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Global Climate Change: The Arctic Deep Time

Global Warming or Climate Change is a reality, we are being told, it is something we must deal with if in the near future we don't want to see the earth become inhospitable to life. And Global Warming is being brought on by humans burning oil and coal. It is the increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, a gas that transforms our planet into a greenhouse, destined to warm up until we stop burning those fuels.

"Cap and trade", is the way to reduce emissions to levels that will stop the inevitable warming up of the planet. No more increase in fossil fuel burning except ... if a country can pay for the right to continue emitting carbon dioxide.


Leuren Moret, examining global warming in the context of geological history, comes to a different conclusion. In her interesting and immensely readable examination of Global Climate Change, the whistleblower at the Livermore Nuclear Weapons lab, and former
Environmental Commissioner in the City of Berkeley, lays out for us the reasons for global changes in temperature in the context of "deep time", the long term geological history of the earth, and some of the behind-the-scenes manipulations that have led to a rather hysterical campaign that sees us concentrate our attention on one of the minor causes for the changes that doubtless are afoot.

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Global Climate Change: The Arctic Deep Time

Consider the earth's history as the old measure of the English yard, the distance from the King's nose to the tip of his out-stretched hand. One stroke of a nail file on his middle finger erases human history. - James McPhee, Basin and Range, 1981.

Two scientific disciplines have the added dimension of 'deep time', a concept in geology about the evolution of the physical world we live in, and a dimension in the Universe (astrophysics) that our planet came from, concerning natural cycles and large events on a time scale of thousands, millions, and billions of years...

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And about those glaciers melting - there are some notable exceptions, many glaciers are actually growing. Should we be preparing for a coming ice age instead of warmer times? In geological time, the current (interglacial) warm period should be just about over.

12 more glaciers that haven't heard the news about global warming


Take the history of the human race. Say it is a yard stick. A few good rasps on the one end with a cheese grater and you wipe out the industrial revolution. So we are talking about a small part of a very small part of the earth's history. Yet we see change. So in the context of the earth history the current warming will probably appear as a vertical spike on the graph. Is that normal?

Leuren Moret is a sensationalist better known for here 'work' in depleted uranium.

The view from the human perpective is indeed of the looming catastrophy. But the view of the living earth is that of a cancerous growth being incised so the host can heal. The earth has a fever to combat an infection.
Its the fate of the poor animals that is the real tragedy.

"So in the context of the earth history the current warming will probably appear as a vertical spike on the graph"

No, Trutherizer, in the context of earth history the current warming will be difficult if not impossible to even discern. The 'hockey stick' graph showing a near vertical spike of temperature increase was found to be a fake. And as a matter of fact, there hasn't been any warming for a decade now.

I met Leuren Moret @ a conference. She is a wonderful person. I am a college sophomore with a dual major in Physics and Mathematics @ University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand.