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Beyond Relativity and Quantum Theories - Paramahamsa Tewari's Vortex Universe

Paramahamsa Tewari, an Indian nuclear engineer and energy researcher, is also the originator of Space Vortex Theory, a theory that posits matter as based on two fundamental particles, the electron and the positron. His website is

tew3_small.jpg According to Tewari, the universe is filled with an incompressible super fluid. Fundamental particles are vortices that create a tiny spherical void, where circulation at the limiting velocity of light leads to a breakdown of the fluid's integrity. The discontinuity at the void/liquid interface defines the particle boundary. Tension in the external fluid created by the central void gives rise to gravity, while the tangential circulation of the fluid at the interface is the cause of electric field phenomena.

Einstein's Relativity and Quantum theory have failed to develop a conceptual view of the universe and of the matter we perceive. So in this recent piece, Tewari says that mainstream physics should re-evaluate some of its 'certainties'. The super fluid that fills space - the term was coined by Tewari in 1974, only to be hijacked by others a few years later - is precariously balanced at the edge of rotation, of vortexial motion. The dynamics of this liquid explain the existence of both particles of matter and fields in a way that is intuitive and visual. But let's see what Tewari has to say...

To the adherents of Relativity and Quantum theories

If the universe cannot be described through your theories with clear-cut physical pictures that a lay man can understand, the following may set you thinking as to where your concepts went wrong. This departs radically from your 20th century concepts that need deep revision. You held the field and had your say for more than a century now and have led science to the games of probability and uncertainty, of mere chance and coincidences, based on outer appearances rather than the underlying reality.

You scare humanity that the sun will consume all its matter one day, throwing away its energy into the voids of space - never to be retrieved again, as if you knew for sure the basic processes that created matter, stars and cosmic energy. What you name as "empty space (void)" may itself be the "dynamic vacuum of spatial energy". What you think is "dark matter" could be space-vortices that rotate the planets, stars and galaxies, both axially and around in orbits. You are now searching for the Higgs particle to understand the true nature of "mass" ...

- - -

You are now searching for the Higgs particle to understand the true nature of "mass" possessed by matter, and may also look for "particles" of momentum, force, kinetic energy, velocity and so on. It does not occur to you or you have so far failed to notice the structural relationship between the vacuum and the electron that was discovered more than a century ago - and that might reveal the first origin of mass and charge in the universe.

And the latest: You talk of "vacuum instability", "quantum fluctuation" and creation of "a tiny bubble of the vacuum" and expansion of this bubble at the speed of light sweeping everything before it and "the sun and the earth will be really gone by that time". The above, based on a recent announcement from BBC, if really so said by the scientists interviewed, shows they do not deserve their high status. [Breakdown of vacuum under circulation around a point, at a limiting velocity gradient: (speed of light relative to the vacuum)/ (electron radius), is the basic Principle in this writer's space vortex theory (SVT), formulated around the mid nineteen seventies. This principle that vacuum breaks down during circulation at the limiting speed of light (relative to the vacuum) into a void was stated in my unpublished short paper to Foundations of Physics (1974), only to be plagiarized by some senior Indian scientists and published in the same journal (1977)]. So, the vacuum that was emptiness for Democritus, Newton, Einstein (1905) becomes now all of a sudden a substance to create bubbles? A turn-about after a century of hot debates between ether and non-ether, between vacuum and void, and with no apology whatsoever from you to the science community!

Looking back into the history of science and noting Natural Philosophers' contributions since the times of Copernicus, while also accepting the guidelines from the learned scientist/engineers' research works of the 20th century, we need to lay the foundation of a New Science Philosophy for world science in which your theories will also have a prominent place - declaring that at the start of the 20th century, the path you chose to found your theories to understand the workings of nature was certainly misdirected. It is time for retrospection and to support the new movement to establish a comprehensive new theory of Space and matter.

- - -

This is what Paramahamsa has written by way of introduction to a Soliloquy, a communication outlining the details of his view of Space and matter, which you can download here as a PDF document.

Soliloquy - by Paramahamsa Tewari


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