intervals between similar events show that the energetic overcharge could be caused by astronomical influences. I don't doubt that similar anomalies in the region of aura could also be created by groups of great capacitance capacitors, which would create optimally enhanced overcharge in a given region.

We noticed similar health disorders during the experiments, but we interrupted such experiments due to the possibility of health damage. The fact that a similar situation can't be experienced by the people that don't have metal with them prompts us to think about many useful applications. Bank robbers usually have metal objects with them, but bank workers don't, so a button could be pressed and the bank robbers would give us a dance before the police arrives. There are many other such potential applications.

Another mysterious event, which could be assigned to the area of cosmic energy is spontaneous human combustion (SHC). Spontaneous human combustion is one of the most controversial phenomena for serious researchers. Spontaneous combustion means that the human body could be ignited without any optically noticed source. Very intense and unbelievably localized fire transforms most of the human body into ash. In many cases part of a limb, like a leg, remains untouched. Similarly, some parts of clothes or surrounding objects remain untouched. Nothing similar exists in nature that would be like those fires and the accompanying phenomena don't follow laws of physics and findings of medicine. Some researchers also describe this phenomenon as a "candlewick effect". They wrap a body of a pig into a sheet and leave it slowly burning all day. They forget about the fact that the process of burning during SHC happens in a matters of seconds, not hours. There is a great amount of information about this phenomenon on the internet and therefore I won't further describe it, but will limit myself only to the classification from the point of view of our research.

Cellular membranes have a capacity of about (1µF/cm2), which means that they work like a capacitor. If we keep increasing the charge on a capacitor after reaching the threshold value, which is the maximum value up to which it's sized, the insulator would eventually brake and in that moment, all the energy is released and the capacitor is destroyed. Similar disastrous process happens with billions of cells in humans. When the threshold energetic value for which nature sized our cells is reached, the cells explode in the same way as capacitors do.

I have written about three different phenomena, which by their specific configuration confirm the functionality and other properties of cells and condensers. I would be delighted if some research centers used this new knowledge.

04 April 2008

Miroslav Provod


Hi Sepp , I was reading your article about Miroslav Provod.
From Nexus magazine which issue please ?

Thank you Chuck Kinney


the letter of Miroslav is in Nexus Vol. 16, Number 3, letters section. That is the first part of the article, about the Golan Heights.

The rest are two more articles of his that can also be found on his website. I'ts a composite...

This is a very interesting and informative post. I never thought that megaliths were used to generate electricity. It's amazing to know their purpose and the history behind it.

Physics during the age of megaliths

Over more than twenty years, I have realized hundreds of experiments, which were mostly motivated by trying to uncover the reasons and causes of not always convincingly explained working activities of ancient civilizations. In these experiments, I came to the conclusion that many activities of ancient prehistoric cultures were clearly motivated by the desire to exploit knowledge about the attributes of static electricity. Even in academic publications, I found no information on the range of the found properties of static electricity. It cannot be therefore excluded that they have never been published. For this reason, I admit it might be an entirely new knowledge.

Four probably yet unpublished properties of static electricity showed on the theme of implementation of many megalithic and religious structures. Many often seemingly useless construction activities of our ancestors could not be convincingly and logically explained without the connection with these new findings of the properties of static electricity. Historians and archaeologists have often helped themselves out by saying that the motivation for constructing many buildings in our history was based solely on a "ritual" or "calendar" reason. All researchers and scientists who "dared" linking knowledge of ancient cultures with modern knowledge of the physical energies were often ridiculed by generally accepted capacities and rendered as being textbook ignorants. The four properties of static electricity introduced are however far from a total explanation of all yet difficult to explain mysteries of our history. In some cases, the new knowledge about the properties of matter in connection with a charge of static electricity provides only partial explanation to the historical mysteries, which suggests that there can be many more unidentified properties of static electricity.

