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Pogue, Hydrogen - Stories of Suppression

The development of new energy technologies is an arduous affair. Not because we're not smart enough, but because there are powerful interests that make buckets of money from OIL and its derivatives. The Iraq war, initially called "Operation Iraqi Liberation" - OIL - wasn't about weapons of mass destruction or about any involvement of Iraq with terrorists or the events that brought down three steel-core buildings in an unprecedented collapse. It was about oil, says Greg Palast in his most recent article:

"The suspicion is that Bush went to war to get Iraq's oil. That's not true. The document, and secret recordings of those in on the scheme, made it clear that the Administration wanted to make certain America did not get the oil. In other words, keep the lid on Iraq's oil production -- and thereby keep the price of oil high."


There are powerful interests that profit handsomely - ExxonMobil posted a record near $10 billion profit during one quarter in 2005 alone - from there being no alternatives to oil and other fossil fuels, and they do not want us to have non-polluting, fuelless energy. It seems that suppressing a whole new field of development in energy technology would be too difficult, even for a very powerful industry. Perhaps not - at least there are numerous known instances of suppression, many of them have been documented on this page of PES Wiki. You can add to the collection if you know of others - the page is open for public editing.

A recent article in a local Maryland paper mentions the Pogue carburetor from the 1930's and also a much more recent example. For the sake of bringing home the kind of pressure that is actually being brought to bear on inventors, as unlikely as it may seem to some, here is a copy of that article by Larry Jarboe in St. Mary's Today - 18 March 2007:

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Common Sense in Government - Commentary on the News

by Larry Jarboe


Larry Jarboe, a Republican, has been elected to three terms as St. Mary's Commissioner representing the Chaptico, Bushwood and Mechanicsville areas of St. Mary's County. Jarboe lives in Golden Beach and has a background as a citizen activist and environmentalist. He operates a saw mill in Charlotte Hall and has been recognized for his efforts to spur electric cars and fuel saving devices.

Agents of Suppression

There are many urban myths regarding high mileage carburetors and unique energy devices. One of the most common stories is the two hundred miles per gallon carburetor patented and demonstrated in the mid-1930's by Charles Pogue.

My own years of study uncovered that this vaporizing carb did actually work so well that Standard Oil Company purchased the rights to the carburetor after reformulating gasoline with additives. This new fuel recipe corrupted the thermo-catalytic reaction that created such unusual efficiency and pollution reduction in the Pogue invention. Mr. Pogue's carburetor was actually a molecular disruptor that broke the fuel molecules into the fundamental clean burning carbon and hydrogen gases prior to combustion in the engine.

The Pogue carburetor later showed up on American tanks and Australian Bren gun carriers in North Africa during WW II to assist in the defeat of Gen. Rommel's diesel powered Panzer tanks. There was a metal shroud over the unit that stated: "Property of Standard Oil Co., No User Serviceable Parts, Do Not Remove This Cover". General Rommel's memoirs are reputed to attribute his defeat in North Africa to a secret Allied Super Carburetor.

Unfortunately, there are few people left living who can corroborate this story.

A modern example of very real suppression of clean energy technology that can be easily verified happened over the past month.

Paul Zigouras was selling an electric control unit (ECU) and electrolyser on e-Bay to make hydrogen fuel from water. He was selling these units to help subsidize his research on how to more than efficiently crack water into its component hydrogen and oxygen gases. He had taken public information from expired patents and schematics from the Internet to build the units that he was selling.

Paul had developed an improved circuit that exceeded Faraday output by a large measure using a resonant electrical pulse that literally kept itself tuned to the frequency best suited for maximum output. His unit blasted two gallons of water a minute into hydrogen/oxygen gas which was enough to run an auto or boat engine.

He openly communicated with alternative energy Yahoo forum members on the workings of his assembly that he maintained was not practical for a car because of the large water consumption. However, he had a marine repair company, Zigouras Racing, and he wanted to develop marine engines that would literally run on water. Since the exhaust was also water, he had developed a fuel and pollution free marine power unit, every mariner's dream.

