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Tewari: Hidden Laws in the Universe

Paramahamsa Tewari is known in the 'free energy' community as one of the pioneers of over-unity energy production. His Space Power Generator is one of the early examples of electromagnetic generators that are said to produce more energy than they should - according to agreed-upon theoretical considerations.


Paramahamsa Tewari

Tewari is also the originator of Space Vortex Theory, which holds that space is permeated by a non material substrate that, similar to a Bose-Einstein condensate, has high density but no inherent resistance to flow, and that matter is created by vortices in that substrate that break its continuity due to their flow at the speed of light. His views are described in the paper titled "On the Space-Vortex Structure of the Electron" (download as PDF).

In the following article, Paramahamsa Tewari discusses how this view of the genesis of matter is applicable to cosmic structures as well:

The Hidden Laws in the Universe

Paramahamsa Tewari

Can we understand the universal reality in a scientific sense and describe it through scientific methods? Taking due note of the theories and experimental findings during the last few centuries and paying attention to the fact that some basic issues like genesis of mass, inertia, charge and light require a fresh approach for their fuller understanding, universal reality can be pinpointed. Among the aforesaid basic properties of matter, genesis of mass is the least understood phenomenon.

The present problems in physics arise mainly due to the unresolved controversy whether, in addition to matter and field, the universe has also a basic substratum of some real entity. For instance, to study the mode of transmission of light in the substratum of either ether, or voidness, requires first to determine the structural relationship between light and the substratum transmitting it.

A: Is light in its structure independent of space structure as it would be if space were postulated as a void?
B: Or is light structurally a condition of space (ether) as it would be if a fluid ether were postulated?

But before that, if ether's existence as the universal substratum is postulated, it has to function not only as a carrier of light but also - and more primarily - as the entity to give structure to matter, say the electron. This is because light is not as basic a phenomenon as matter which has more basic properties including mass, inertia, charge etc.

- - -

Starting first with the postulate of real existence of an ether substratum, the question arises: Since the electron has mass, can we postulate mass and density properties for the ether as well? The answer is a clear 'No' - if the origin of mass in electron structure is to be derived from First Principles. But, if ether is postulated to be a mass-less fluid substratum, it is branded as a hypothetical entity because the modern trend is that anything without mass is energy-less and hence a kind of nothingness. Here is the impasse created for the past century by the relativity and quantum theories. With an empty and also non-empty concept of space (to suit convenience) they do not allow investigation of the genesis of mass from the first principles. The challenge is to derive mass and charge properties of the electron through the dynamics of a mass-less ether using new basic equations, and to compare the theoretically obtained results with the experimentally obtained values of electron mass and charge, and thus to prove the real existence of a non material ether substratum, unless of course any other contemporary theories based on the postulate of a void-space can achieve the same. Further, it is not only to explain the origin of the basic properties of mass, inertia and charge of the electron and of matter in general but also to explain, in qualitative and quantitative terms, the creation of electrostatic, gravitational, magnetic and electromagnetic fields from electron structure for a broader and clearer understanding of the existence of fields and matter in the universe.

Einstein argued around the middle of the 20th century that 'field' is the most fundamental entity in the universe, but leaving the question of the process of creation of fields open, his can be termed a hasty conclusion. Also, he said that since we can not do away with the concept of fields, why introduce a hypothetical carrier - ether - for the transmission of fields. With this suggestion, again he did not give due importance to the genesis of fields because fields, if real, will require a real substratum.


Proceeding according to the guidelines from the above principles and ensuring physical picture and mechanistic classical approach for each phenomenon, the following postulates were made in Space Vortex Theory (SVT) by the writer:

1: The universe has only one reality of three dimensional fluid space with non material properties (mass less, non viscous, continuous, incompressible, homogeneous fluid).

2: The fluid space has a limiting velocity gradient at which its circulating flow breaks down.

3: Circulating motion is an inherent property of universal space.

Creation of electron

The nonmaterial space (here after termed "space') in vortex circulation at the limiting velocity-gradient breaks down into a dynamically stable sphere of void, thus creating an electron.


Fig. 1 shows that the electron center with an axis of rotation is an ultra small sphere of nothingness, containing no field, no energy, no space --- and instead is a sphere of a void of fixed radius. Beyond this sphere of void (enclosed within the spinning interface, hereafter called “interface”), space as a non material fluid exists almost infinitely as the most basic substratum of the universe.

