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June 22, 2010

Toward an Empirical Reality in Consciousness Studies

This article has first been published as an appendix to Dr R.N. Boyd's recent paper titled "BACK TO REALITY" which can be found here. Since the paper on Consciousness Studies addresses an important point that has stunted progress in physics for a long time, I am giving it its own space here, where it is easier to locate than just as a mere appendix to another article.

The subject of the paper is whether consciousness is purely brain-based or whether there is another, more effective way to view consciousness that explains phenomena better but is being ruthlessly suppressed by current "scientific consensus".


Quantum Consciousness - Image found here

Toward an Empirical Reality in Consciousness Studies

Dr. Adrian Klein, MDD, Israel.

The hereby presented few considerations are inspired by, and strongly supporting Dr. R.N.Boyd's vibrant appeal for restoring common sense into Scientific exploration and interpretation concerning experimental and experiential observations in empirical range, as an urgent request launched at the beginning of the 21st Century ("Empirical Science - Back to Reality!")

In his pilot paper, Dr. Boyd questions the very value of the complex argumentation scaffold currently serving dogmatic authorities in the Sciences, which axiomatically defend misleading conjectures and their totally counterintuitive consequences. Dr. Boyd casts an annihilating spot of light on the shaky physical fundaments identified as sets of underlying fictitious constructs which are ceaselessly multiplying in all the fields accessible (and "acceptable" !) for scientific investigation today.

We strongly believe that Consciousness Studies, as one of the most recent fields opened to scientific exploration, would enormously benefit if its current misleading methodology, based on the rotten premises of the aforementioned scaffold of fantasies, would be brought into alignment with empirically supported observations hitherto ignored, denied or intenionally misinterpreted, based on a rigid and biased exclusion of the empirical hard facts. What really and most urgently is required instead, is the exclusion of the various inadequate principles themselves, as held "valid" by current "scientific" methodology, which corrupt principles are continously contradicted by observations.

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June 16, 2010

Particle Physics and the Planes of Existence

I read a fascinating article the other day in Infinite Energy magazine and would like to share it with you here.

Under the title A Heuristic Approach to the Particle Physics Implicit in Theosophical "Occult Chemistry", William Patrick Bourne links the work of theosophist investigators Annie Besant and Charles W. Leadbeater to the mess that today is known as particle physics.

As you may know, Besant and Leadbeater investigated the world of particles with a particular approach, using the mind's inner eye to bring into focus the infinitely small.


ANU - the basic particle as described by Besant and Leadbeater

They had little to go by at the time, to compare their findings with the results of investigations by physicists who work with instrumentation, but their results were painstakingly recorded and they are available in a classic work: Occult Chemistry.


Hard copy of the book available from

and for those who just want a quick read, here is a scanned copy: Occult Chemistry (PDF, 6.4 MB)

Much has changed since the early part of the last century and physics has come up with a veritable particle zoo, but there are many inconsistencies and agreement on what is real and what are merely temporary products of the destruction of particles is still a far way off. So it is interesting to go back and see what was found before we started to build atom smashers to investigate subatomic particles and their components.

Bourne is an independent researcher who has published scientific papers in Chronology and Catastrophism Review, Leading Edge, and The Theoscientist. He is a generalist with particular interest in cosmology and particle physics. His synthesis of the occult knowledge of theosophical investigation with modern particle physics makes good sense.

The scale of particles postulated by Bourne brings us from the immaterial and ethereal all the way to visible, tangible matter. It would certainly constitute a worthwhile direction for further investigation ... to falsify or confirm, as the case may be.

Here is a PDF of Bourne's article as published in Infinite Energy.