Soon after, Paul eased out of forum discussions in which he had been so formerly forthcoming citing legal concerns. At the same time, a friend of mine with his wife flew from Lexington, Kentucky to visit Paul Zigouras in Brockton, Massachusetts. Their story from Paul is a classic case of suppression of new energy technology:

Two men in black from the Justice Department had visited Paul threatening that he would be subject to high fines and fifty years in prison if he sold another unit due to national security concerns. Not long after, another group, whose identity Paul did not disclose, offered him and his partners six million dollars to drop the project.

Since our Federal Government was not going to let him produce the units, Paul and his business partners took the money. The use of threats and intimidation followed by a purchase of rights to the technology is why many emerging competitive energy concepts and products have been sitting on a black shelf. The participation of the Justice Department to assist the energy monopoly should outrage every patriotic American citizen!

In Japan, the most prolific inventor of our time, Dr. Yoshiro Nakamatsu, who invented the floppy disk has over three thousand patents that he recorded. One of those inventions is a working scooter that cracks hydrogen on demand from tap water to power a small fuel cell that feeds an electric motor. His motor vehicle can silently zip through traffic with only water vapor for exhaust. Instead of being suppressed by G-men, the Japanese people hold Dr. Nakamatsu in great esteem. Mazda and Lexus are working to adopt this amazing technology in automobiles.

President George W. Bush promised to support a hydrogen economy. Last week, Congressman Steny Hoyer pledged his commitment in an interview in ST. MARY'S TODAY for new alternative energy technologies. However, when an enterprising American citizen does make the very means possible to escape consumption of fossil fuel and fulfill these political promises, agents of our government show up to suppress the technology.

Unlike the stories surrounding the high mileage carburetor that Mr. Pogue engineered, the Zigouras information is presently archived on the Internet and available to all who seek. Mr. Zigouras is still alive though it may take a subpoena to get him to talk due to any disclosure agreement within his multi-million dollar contract not to develop his products.

Unlike past stories, the smoking gun of energy suppression is available here and can be documented. Do not expect a Congressional investigation or full disclosure in the main stream media.

The fact is: They don't want you to know!

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May 2008 - An interesting comment on turning water into a gaseous fuel was recently made by Tom Bearden in an email exchange:

Presently we have a very viable alternative to carbon-based fuels etc. that is beginning to rapidly emerge. That is "watergas", which has a history going back to the 1920s. Several legitimate inventors right now have viable watergas systems and processes, where the H-O-H molecule can be tricked to just "fall apart" because the O-H bond is "unhappened" by use of negative energy in the local vacuum and the accompanying negative probabilities.

In the 1930s, some of our leading physicists and mathematical scientists so hated negative energy (from the Schrödinger equation and from Dirac's relativistic extension of it, and also in Dirac's original electron theory) and its associated negative probabilities, that they arbitrarily tossed it out of physics - out of the Dirac relativistic extension to the Schrödinger equation, and out of Dirac's electron theory. The problem is given in this quote from Ian D. Lawrie. A Unified Grand Tour of Theoretical Physics, CRC Press, 1990, p. 130 (speaking of the Schrödinger equation and derivation of the Klein-Gordon equation from it with two problems - negative energy states and negative probability density):

"The negative energy solutions are an embarrassment, because they imply the existence of single-particle states with energy less than that of the vacuum. Intuitively, this is nonsensical. In fact, there is no lower limit to the energy spectrum. This means that the vacuum is unstable, since an infinite amount of energy could be released from it by the spontaneous creation of particles in negative energy states. ... it is the negative energy states which give rise to a negative probability density."

Dirac himself at first adhered to negative energy and negative probabilities. Quoting:

"Negative energies and probabilities should not be considered as nonsense. They are well-defined concepts mathematically, like a negative of money." [P. A. M. Dirac, "The physical interpretation of quantum mechanics." Proc. Roy. Soc. Lond. A, Vol. 180, 1942, pp. 1-40.]

However, later Dirac caved in to the fierce peer pressure of his adamant colleagues, and then personally participated in eliminating the negative energy. Quoting Dirac later:

"I remember once when I was in Copenhagen, that Bohr asked me what I was working on and I told him I was trying to get a satisfactory relativistic theory of the electron, and Bohr said 'But Klein and Gordon have already done that!' That answer first rather disturbed me. Bohr seemed quite satisfied by Klein's solution, but I was not because of the negative probabilities that it led to. I just kept on with it, worrying about getting a theory which would have only positive probabilities." [Conversation between Dirac and J. Mehra, Mar. 28, 1969, quoted by Mehra in Aspects of Quantum Theory, ed. A. Salam and E. P. Wigner, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1973.]

