From time to time I will post information about a book I read and personally recommend. The first one - a book that should be read by every one interested in the phenomenon of extraterrestrial intelligence and in the future of this planet - is Steven Greer's "Hidden Truth - Forbidden Knowledge"

March 25, 2012

Quantum Aether Dynamics: A New Foundation for Physics


This is a paper that was first published in PESWiki but it certainly deserves to be widely known. It is based on a deep re-thinking of current physics and models the aether as a substrate for all things physical.

While the new model is fully developed in a book: Secrets of the Aether that was published in 2004, authored by David W. Thomson III and Jim D. Bourassa, the paper gives a good description of the basic features and lots of detail about how the new model compares with contemporary physics.

Sterling Allan of PESWiki says about it:

"The Aether Physics Model quantifies quantum structure within an Aether/angular momentum paradigm (as opposed to the mass/energy paradigm of Einstein). It is destined to merge with Quantum Mechanics and provides the means for tapping Zero Point Energy."


"Modern physics describes the mechanics of the Universe. We have discovered a new foundation for physics, which explains the components of the Universe with precision and depth. We quantify the existence of Aether, subatomic particles, and the force laws. Some aspects of the theory derive from the Standard Model, but much is unique.
A key discovery from this new foundation is a mathematically correct Unified Force Theory. Other fundamental discoveries follow, including the origin of the fine structure constant and subatomic particle g-factors, a slight correction of neutron magnetic moment, a geometrical structure for charge, the quantification of electromagnetic charge as separate from electrostatic charge, a more precise meaning of spin, the quantification of space-resonance in five dimensions, and a new system of quantum units.

The Aether quantifies as a fabric of quantum rotating magnetic fields with electromagnetic, electrostatic, and gravitational dipole structures. Subatomic particles quantify as angular momentum encapsulated in a quantum, rotating magnetic field. All quantum, atomic, and molecular processes can be precisely modeled, leading to discrete physics with new understandings and insights."

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December 13, 2010

David Korten: Taking Back Our Lives from the Wall Street Mafia

David Korten, author of "AGENDA FOR A NEW ECONOMY - From Phantom Wealth to Real Wealth" discusses what's wrong with a Wall Street dominated economy, and how to take back our lives...

"Trying to fix Wall Street is like trying to fix the Mafia so it's not quite so destructive..."

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October 24, 2010

Book: An Attempt to Restore Classical Physics

Paul E. Rowe, in his recently published book An Attempt to Restore Classical Physics, provides a summation of his life's work.


Rowe is a chemist who found, much to his surprise, that under certain conditions, hydrogen would appear in closed, evacuated tubes during his experiments, seemingly out of nothing. Eliminating all other possibilities, such as contamination or absorbed gases and searching the scientific literature for similar occurrences, he eventually concluded that space itself may be filled with the components of the hydrogen atom, protons and electrons, in free, pre-atomic form.

Assuming an aether composed of densely packed sub-atomic particles would allow us to make sense of things that were part and parcel of classical physics but were abandoned as Einstein's relativity and subsequently quantum interpretations of the universe gained acceptance.

Dr Rowe's book is available from bound in soft cover, hard cover or as an electronic download.

"Based on the author's eperiments and extensive searches in the scientific literature, he concludes that vacuum is not a void, but rather a concentrated matrix of protons and unpaired electrons, possibly Bose-Einstein Condensed (BEC) hydrogen. It may be the aether of classical physics and/or the dark matter, for which Astronomers are searching. The book attempts to explain many observed phenomena on this basis, including: Magnetism, Gravity, Light, Stellar Aberration and Einstein's Twin Paradox"

The book is certainly worth having as it puts all the pieces of Rowe's work together in a neatly arranged way. Yes I know, it isn't a new paradigm, it actually harks back to the days when physics was understandable, when the workings of things could be understood in a clear cause-and-effect way of conceptualization.

Rowe himself summarizes the book with the following words:

The discussion section of this book includes conclusions, I reached, by assuming that the knowable universe and everything in it is permeated with a concentrated matrix of protons and electrons. It attempts to explain various observed phenomena on this basis. The rest of the book tries to show that the assumptions are reasonable. The author expects that many of the conclusions will not be accepted by the scientific community. However, if the universe is permeated with a matrix of particles, as assumed by Huygens and Maxwell, conclusions based on the absence of such a matrix should be reconsidered. Could the proposed matrix be the Aether, Dark Matter and the Higgs Field?

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October 30, 2009

The End of Money and the Future of Civilization

(this article was first published in September 2009. It has been revised and updated in March 2010)


Large parts of our economy appear set to go belly-up. The banking system, which should be of service to the productive economy, is itself on the verge of collapse. Speculators who brought those banks to the brink by pushing "creative" investment opportunities are being lavishly rewarded with bail-out funds amounting to huge gifts that are ultimately being financed by the tax payers.

Unless we want to spend the rest of our lives working to pay off those huge government debts being incurred to keep banks afloat, we should try to understand what exactly has been happening - where things went wrong. And we should learn how money and banking can be re-configured to support, rather than ruin, real economic efforts.

This can't be left to corrupt politicians. We can't even rely on the economists. They are part of the problem. Not only did they not warn us of impending disaster, they were the ones who convinced government that loose rules in banking were good for the economy.

The only way out of this mess is to understand for ourselves. Thomas Greco's new work The End of Money and the Future of Civilization is an encouraging book in this respect. Amongst all the confusion, it provides a stable foothold, a starting point for this quest to understand the subjects of economy and money.

Greco reduces the complicated stuff down to the very essentials. After providing an overview of historical developments and an indication of the reasons for our current trouble, the book points to a future where currency may be at the service of actual economic activities, rather than being a source of easy profit for bankers and speculators, those who have been gambling with our savings and our mortgages.

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June 29, 2009

The Moon is Inhabited - NASA looks the other way

Why did both NASA and the Russians suddenly abandon the idea of colonizing the moon, even after several successful landings and extensive surveys of Apollo and the Soviet Lunar probes?

Ingo Swann, a researcher into telepathy and remote viewing who worked for about two decades with the prestigious Stanford Research Institute, has found out. He details his own research into the question and he connects it with a broader problem - the suppression of telepathic and related human capabilities. His research has been published in a hard-to-find book titled: "Penetration - The Question of Extraterrestrial and Human Telepathy".


The paper version of the book is quite hard to come by. There seem to be a few used copies around but they go for a proud price. However, you can find a scanned copy - without the illustrations and photos - on Scribd. The book can be read on line or downloaded as a PDF file. Here's the address:

Penetration - The Question of Extraterrestrial and Human Telepathy

If any of my readers here do have the original, please consider scanning the illustrations and photographs and sending them to me. I promise to make them available on this page.

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