It has been shown (SVT) that the mass of the electron is proportional to the product of the volume of the void within the interface and the maximum circulation speed of space (equal to the speed of light c relative to space) on the interface, and the charge of the electron is proportional to the product of the surface of the spinning interface and maximum speed of space circulation on the interface. From these two basic equations, mass and charge of the electron as well as all the stable particles and cosmic bodies (planets, stars, galactic cores) are derivable.

Further, it follows from the postulates that the electron is the only fundamental particle in the universe. An electron vortex in opposing rotation is a positron (Fig. 2). This explains that positive and negative charges are rotation based.


New Equations

me = ( 4 π re 3 / 3) c

where me is electron mass, re is the radius of electron’s interface and c is the maximum speed of circulation of fluid space.

qe = (π / 4) (4 π re 2 ) c
where qe is the electron charge.

Fields in the structure of Electron / Nucleus / Atoms

In electron vortex, the velocity field (velocity of space points on a streamline) falls inversely as the distance from the vortex center. Each point in the universe will have a velocity field starting from the interface of the electron. Due to the spin of the interface at speed c, an inward maximum acceleration field (AF) is c 2 / re, where re is the radius of the interface enclosing the void, acts on the interface. This inward-field at the interface is of the highest strength in the universe, exerting a kind of pressure from space on to the electron's interface and making it the most stable particle (until it meets a positron and is annihilated).


It is shown (SVT) that a proton also has a core of electrons/positrons accounting for its mass and an enclosing space vortex creating a spinning interface that gives it the charge property (Fig. 3).

The spin of space at proton interface calculated in SVT is at speed c/12 and consequently the maximum inward AF on the interface is

(c/12) 2 / 12 re
where 12 re is the radius of the interface of proton. This shows that the inward AF on proton's interface is 1728 time less that the AF on electron's interface.


All nuclei are enclosed within a space vortex that spins them, produces charge effect and also creates inward AF that acts against the outward electric repulsive forces due to protons within the nuclei (Fig. 4).

The electrical attraction between an electron and a positron is due to strengthening of the velocity field (VF) between the particles (Fig. 2). Electrical repulsion is due to opposition of the VF between the particles. Coulomb's law, Ampere’s law, Gauss’s law are derived with the charge equation. This proves that the very concept of "exchange of force with real and virtual particles” in quantum theory is erroneous. Also, but for the inward AF on all nuclei, there would not be any stability of the nuclei which would split due to mutual repulsion of the protons within. The inward forces on nuclei are missing in quantum theory due to a neglect of spatial reality.

The nuclear space vortex extends up to the orbital electrons' orbits, carrying the orbital electrons around their respective nuclei and leading to an overall nullification of the electrical field of the nucleus, thus making the atom a neutral particle. This vindicates Rutherford’s concept of similarity between the solar system and the atom.

The mass energy equation has been derived using mass-equation and computing the work done supposing a collapse of the electron interface. The universal constants (Coulomb’s constant, dielectric constant, permeability constant, Planck’s constant, gravitational constant) are derived from electron structure.

With the central-void structure of the electron that explains its properties and the origin of fields through vortex structure, it is seen that the modern concept of electron structure is quite opposed to this. As per the current view one expects that the electron center should have energy distribution up to its center that should explain its mass but, quite opposed to this concept, it is the absence of energy at the electron center that creates mass-effect. Mass is not energy but a constant of proportionality in the mass energy equation.

New relations

Coulomb’s constant : 1 / 4 π ε0

where ε0 is the permittivity constant of vacuum.

ε0 = π / 2c;
μ0 = 2 / π c
where μ0 is the permeability constant of vacuum.
Intrinsic angular momentum of electron = (4/5) me c re
Spin magnetic moment of electron = (3/4) qe c re

Electrical Forces in Cosmic Bodies

The sun and the planets rotating axially in the same sense by their enclosing space vortices develop electrical charge and cause electrical repulsion -- a new effect unrecognized by astrophysics! In place of centrifugal force on the planets (Newton), electrical repulsive forces are operative. Similar is the case with galaxies -- those rotating in opposite direction will be electrically attracted and vice versa.