You see, the "problem" reduces to this: In modern physics a thing that has "occurred" or "happened" (and is thus sustained and observable), is based on subsidiary statistical operations ongoing between the active vacuum and all the charges. All observable forces are generated in interacting matter by the exchange of virtual particles between the local vacuum and the material particles. So underneath that "observable or happened entity" in physics there is a sustaining and producing set of more subtle statistical processes - calculated (usually) with a positive energy vacuum and thus with positive probabilities. So when the positive probabilities in those underlying processes - of that observable or happened entity - reach a total of 100%, that is "certainty" and so there is the resulting physical (observable) entity present and sustained - so long as the local vacuum is not altered to add negative energy and negative probabilities to those underlying processes. The observable entity/state has "happened" and it "stays happened", normally - in a positive energy vacuum.

But if one's theoretical model allows negative energy of the vacuum and thus negative probabilities in underlying and ongoing primary statistical processes and interactions with the vacuum, then by conditioning the local vacuum with negative energy (very easily done, by the way, as clearly shown for more than 20 years by Bedini), one also creates those negative probabilities in those underlying statistical processes. And that is a very profound change to present science and scientific method.

That means that the probability of something that has "happened" and is observably sustained, can be lowered from 100% to 70% or even to zero percent. This in turn means that something that has physically "happened" and is thus being sustained observably, can be "unhappened" deliberately by simply conditioning the local vacuum to have negative energy. Indeed, it can be "unhappened completely" so that it disappears and is not there at all, regardless of how many instruments one employs to look.

In the watergas technique, e.g., an inventor uses one or another of the methods of conditioning the local vacuum with negative energy. Specifically this strongly affects the O-H bonds, so that to us (observably) they seem to just "fall apart". They actually fall apart because of the changes resulting in their underlying sustaining processes in interaction with the active vacuum. Technically this means that the previous 100% probability of those established O-H bonds are lowered, or even totally vanished or "unhappened". The O-O bonds and H-H bonds, on the other hand, are more firmly increased, so that in the affected water there appear bubbles of H2 and O2, as the H-O-H molecules fall apart because of the vanishing and "unhappening" of their O-H bonds. Done correctly, this then becomes a pretty safe thing, because in that changing water (in its negative energy vacuum) the freed O2 and H2 will not explode as in a normal vacuum, because of the difficulty in forming O-H bonds in the presence of a negative energy vacuum and negative O-H probabilities.

This means that one can then direct the stabilized bubbles of H2 and O2 to a short distance (even a few inches) away from that conditioned negative energy vacuum, to a "more normal" vacuum - and then the O2 and H2 will again burn very nicely (as in the chambers of a piston engine in a car). In this way, one can power an automobile from watergas alone, or augment the use of normal gasoline with simultaneous combined use of watergas, etc.

The same process, applied to cancers in the living body, can "unhappen" the cancer (which is being maintained by those same statistical underlying processes that formed it in the first place). And the cancer will then "heal up" or, in other words, "unhappen" gradually and disappear because of the addition of negative probabilities.

Engineering negative energy of the vacuum and thus negative probabilities is indeed a vast leap forward in science and physics - because the physicists just arbitrarily discarded it back there decades ago. Tesla originally discovered negative energy, before the term was even available, and he called it "radiant energy" to differentiate its phenomenology from that of normal positive EM energy. Bedini uses negative energy in his epochal battery chargers, so the "happened" sulfation of a battery can be "unhappened" and eliminated. The lifetime of the battery can thus be extended dramatically, and this is very important, e.g., in large expensive batteries (as in large battery-powered materials handling equipment in warehouses, in which the Bedini process and system have been very successfully tested).

Kanzius, e.g., achieved that negative energy local vacuum and thus negative probabilities process (though he himself doesn't appear to know the exact nature of his process) for his epochal cancer treatment process. That process has now been through animal trials, and in the animals it cured 100% of their cancers. An independent and well-recognized cancer research institute has studied it, and pronounced the Kanzius cancer treatment as the greatest advance in cancer therapy in a century. Next must come human trials, then seeking out FDA approval for use in humans.

