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Crop Circle Shows Total View

A friend in the UK just sent a link to an article in the Daily Mail which reported on a very interesting design that had appeared in a wheat field in Oxfordshire, calling it the world's first 3-D crop circle.

Here is the picture of what was discovered by the pilot of a microlite - I suppose that's what was once called an ultra light - plane.


Now an interesting question just came up: What view would one have to have to see such an image?

It seems that no one point, i.e. no physical universe viewpoint could show the "skyscrapers" in that configuration, where you'd see the piazza in the middle and the buildings - always assuming that that's what is shown - and the top of the buildings, all at the same time.

It could be called a "total view", according to my better half, and I called it a "diffuse view".

Indeed, Steve Alexander, a crop circle photographer of more than 15 years, is quoted in the article to have said:

"I thought it was a groundbreaking formation. We have not seen anything like it before.

"The floor lay and the way the design appears to weave in and out has never been seen before, certainly not that I am aware.

"It is the first of its kind and is a very, very powerful thing to look at.

"There is a lot of symbolic number play at work here. The square in ancient times represented the material world.

"The move from a two-dimensional square into a three-dimensional cube might indicate that these patterns emanate from a dimension of reality we cannot access."

See also:

Pyramid-style crop circle points the way to Wiltshire’s White Horse
The 175-foot formation was spotted by early morning commuters on the A361 Devises to Alton Barnes road. Just metres from the chalk White Horse on the slope at Milk Hill, the pattern consists of a pyramid shape within a circle, surrounded by four smaller circles.

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Somebody good at graphic design has had some fun in a wheat field.

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