Dark Matter

Any volume of space with or without fields is a mass-less volume. It should not be called matter. The volume of space around the galactic core, even excluding matter particles therein, is cosmic energy. In other words a volume of vacuum (without any presently known fields) is in vortex rotation around the galactic core and is the primordial cosmic energy. What is confused as dark matter is cosmic energy as space vortex circulating the stars around the galactic core.

Creation of Matter

From the orbital rotation of the sun around the galaxy, the maximum velocity field in the space vortex enclosing the galactic core is determined in SVT as approaching c at a radial distance of 1.4x10 16 cm from the core. This will create electrons and positrons as well as hydrogen atoms. These particles and jets of hydrogen will be projected at speed nearing c, spiraling around the galactic core and dispersing outwards.

Stability of galaxy

It is recognized in contemporary theories that extremely high speed rotation of galaxy should burst open the core because gravitational attraction is not adequate. But the following is not recognized: Due to rotation at c at the distance of 1.4 x 10 16 cm from the core in the space vortex around the galaxy, an inward AF is created: c 2 / 1.4 x 10 16 cm which is 639.2 m / s2. This is the surface gravity of the galactic core, exerting pressure from space on to the core keeping it stable against splitting force if any. In fact the core is rotated by the space vortex enclosing it.

Solar wind

From the orbital motion of Mercury around the sun, maximum velocity field in the space vortex enclosing the sun is determined to be 436.7 km / s. The solar wind at the surface of the sun will blow at the same average speed. The surface gravity of the sun is caused by the inward AF created by the above velocity field around the sun’s surface; (436.7 km / s) 2 / sun’s radius = 274 m/ s2

Earth’s surface gravity

From the orbital motion of the moon, the maximum velocity field in the space vortex enclosing the earth is calculated as 7.8 km / s. Earth’s surface gravity is caused by the inward AF due to above velocity field: (7.8 km/s)2 / earth radius = 9.5 m / s2 .

Light effect

Following annihilation of an electron with a positron due to electrical attraction, their interfaces are superposed and space circulations cease. Their interfaces collapse. This is followed by dying of their field structure -- a process starting as a spherical shell (ideally) of light-effect that kills the fields of the annihilated particles as it traverses through space at speed c due to the very property of space.

The hidden laws

1 There is only one entity (substance) in the universe that is the mass-less fluid space which in circulation becomes the primordial energy.

2 there is only one fundamental particle, the electron, that in combination with other electrons and positrons assembles all universal matter.

3 There is only one fundamental field that - the velocity field - due to space motion from which all fields (gravitational, electrostatic and magnetic) are produced.

4 There is only one constant speed of transmission of fields that is light speed with respect to space substratum.

5 The micro and macro cosmos are designed following identical patterns.

6 The material particles are structured by non viscous, mass-less space and can continue to exist eternally, unless annihilation takes place in units of one electron and one positron.

Contact the author here: Paramahamsa Tewari

- - -

See also related:

Einstein's Contribution to Physics in Understanding Nature

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Dear Paramahamsa Tewari

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Dear Cao Junfeng,

Your concepts on absence of void ness in space, swirling motion around cosmic bodies causing their rotation, fluidity of space have merits.But more of development and rigid defnitions are required for the "cold quantum" and "hot quantum" that you mention as your basic postulates. Suggest we can discuss on email.

Best wishes,


The spiral patterns that we observe on weather maps are traditionally attributed to the fictitious Coriolis force. This should mean that they are only an artefact of the Earth's rotation.

If we were to observe the atmosphere from a distant inertial frame of reference, then the spiral patterns should disappear.

This does not seem to be the case. The spiral patterns in the clouds, as viewed from a distance, suggest a picture of eddy currents in the Earth's magnetic field.

It was mathematically shown in 'The Coriolis Force in Maxwell's equations' how the magnetic vXB force is identical to the Coriolis force. As such, it is not entirely surprising that these supposed Coriolis effects in the atmosphere should take on a picture that suggests eddy currents in the Earth's magnetic field.

However, to take the bold step of using magnetism to account for the weather patterns would mean having to assign electric charge to the supposedly neutral atmosphere.

On the contrary, if we don't choose this option, then we are left with the even more difficult task of explaining why a supposedly articial effect is so distinctly real.

A real Coriolis force would occur if the Earth's rotation were to curl the space around the Earth. We have already discussed in the article above how vortices on the large scale are absorbed into vortices on the small scale, and that this rotational absorption is manifested as a magnetic field.