In other words, by the same "precursor" engineering of the local vacuum with negative energy, it is possible to produce curative process for any and all our present human diseases. Without the use of harmful drugs and all their side effects, etc. As you can see, some very powerful people and organizations flatly do not wish that to be developed.

Kanzius also noted that the same process affects salt water. So he developed a very good adaptation for use on the water and making watergas, with the characteristics we previously mentioned. He then took his watergas process and system to a world-recognized authority on water chemistry, who subjected the process to some 50 rigorous tests. When finally finished, the expert publicly proclaimed this was the "greatest advance in water chemistry in the last 100 years".

Late last year, Kanzius stated that his watergas process had now achieved overunity (coefficient of performance, which means the burning of the resulting fuel resulted in more usable energy in the powered system than the operator had to input to the watergas process), and so he would not be saying anything else about it for awhile. In short, now it was time for patenting and protecting intellectual property rights.

In short, this (use of the negative energy asymmetric vacuum) is one process by which asymmetrical EM processes can be engendered in water, in living bodies, and in other physical material systems. The impact on science and engineering is likely to be profound - it is a great leap forward at least by 200 years.

Boyce also has a very viable watergas process, and it is my understanding that strong work is underway to be able to power automobiles and demonstrate it widely and publicly. He uses the Aharonov-Bohm effect of a toroidal coil and RF pulsing to achieve conditioning of the local vacuum uncurled A-potential with negative EM energy. A sharp little RF gradient (each little pulse) pops some electrons out of local Dirac sea holes, leaving the empty holes behind - which are negative mass energy electrons, NOT positrons.

The result of using the AB effect to smoothly condition the local volume of vacuum in which the water resides, with negative energy (a negative energy "froth" of emptied Dirac sea holes), Boyce is able to very smoothly "unhappen" the H-O bonds, strengthen the H-H and O-O bonds, and make a very viable and very useful watergas process.

With the escalating world fuel crisis and the resulting world energy crisis, it appears that the watergas process and "engineering the local vacuum" to accomplish precursor engineering of the underlying precursor statistical processes creating and sustaining a given object or process is something whose "time has come". It can be rigorously tested by our academic community, and some rigorous testing has already been done with extraordinarily positive results.

The potential for powering our automobiles, trains, ships, etc. with watergas is tremendously important. One inputs water only, and the engine outputs water only. So one takes some water from the environment, uses the vacuum to engineer it, then uses the watergas to power out loads, and exhausts only WATER back to the same environment. Thus it is an environment-enhancing process par excellence, and it could greatly clean up our present pollution of our precious biosphere.

We point out that the Fogal semiconductor has also demonstrated the ability to directly engineer its surrounding local spacetime for nearly 20 years now, and Fogal has continued to be rigorously suppressed, even though several important and competent independent laboratories have tested his chip and verified its unique functioning - such as instant communication to any distance without travel through the "intervening" ordinary space between the two widely separated points. He actually uses a multiply-connected spacetime for that communication, so any number of widely separate points can have "instant communication" between them with no time delay at all. Again, this has been independently tested and verified.

For example, Dan Solomon, (Dean of the College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, North Carolina State University) has also rigorously and theoretically shown that throwing out negative energy from physics (the relativistic extension of the Shrödinger equation, Dirac's theory, and from quantum field theory) was and is a serious mistake. One may Google quite a few important papers by Solomon, many published in high quality scientific journals.

E.g., see Dan Solomon, "Some new results concerning the vacuum in Dirac's hole theory," Physica Scripta, Vol. 74, 2006, p. 117-122. Quoting:

"In Dirac's hole theory (HT), the vacuum state is generally believed to be the state of minimum energy. It will be shown that this is not, in fact, the case and that there must exist states in HT with less energy than the vacuum state. It will be shown that energy can be extracted from the HT vacuum state through application of an electric field."

See also (1) Dan Solomon, "Some differences between Dirac's hole theory and quantum field theory." Can. J. Phys., Vol. 83, 2005, pp. 257-271; (2) "Mathematical Inconsistencies in Dirac Field Theory," 1999. Available at quant-ph/9904106.