A Heuristic Approach to the Particle Physics Implicit in Theosophical "Occult Chemistry"

and again the actual work, scanned: occult_chemistry.pdf

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March 15, 2009

Static electricity versus ether

Miroslav Provod is a researcher into those "fine energies" that our technical culture does not yet recognize. We have no way of measuring and therefore no way of utilizing those energies that ancient civilizations accumulated with the help of huge rocks. Miroslav has run into limitations in his research which he says someone with a well equipped laboratory could probably overcome. He would be happy, he says, to pass this particular line of research on to someone who is better equipped.


Rocking Stones such as this delicately balanced rock of some 800 or 900 tons are called Logan rocks. The image is of a rock at Treen in Cornwall. It has been taken from a wikipedia article on Logan rocks.

In any case, here is Miroslav's article...

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June 23, 2007

Quantized Space: Evolution in a Universe of Frequency

Space is a-temporal, which means time does not have physical existence. Building on that premise, Davide Fiscaletti and Amrit Sorli develop a model of the universe based on quantized space. These basic units - quanta of space - can represent either empty space, matter or electromagnetic energy, depending on their frequency of vibration.

The highest frequency is that of space without any matter. A lower frequency corresponds to sub-atomic particles, and a yet lower frequency represents electromagnetic waves.

The universe postulated by Fiscaletti, Sorli and their group is constantly renewing itself. Active Galactic Nuclei, giant black holes at the centers of galaxies, incorporate matter from stars and planets and transform it into quanta of space. The transformation eventually results in the emission of gas which, in time, forms new celestial bodies.


M 96 - Just another galaxy? - See story and credits at NASA's Picture of the Day.

Gravitation is a function of the density associated with the quanta of space. The presence of matter increases the density of its corresponding space quanta, and in the manner of "like attracts like", the denser parts of space are attracted to each other, thus matter appears to attract matter.

Chemical and biological evolution tends in the direction of higher and higher frequency of vibration, eventually approaching the basic frequency of space. Consciousness is associated with frequency and appears to develop as frequency increases. Pure consciousness has the frequency of empty space.

Entropy is associated with matter and energy, but is counteracted by the extremely high vibrations of space and consciousness.

Particles of matter do not actually "move" in space but are re-created at each new location along their trajectory by a pattern of quantum waves that determine the material existence of their associated particles. Think of a cathode ray tube, where pixels are activated by a beam of electrons, creating a moving picture for us to see. In physical reality, we have quantized or "pixeled" space where material particles can appear, creating what we perceive as a universe of moving, material reality offering an exquisite variety of perception and almost infinite complexity.

Fiscaletti and Sorli's paper explains these concepts in much more detail:

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April 19, 2007

Science and Spirituality - Heisenberg's Mystical Experience?

Did Werner Heisenberg, who was one of the founders of quantum mechanics and who proposed the uncertainty principle, have a little known mystical experience that shaped his views of reality? The question is being brought forward by three Mexican researchers.


Werner Heisenberg - Image credit: Resonance - Journal of Science Education

Nikola Tesla was one of the giants of science of the last century, but he also had a fine grasp of spiritual matters, a fact documented in a recent article on this site, by Velimir Abramovich. That article, first published by Alexander Frolov in his New Energy Technologies magazine, was forwarded to me by a Mexican researcher, Jose Luis Lopez-Bonilla.

Viktor Schauberger is another one of the scientists in a wider sense of the word - he was called the water wizard and proposed a change in technology from explosion to implosion - who obtained their knowledge by linking in to a 'data bank' of a non-physical kind. See Technology Turned Inside-out and Schauberger Q and A - Making the Data Available.

It has long been my contention that if Physics wants to overcome the present state of impasse, it must embrace and investigate the phenomenon of "ultimate cause", the spiritual realities on which the manifest physical universe depends for its existence. Actually this site is turning out to be a place where that interface between science and spirituality comes into focus, at least in some of the articles - you will see them listed at the end of this one.

The piece that follows here has also been sent in by Jose Luis Lopez-Bonilla, who together with his co-authors is asking an interesting question about Heisenberg's life. Perhaps one of you readers can help them along with some pertinent information...

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