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The Moon is Inhabited - NASA looks the other way

Why did both NASA and the Russians suddenly abandon the idea of colonizing the moon, even after several successful landings and extensive surveys of Apollo and the Soviet Lunar probes?

Ingo Swann, a researcher into telepathy and remote viewing who worked for about two decades with the prestigious Stanford Research Institute, has found out. He details his own research into the question and he connects it with a broader problem - the suppression of telepathic and related human capabilities. His research has been published in a hard-to-find book titled: "Penetration - The Question of Extraterrestrial and Human Telepathy".


The paper version of the book is quite hard to come by. There seem to be a few used copies around but they go for a proud price. However, you can find a scanned copy - without the illustrations and photos - on Scribd. The book can be read on line or downloaded as a PDF file. Here's the address:

Penetration - The Question of Extraterrestrial and Human Telepathy

If any of my readers here do have the original, please consider scanning the illustrations and photographs and sending them to me. I promise to make them available on this page.

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In the book, Ingo Swann weaves a tale that is absolutely necessary for our understanding of the UFO controversy and of our own contemporary efforts of space exploration. He directs our attention at certain packets of information that are omitted - things that are not discussed in the scientific and the popular literature but that we need to examine nevertheless.

There are three parts to this book, each one interesting and complete in its own right.

The first part is a personal experience of Ingo being asked to examine certain locations on the moon and to relate what he sees in his mind's eye. To his great surprise, the moon is not a dead, airless place and is fairly teeming with activity. Although Ingo does not have proof in the scientific sense for what he saw, he includes this personal experience as a tale to set the stage for the second part of the book.

Here in the second part, Swann discusses the notable absence of any real information in the official record of what has been observed, both by earth-based telescopes and by reconnaissance craft we have sent to our principal satellite. We are getting photographs, lots of them, but none of the high quality necessary to properly analyze the structures on the moon, or to let us understand who is active there and what they are up to. One of the great packets of absent data he points to is the fact that after a series of successful missions to land on the moon, the idea of making human bases there has been quietly abandoned in the early 1970s with n o real explanation or even so much as a formal announcement of the change for years after that.

We have re-directed our efforts to an earth-orbiting space station and we are to going to Mars, but moon-based colonies are way way on the back burner. Why? Ingo gives us a good idea.

If the book ended here it would make for an interesting read in and by itself, but it would leave us, like so many other books, with an important question - a mystery to be solved. However Ingo Swann goes further. In Part Three of his book, he helps us connect some of those dots to understand why a seemingly good chance to take a step into space has been quietly shelved. His professional career as a psychic researcher and successful remote viewer is what allows him to go further than other researchers into the subject of suppressed information on UFOs and Space.

Telepathy, Swann gives us to understand, is part and parcel of the human intellectual make-up. We are all capable of it but ... we have been kept in the dark by some clever manipulations. The desire to keep secrets comes into this as one of the motivating factors. Those who govern have a great desire to keep from revealing their plans of action and the methods they adopt to keep us where we are.

I will not attempt to tell you Ingo Swann's conclusions here, after all you will want to read the book. Let me only say that when we ask for more transparency in government, we are exactly on the right track. Social networks like facebook, twitter or friend feed have all but made our thoughts transparent to our friends and indeed anyone who cares to find out. That is, in my view, an important step to unlocking our telepathic potential. How could we accept telepathy if we weren't - at least to some degree - willing to be open?

And the same is true for the official denial of evidence of UFOs, extraterrestrial contact, activity on the moon and a whole number of other things. How can those things be made known if our governments are not willing to be as transparent as we are?

In summary, Ingo Swann's book, although a decade old, is a thought provoking piece of writing and is certainly worth your while to study and understand.

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I'm afraid I don't share your enthusiasm for this book Sepp. Once again we find someone (Ingo Swann) whom has himself become completely brain washed by society. It's quite ironic that Ingo talks about manipulation of the mind and how 'they' go about doing so, when he himself has become totally consumed by the manipulation himself. When understanding what is true and what is false it is incredibly important to follow the trail that can be proved by data. I don't necessarily mean scientific data, I mean data that exists outside of scientific understanding. For you see we know that the laws of physics do not allow for something like a flying saucer to even exist as a posibility. And so we must look elsewhere for an answer... Luckily for us nobody told Nature about the laws of physics, and so it is here where we can find our data. If only Mr Swann had a little faith in humankind being smart enough to create these amazing flying machines ourselves. Perhaps then his conclusions to what he has seen and experienced would have been quite different.

Thank you Tim, but your comment is a bit cryptic.

What is your view about the activity Swann saw on the moon and what's your supporting data for it?

Enlighten us.

Swann's work is truly spectacular. His claims are so outrageous that it's tough to decide if this is an amazing tale of fact, fantasy, or both!

