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Born in 1949 in Ruhpolding, Bavaria, I grew up in a rural environment, actually a beautiful holiday spot that has attracted and still attracts many tourists in search of nature, quiet and good clean air. My education was in commerce and the hotel trade, but other interests led me on a different path. After some years in Munich and Copenhagen, I moved to Rome, Italy together with my wife Susan - for some three decades. At present, I live on Terceira island in the Azores.

My work has been health related and the ever diminishing space conceded to natural healing brought me to the international legislative fight for the preservation of natural, nutrition-based methods of health care. I consider freedom of choice in health matters a basic right, so got involved in industry associations but soon concentrated on consumer oriented issues. With friends, I founded the association La Leva di Archimede, and started a blog which I called Health Supreme.

I have always had a strong interest in technical things and physics, as well as the social aspects of our economy. Investigations in these fields produced some interesting insights, which I wrote up in various articles during the 1990's, later collected on a website: www.hasslberger.com.

Unfortunately I did not have time and web mastering skills to keep that original site up-to-date, so it is still there in essentially the same form it was made in the late 1990's. To continue updating views on that particular thread, I started a blog. (blog.hasslberger.com)

My views are influenced by Ron Hubbard of "Scientology" fame, by Silvio Gesell's "Natural Economic Order", by Viktor Schauberger, the "Water Wizard" of early 20th century Austria and by "Spaceship Earth" Buckminster Fuller, the gentle giant and prolific discoverer of synergy and tensegrity. I acknowledge a deep debt of gratitude to these great thinkers.

It is my belief that mankind must get ready for a new space age. We are not alone in this universe, but before we can become part of what I would call 'the galactic community of sentient beings', we have to put barbarism behind us and show that we can take care of ourselves and of this planet. I identified certain areas that need change as described in an article on the Health Supreme blog: "Genova, the Azores and our Common Future".

More recently, I got involved with P2P, a movement that advocates direct, person to person interaction rather than a ‘command and control’ type hierarchical society. Generally, I am interested in the connection between things. I enjoy taking knowledge from different, sometimes unrelated, branches of science and connect the dots. I am a believer in individual agency, so much so that at one time I coined this one: “The individual is supreme and finds his way through intuition”.

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