There is no doubt that there is an incorrect interpretation of certain parts of history in connection with the explanation of the motives for constructing many complex, but even the simplest of old buildings. It is therefore necessary to examine the question of logical reasons for building the constructions in context with new physical knowledge, which demonstrates that "knowledge" of ancient and extinct cultures surpassed the knowledge of modern history. The "ritual dogmas" will need to be replaced by new energy knowledge. This will create a real picture of the evolution of world cultures as well as a "springboard" for further research in some historical periods.

However, there are the already mentioned "scientific" obstacles that discourage many that are interested in modern research. These obstacles that psychologically bind the thinking of many researchers that are eager for truth are the skeptics. The skeptics, in an effort to stand out, which they cannot achieve in a different field of science, serve as scientific inquisitors. Being a skeptic is very easy as skeptics always respond to new ideas by saying "Everything that cannot be put in context with known facts cannot be assessed." They refuse to respect the fact that all new findings were found behind the edge of known facts in most cases.

I was saddened, for example, when the skeptics in the Czech Republic attached an ‘erratic boulder’ to Erich von Daniken. Even if Daniken did not bring any revolutionary ideas in his work, he would have done more for the promotion of history than all the Czech inquisitional skeptics combined. Daniken inspired hundreds of thousands of researchers around the world by his extensive work - thousands of them chose their field of work due to his exploratory study. And last but not least, after centuries of neglect many historical monuments that were described by Daniken are now cracking under the pressure of curious tourists. Daniken fully described the megalithic culture in his writings.

Literary works by Erich Daniken are well above the writings of other authors, who constantly repeat pieces of information that have already been published many times. I have studied all the writings of Erich Daniken and I can say that I gained more knowledge about the megaliths from his literature than I would have received by personal visits to the places described. There are more such cases, which I will not address here. I regard the ‘erratic boulder’ given to Erich Daniken as the worst injustice.

Skeptics could not have objected to the way Mr. Daniken describes the megalithic culture, but they likely just disagreed with his opinion that it could not have been created by a ‘textbook type’ civilization and that ancient cultures received the information from some advanced cultures from outer space. And here is the discord, skeptics recognize the current interpretation of history, Mr. Daniken, as well as many logically thinking people, does not. It does not matter where the ancient cultures received the information. The fact is that they must have obtained it somewhere. The view of Mr. Daniken that ancient cultures may have obtained the information from space cannot be assessed in any other way then as a creative idea. Any doubts about the astronauts from other planets can encourage others to think about other explanations. The essence of the literary work of Mr. Daniken is not just getting the source of information, but it is the whole megalithic culture. Reacting to the opinion of Mr. Daniken by granting him an ‘erratic boulder’ seems amateur and inappropriate. People expect from scientists that they will scientifically and properly reason their decision.

If skeptics think that people used to build thousands of megaliths all over the world for ritual and calendar purposes (as is currently mentioned in history) they only compromise themselves in the same way as archaeologists do. Unless it is explained what tools were used to machine the hardest diorite rock, unless it is experimentally demonstrated that it is possible to transport a block of rock weighing one thousand tons to a distance of two kilometers solely by the use of pulling and ropes, unless it is explained how people communicated with each other when they built the same types of megalithic structures around the world the account of Mr. Daniken cannot be clearly and categorically questioned. In this case, the purposely formulated assumption proposed by the skeptics by granting Erich von Daniken an ‘erratic boulder’ stated exactly the opposite. They reached a phase where public begun to question statements given by the skeptics.

The new knowledge about static electricity resulting from the research of megaliths seems like a great hint not only for the research of ancient cultures but also for several other fields. In addition, we can expect further findings of the unknown properties of static electricity.

I remind you of the importance of the four attributes of static electricity, which I describe in dozens of articles at

1 - Each material has a charge with three energy components (aura, zones, and interzones).

2 - When auras of two or more charges come into contact they merge into one common charge with common energy components.

3 – By merging charges into a joint charge, there is a gradual equalizing of their energetic potentials.

4 - During the equalizing of energetic potentials there is also a transfer of chemical properties.

October 2010
Miroslav Provod