Would really be interested in attending any sort of rv workshop taught by Ingo himself.

Sepp you are aware of Viktor Shaubergers work are you not? You are also aware of a number of other inventors like Dr Nikolai Kozyrev that have found data that points to Nature creating energy and motion in a very different way to how mainstream science and therefore our society goes about doing so. This data and information has been available for a long time, in the case of Shaubergers work since before WWII. Now if you believe in this data and the story that goes with it as I do, then you must conclude that these flying saucers our in fact built by people right here on Earth.

Now lets just say you had access to a flying saucer, what might you try and do with it? Once you have tested atmospheric flight you might try and go a stage further and achieve orbital flight. Once you have achieved that you might think about going further. Might you try and visit the Moon? If you do believe as I do that their does indeed exist an alternative way of thinking about Nature, as demonstrated and proven by Shauberger and the like then you have to ask the question, 'where are the limits to what you can do?'. Remember we are not talking about a 'technology' as such but a completely different way of thinking about how Nature and the Universe work.

I am not doubting that Ingo Swann has the ability to RV and he may well have seen something on the moon, however I believe he interpreted what he saw based on the answers before him. What I mean is that Ingo's only explanation for what he is seeing is Aliens. He does not know about the 'alternative' science that exists. And so he interprets what he sees in only one way, just as many people do when they see a flying saucer or a 'ufo'. It does not even enter their mind that this could in fact be a human creation because the idea is not within their perception... Thanks in large part to the media. And the replies he receives from his agent friend are very cryptic at best. Most of the time his agent friend waits for Ingo to make an assumption based on what he has seen and then often provides a neutral reply without really agreeing with Ingo's assumption. However it steers Ingo's mindset in such a direction as to give him the impression that his assumptions are indeed correct... Hence my comment concerning manipulation.

I have to be honest though and say I do question parts of Ingo's story. For instance how about the part about where Ingo said he was taken to an area where he said he saw an 'Alien' craft materialize in front of him. And this craft then began taking on water from the lake below. Well if you have the ability to materialize energy and matter you will have no problem in creating water for yourself. You would have no need to find a water source because you would be able to create your own! To me this smacks of someone with an active imagination but does not understand what those abilities or ideas really mean. And this alone should be cause for concern that much of what Ingo says may well be based on an active imagination rather than any real data or fact.

... Of course I should add this is all my own opinion! :)


yes, I am aware that based on what Schauberger and Kozyrev found, what is called "alien" activity on the moon could just as well be human. But for the purpose of us finding out, it might be either one. We are not being told either way. What Swann shows with his writing is that there may, with high probability, be SOME activity on the moon.

Officially we have not heard about it, as either human powered or of extraterrestrial origin. We might as well defer that distinction until we can find out some more of what is really going on. It is useless to argue, in my view, whether it's human or extraterrestrial if we haven't even clearly established what is going on, and have no official pronouncements, one way or the other.

So let's not put the cart before the horse. More data is clearly needed before we can even think of discussing whether the activity observed by Swann is human or otherwise.

I understand what your saying Sepp however I disagree that their is not enough data to make a judgement. Their is plenty that points to human activity, remember we have had the Apollo moon landings and other such attempts to set foot on the moon. And that is before we've even talked about data on exotic ideas on creating energy/motion. Clearly then the moon has been in the minds of men for some time, and I might add massive amounts of time and money have been spent on trying to get there. This IS the data! Add to that what only a relative few of us know about exotic energy/motion creation and I think we can safety assume that if indeed there is currently a presence on the moon then it is most certainly human.

Where there is a lack of data is for the idea that an extra terrestrial presence exists at all! Whether that be here with us on Earth, on the Moon, or even somewhere else in our own galaxy.

Sepp are you aware of a speech that Neil Armstrong gave at the white house back in 1994? I think you should see it, it does have some baring on what we are talking about here. Here's a link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2w-SDs_Skb0

I prefer to keep options open on this, Tim.

No data that would induce me to say that what's on the moon is human activity.

And for sure it won't be very long until we find out in a very definite way... aren't we trying to go back to the moon? That should be an interesting voyage of discovery, if it ever happens.

I have something to say! The Very Large Telescope is the only "public" Telescope capable of seeing considerably small objects on the moon's surface, yet we are FORBIDDEN to look at the Moon. I wonder why... There's some lame excuse about the Moon being too bright. we've have never seen any good pictures of the Moon. Don't you think that a SIMPLE FILTER would be worth to see the Moon up close. I feel frustrated (angry). Anyway... Its inevitable the some day we will find out what's going on. I just hope its soon enough!

Interesting Alex,

and it goes to confirm my suspicions that something is being hidden from us.

Yes, when we finally do find out what's going on, let's hope it isn't too late!

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