Particularly see Dan Solomon, "Negative energy density for a Dirac-Maxwell field." 1999. Available at gr-qc/9907060. See
Abstract: It is well known that there can be negative energy densities in quantum field theory. Most of the work done in this area has involved free non-interacting systems. In this paper we show how a quantum state with negative energy density can be formulated for a Dirac field interacting with an Electromagnetic field. It will be shown that, for this case, there exist quantum states whose average energy density over an arbitrary volume is a negative number with an arbitrarily large magnitude.

We posted a write-up on the watergas process on our website, the little article "MEG Aharonov-Bohm Effect, Watergas, Negative Energy, Negative Probabilities, Precursor Engineering, Extending the Scientific Method, and EM Limitations," 7 April 2008. Available at this link.

The late Eugene Mallove published two very important articles by D. L. Dotson, "Dirac's Equation and the Sea of Negative Energy, Part I, New Energy, Issue 43, 2002, pp. 1-20 (available at available at and D. L. Dotson, "Dirac's Equation and the Sea of Negative Energy, Part II, New Energy, Issue 44, 2002, pp. 1-24; available at

Quoting Hotson:

"I think if one had to point to a single place where science went profoundly and permanently off the track, it would be 1934 and the emasculation of Dirac's equation." [D. L. Hotson, "Dirac's Equation and the Sea of Negative Energy, Part I, New Energy, Issue 43, 2002, pp. 1-20. Quote is from p. 1.]

So watergas and the use of precursor engineering (conditioning the local vacuum/spacetime first, and then allowing that conditioned vacuum/spacetime to directly alter a situation, an object, or a state, are two things whose "time has come".

And it couldn't come at a better time than now, with the energy crisis and a great economic debacle descending directly upon the U.S. and Western Europe.

- - - End of message by Tom Bearden - - -

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Michael comments (by email):

Dear Sepp,

Thanks for the info. Re: Greg Palast in the article - his book "Armed Madhouse" is well worth the effort to read. It's very funny and loaded with inside info about the US "corporate takeover" of Iraq, filled with tales of the circus of insider money-grubbing corporate and political eliters and their ploys. It also hits the "peak oil" myth right in the bull's eye. Nice con to get everyone to pay much more for fuel - that's about it, and interesting details about how much oil there really is in Iraq and the deals that were set up to hide it going back many decades. The book is worth every penny of its price.

I bought a set of plans for the 200Mpg carburetor from an Allan Wallace back in the early 80s that had plans for Pogue design carburetors and the theory behind it.
The mathematics of the fuel/air ratios were all correctly calculated, but the calculations did not take into consideration that a gas engine operates at a vacuum, not atmospheric pressure. This threw all their calculations and their claims out the window.
While a vaporizing carburetor can get very good mileage, in the 30-50 range, it also is a fuel vapor/air bomb waiting for a backfire to set it off.

It is my personal belief that the only way to get past the big OIL is to share the information with the world. Create a freedom of information site dedicated to the information and blueprints of all these inventions for the world to see. Many talented mechanics, both professional and backyard, would be able to build and test the product. Think of the ideas for improvements that would be generated! A universal carbuerator or engine that does not run on fossil fuels. And the knowledge free for the asking! Now there's an invention!

A government by the people for the people? Ha! It's time we the people quit telling the government what we want and show them. Seems to me that they just don't get it. Impeach Bush & Cheney, bring our boys home, and take care of USa first!!

A friend in the UK just sent these two links about energy inventions lost in the meanders of time...

Top 10 green cars that have been lost to time (1924-1973)

Water Succeeds Gasoline As New Invention Is Perfected (Dec, 1935)

I want to let you know , Yes the 100 MPG is possible getting 5 times the regular mileage, but few inventors actually understood why it worked it was not just vaporizing the gasoline but cracking it into lower boiling hydrocarbons like natural gas and propanes, please see my site
I have made it my mission to get the truth out, also see and
it is time to end suppression before it ends us all. Bruce

I bought a set of plans for the 200Mpg carburetor from an Allan Wallace back in the early 80s that had plans for Pogue design carburetors and the theory behind it.
The mathematics of the fuel/air ratios were all correctly calculated, but the calculations did not take into consideration that a gas engine operates at a vacuum, not atmospheric pressure. This threw all their calculations and their claims out the window.
While a vaporizing carburetor can get very good mileage, in the 30-50 range, it also is a fuel vapor/air bomb waiting for a backfire to set it off.