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General Science Journal - new electronic journal for scientific communications


The General Science Journal is a non-peer-reviewed electronic journal that allows all scientific opinions to be aired, particularly in physics. Research papers, essays or communications are accepted in multiple languages for viewing by your colleagues and the general public. They may be submitted at no cost to the respective GSJ Editors (see listing below).

Alfred Bennun: South America, Caribbean, Spain, Portugal

Hossein Javadi: Middle East (Farsi Language)

André Michaud: Administrator, North America, Africa, Australia

Yongfeng Yang: Far East, China, Japan, Korea, Viet Name et. al.

Thierry De Mees: Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Great Britain

General Science Journal is not the only alternative publishing venue for physics and science in general. More of those seem to appear just like mushrooms. If you know one, post a comment. I will let them accumulate here in a list.

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