The phenomenon of magnetism accounts for why Kepler's law of areal velocity yields zero vorticity on the large scale. The 'would be' vorticity that yields the Lorentz force is absorbed by rotational elasticity into the sea of tiny vortices that pervades all space. Kepler's law of areal velocity and the Lorentz force are actually the same thing.

See 'Gravitational Induction and the Gyroscopic Force', and to see arguments for neutral matter possessing negative electric charge, see 'Gravity Reversal and Atomic Bonding'.

Yours sincerely, David Tombe

Dear Sepp
Thanks for making me aware of Tewari’s Space Vortex Theory. Tewari is likely to be very pleased to know that there is a fluid dynamic unified theory of mathematical physics, namely, “The Pervasive Hubble Expansion of the Universe” which support his notions that light and matter are apt to be ciculation singularities of various kinds.

A PDF format of this fluid dynamic unified theory is available on this website: www.drleifrongved.com

Sincerely Leif

Paramahamsa Tewari makes the following comment (by email):

On David Tombe’s comments

Only one charge is sufficient to explain all phenomena. We can take an example of the solar system. In the solar space vortex, a disc-like formation of a minimum thickness not less than the sun’s diameter, the sun is located in the center and rotated by the space vortex. From the orbital motion of the planet Mercury, variation of velocity field in the solar vortex in inverse square root proportion from the sun’s center and the diameter of the sun, it is calculated that maximum velocity field (space circulation) in the diametrical plane of the sun is 436.7 km/s as confirmed by the average wind velocity enclosing the solar surface. Due to gaseous matter around the sun’s surface, viscous forces bring down the above velocity field to 1.945 km/s which is responsible for the solar charge effect and axial rotation of the sun. From charge-equation:

Solar charge = (π/4) (4π Rs2) x (1.945 x 105 cm/s). Substituting Rs = 6.96 x 10 10 cm, solar charge is 0.928 x 10 28 esu.

Presently accepted value is 1028 esu. [H.C. Dudley (1976), The Morality of Nuclear Planning; Kronos Press, Glassboro, New Jersey 08208, USA]

All planets rotate axially in the same direction thus producing similar charge effect (call it positive or negative). For instance, in between the space region between the sun and the earth, velocity field of the earth’s space vortex opposes the sun’s space vortex field thereby creating electrical repulsion just as electrons do. If the earth’s axial rotation is reversed it will be electrically attracted by the sun without any change in the quality of its charge.

On similar lines, from the orbital motion of the Moon, velocity field in the earth’s space vortex (enclosing it) is calculated as 7.8 km/s towards the east around the highest level of the atmospheric belt. Due to viscous forces in the earth’s atmosphere, it reduces to about 0.466 km/s and rotates the earth axially at this speed and should also produce charge effect. There should exist electric field gradient across the atmosphere and maximum charge effect at ionosphere. The ionized matter of the ionosphere circulating towards the east (generally) is equivalent to an electric current and will produce earth’s magnetic field rather than the presently postulated magnets at the earth’s center. With above explanation the atmosphere is not neutral.

In a dc generator, positive polarity is less of electrons compared to the negative and vice versa.

By convention a current flowing down the paper produces clockwise magnetic field around the current or an upward flow of electrons. Keeping this in mind, an electron flowing down the paper has clockwise stream lines in its space vortex and anti clockwise magnetic filed lines. The stream lines in electron space vortex are real directional flow of space.

Electrons electrically repel through vortex velocity fields. But parallel movements of electrons relative to space cause magnetic attraction because velocity fields due to time varying changes convert to magnetic field as a space reaction.

Reply to Dr. Tewari

Kepler's Law of Areal Velocity tells us that there is no large scale vorticity in the Solar system. The curl of a gravitational field is zero.

On the other hand, James Clerk-Maxwell modelled a sea of tiny vortices hydrodynamically and obtained the equations of electromagnetism. The curl of a magnetic field is non-zero.

Do you not think that large scale vortices surrounding the planets would be incompatible with the fact that space is already permeated with tiny vortices?

Would the sea of tiny vortices not tend to act like a rotationally elastic sponge and soak up all the 'would be' large scale vorticity?

Is this not what magnetic fields are all about?

If the planetary orbital calculations that you mention above are compatible with Newtonian celestial mechanics, then it follows that those calculations imply the absence of any large scale vorticity, because no tangential component of acceleration is involved in them.

Paramahamsa Tewari's comment in reply to David

On David Tombe’s Comments—2

The universal space as a mass-less, non-viscous, continuous fluid will have zero rigidity and will tend to circulate and form tiny vortices, but such vortices will dilate out due to outward acceleration field. The dilation is prevented due to the central void in electron vortex structure which reverses the outward acceleration field to an inward acceleration field on the dynamically stable interface enclosing the void. Thus space substratum, primarily, has no stable distribution of tiny vortices (light transmission is commented further).

Fig. 3.4 shows a side view of the sun and earth with the stream lines in the space vortices around these bodies. Maximum inward acceleration field (AF) in the equatorial plane of the sun’s surface is Vs2 / Rs where Vs is the maximum velocity field. Taking angular velocity of rotation of the sun’s surface around its axis as a constant quantity, AF at the elemental surface dA is determined and flux of AF, that is, dA x AF, at that surface is found. Keeping flux of AF constant at all the spherical space surfaces (similar to S in the sketch) it is derived that velocity field in the solar space vortex falls inversely as the square root of the distance from the sun’s center. This proves that Kepler’s laws basically stand on the velocity field in the solar space vortex that drives the planets.

Fig. 6.2 shows a train of electrons passing through a plane Z. When an electron starts passing through Z its spherical void reacts with space and creates pressure pulses in Z plane. The electron vortex in which normally circular stream lines of velocity field exist, now when the vortex is in motion relative to space, become circular magnetic field lines due to aforesaid reaction. Equation for variation of magnetic field in Z plane has been derived. With this it follows that magnetic field effect is seen due to time varying changes in the velocity field of the electron when it moves relative to space.

Fig. 8.2 shows the most fundamental nature of light. There is a radial acceleration field pointing towards the source in the wavelength (not shown in the sketch), c2 / re that remains constant throughout as it transmits at c erasing the potentials of the annihilated particles. Light transmits in space at c due to its absolute nature. Light effect at a point requires prior existence of potential of the source at that point and its time varying changes. Light from thermal radiation too will be of the nature of spherical shells where across each wavelength an acceleration field c2 / λ pointing towards the source will exist. Maxwell’s equations do not go to such basic details.

None of the material properties like elasticity, mass, density (Mass/ volume) etc is postulated for continuous space. Since results of basic experiments can be explained with a non material space, this concept provides an alternative to contemporary concepts in physics.

In Newtonian celestial mechanics planets are subjected to outward centrifugal forces but in SVT cosmic bodies revolving around their primary are carried by the velocity field of their primary’s space vortices with no acceleration and relative motion (generally) relative to the surrounding space except that determined by their enclosing vortices. Those with axial rotation repel mutually electrically and that becomes a substitute for centrifugal force.
At the earth’s surface, circular rotation of a body is an accelerating motion relative to space and hence it develops outward centrifugal force. Mass of the earth and planets as per Newtonian mechanics come out different from those as per SVT (this however requires precise calculations by experts).

Reply to Dr. Tewari (2)

Kepler's law of Areal velocity translates into the fact that there is no tangential acceleration involved in planetary motion. This means no vorticity. The curl of a gravitational field is zero.

However in the magnetic field, the curl is not zero. You were correct in saying that the tiny vortices that pervade space possess a tendency to expand outwards.

We all know what solenoidal field lines look like. Magnetic field lines are based along the axes of these tiny vortices. The tension along the axis due to the attractive Coulomb force restrains the lateral centrifugal pressure between adjacent magnetic field lines, and we get a stable equilibrium.

Descartes' big mistake was in failing to realize that a sea of tiny vortices soaks up the 'would be' large scale vortices and splits the fundamental forces into zero curl gravity and non zero curl electromagnetism.

Jose Luis Lopez-Bonilla forwards a paper discussing the possible connection of the Lanczos potential with Paramahamsa Tewari's Space Vortex Theory.

N-machines, free energy and Lanczos potential

Like Inomata, Tewari built a unipolar generator (free energy device) consisting primarily of two corotating magnetic disks, which functioned perfectly.

Tewari has his space vortex theory to explain the electron capture directly from vacuum space via N-machines for the free power generation. Our proposition is to investigate the possible connection between the Lanczos spintensor Kijr and Tewari’s theory. It is surprising that in the analysis of Kabc for weak gravitational fields one obtains the Dirac equation for the electron. On the other hand, we have pointed out that Lanczos potential is a kind of intrinsic angular momentum of spacetime.

If our proposition is correct, then the Lanczos potential will supply a theoretical support to Tewari’s theory for N-machines.

Paramahamsa Tewari is continuing to work on an application of his theories, which is power generation. Here is a recent message and comment received by email:

"Please know this for sure that a Free Power Generator has been discovered! A model of Reaction Less Generator(RLG) has fully nullified the Armature Reaction due to which electrical generators produce a counter torque in opposition to their prime mover's torque. Generators desigined with the principles of RLG will require excitation to their electromagnets (if permanent magnets are not used) and windage and frictional power input to the coupled Drive Motor. The armature reaction being zero, a very high overall efficiency --400 to 500 % can be expected. Present discovery pertains to a single phase AC generator and has full possibility to develop into 3 phase generators and also to self running engines through back feeding.

Where does the extra power come from is the question: A generator develops positive (P) and negative (N) polarities across its terminals. Positive polarity has less electrons compared to the negative terminal. When the generator output switch is closed, P pulls electrons from the neutral atoms (A) of the outside circuit thus making it positive, and in turn A , now positive, pulls electrons from its neighboring atoms. This process continues throughout the circuit and the current flows. Both, the atoms and the electrons are vortices of Vacuum--a zero-viscosity, massless, continuous medium. Though the atom's vortices do work in pulling the electrons one after the other , their vortex structure remains the same--there being no loss of their structural energy . So is the case with the electrons----their structure reamains the same despite the interactions with the atoms. It is important to note that "co-linear elements of a current flowing in a conductor are Attractive", not repulsive as , perhaps, currently believed. Late Dr. Stefan Marinov was of the same opinion and came to this conclusion through his own Physical Theory, whereas I reached to the above conclusion through the principles of Space Vortex Theory.

Further devlopment of RLG is continuing."

"this is very encouraging news.

I hope your development of actual generators will lead to a useful (for power generation) implementation of these principles.

May I post your email message below on one of the articles on my site that describe the Space Power Generator?"

"Please go ahead and post it at your site.

I am most optimistic that in near future electrical power, AC, will be generated by reaction less generators that will not produce any counter torque on their prime mover that will rotate these generators drawing input limited to only windage and frictional loads. Clearly, such a system of free power generation has been missed out for nearly one and half century since Faraday's discovery of electromagnetic induction and formulation of the Lenz's Law. In a SPG, once armature reaction gets nullified, no counter torque will be experincd by the prime mover and its all free power except for the windage and frictional losses. Imagine the savings in the input power to the prime mover coupled to a loaded generator!

For the present, I am trying my best to seek finances from the government agencies in India."

Thank you for your blog as if was helpful to better understand Mr. Tewari's Space Vortex Theory. I wrote an article that is based upon the SVT to present my view that "Everything Has a Beginning - Even the Universe." The link is:

Thank you so much Nicholas, for coming here and posting a link to your article. I read it and I believe it correctly builds on Paramahamsa's ideas. Happy that my article here could contribute some clarity.

I posted your link here


Dear Sepp, I was honored that you found my article worthwhile by posting it onto Facebook. You are a dedicated writer whose efforts make it possible for the layman to better understand quantum physics and the Space Vortex Theory.

Unfortunately, with an Internet search, I found that the physics academic community has yet to show an appreciation for Mr. Tewari's SVT and rather hold on to the Big Bang Theory.

I have found few people who are open-minded to discuss other views about our universe. I was surprised and pleased to find that the SVT development of the electron was able to support my philosophical view that 'Everything Has a Beginning - Even the Universe."

I would like to introduce you to an Iranian website developed and administered by Dr. Ahreeman, a brilliant man who teaches at a California University. The site is: http://iranpoliticsclub.net/. There, by clicking on the 'Authors' icon, you can access many of my articles and 3 books that Dr. Ahreeman added to his website.

I hope to keep in touch with you so that, together, we can help many young minds to learn of other paths of knowledge.

Oh, I would like for you to provide a comment on the article 'The Electron Began the Universe' by going to my website: http://www.nicholasginex.com

It would be a test to "see" if a comment can be posted. I am skeptical if my website provides that capability.

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