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Book: An Attempt to Restore Classical Physics

Paul E. Rowe, in his recently published book An Attempt to Restore Classical Physics, provides a summation of his life's work.


Rowe is a chemist who found, much to his surprise, that under certain conditions, hydrogen would appear in closed, evacuated tubes during his experiments, seemingly out of nothing. Eliminating all other possibilities, such as contamination or absorbed gases and searching the scientific literature for similar occurrences, he eventually concluded that space itself may be filled with the components of the hydrogen atom, protons and electrons, in free, pre-atomic form.

Assuming an aether composed of densely packed sub-atomic particles would allow us to make sense of things that were part and parcel of classical physics but were abandoned as Einstein's relativity and subsequently quantum interpretations of the universe gained acceptance.

Dr Rowe's book is available from www.iuniverse.com bound in soft cover, hard cover or as an electronic download.

"Based on the author's eperiments and extensive searches in the scientific literature, he concludes that vacuum is not a void, but rather a concentrated matrix of protons and unpaired electrons, possibly Bose-Einstein Condensed (BEC) hydrogen. It may be the aether of classical physics and/or the dark matter, for which Astronomers are searching. The book attempts to explain many observed phenomena on this basis, including: Magnetism, Gravity, Light, Stellar Aberration and Einstein's Twin Paradox"

The book is certainly worth having as it puts all the pieces of Rowe's work together in a neatly arranged way. Yes I know, it isn't a new paradigm, it actually harks back to the days when physics was understandable, when the workings of things could be understood in a clear cause-and-effect way of conceptualization.

Rowe himself summarizes the book with the following words:

The discussion section of this book includes conclusions, I reached, by assuming that the knowable universe and everything in it is permeated with a concentrated matrix of protons and electrons. It attempts to explain various observed phenomena on this basis. The rest of the book tries to show that the assumptions are reasonable. The author expects that many of the conclusions will not be accepted by the scientific community. However, if the universe is permeated with a matrix of particles, as assumed by Huygens and Maxwell, conclusions based on the absence of such a matrix should be reconsidered. Could the proposed matrix be the Aether, Dark Matter and the Higgs Field?

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I was always intrigued by Rowe's research, published first in Infinite Energy magazine, and have posted several of his articles and papes on this blog. You can find them here:

Hydrogen From Space - The Aether 'Comes Alive'

A History of Dark Matter?

Controlled Transmutation of Elements Under Surprisingly Mild Conditions?

Gravity and the Nature of the Chemical Bond?

PDF documents:

My Conversations With Einstein

Is Dark Matter The Ether?

An Unexpected Source of Clean Energy?

An Unexpected Source of Clean Energy? Part II

More Evidence for an Aether of Protons and Electrons

A recent article (2014):
Reasons to Reconsider the Aether of Classical Physics

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Re Dr. Rowe's concept of non-empty space and the origin of hydrogen -- very intersting.

Doubly so because my concept of matter ("On the Quantum as a Physical Entity")is that it consists of MINIMUM Coulomb fields. I call that THE quantum.

Matter consists of these quanta (that are co-spatial) arranged in a concentric configuration.

SOOOO, what if they existed also in a non concentric mode but INDIVIDUALLY? That is Dr. Rowe's hypothesis -- and I find that very acceptable.

Leslie Pastor says by email:

It is interesting that [you] bring this forth now. I've just viewed "Thunderbolts of the Gods" and it parallels your perspective.

Cosmology is proving to us that the Universe is an Electrical Universe, that the Universe is filled with "plasma" and that the ancient "aether" appears to be valid. Tesla was right all along, and Einstein was in error. It took the Hubble Space Telescope and all of the Earth based (infra-red, etc) telescopes to point this out to us.

Source: http://peswiki.com/index.php/Site:LRP:Astronomy_and_Optics

An emailed comment from Hal Puthoff:

"Interestingly enough, his model is somewhat reminiscent of the latest accepted mainstream picture. I highly recommend the very readable book by Nobel Prize winner Frank Wilczek, The Lightness of Being: Mass, Ether, and the Unification of Forces. In it he says that the modern view is that the underlying ether is +/- quark-antiquark pairs that provides a kind of superconductive medium at the foundation - similar to Rowe's proton/electron Bose condensate idea.


David Yurth, the author of Y-Bias and Angularity, a paper also referenced here on the blog, has commented as follows on Paul Rowe's work (by email):

"Thanks for sending this along. The author is on the right track but still has not grasped the primary element of his search - in the Y-Bias & Angularity model we provide this for him. His work in the lab as a conscientious researcher is invaluable because his competence and discipline demonstrate that the predictions made in the new model have been experimentally validated, impeccably documented and reliably reported. This is the essence of good science. Please pass my thanks and congratulations on to him. It's a really good piece of work.

Dave Yurth"

Constantin Ivanenko comments (by email):

"On the application of idea of triangular/tetrahedral (simplex) coordinates to technologies of collective meditation is based work of founded in 1930s by Alice A. Bailey (see in WWW) TRIANGLES international movement; - whose esoteric task is to build around the Earth by collective (computer-aided) meditations a "subtle plane analog" of Buckminster Fuller's superstable GeoDome-like "psi-roof" (with preisely calculated, to fit/compensate current idiosyncrasies of Earth, "idiosyncratic distortions" of structure), which is planned to mitigate & transform positively boundless fury of emitted by the Black Sun/Center of Galaxy blast of Cosmis Fire, which is predicted (by Dr P. LaViolette & others) to engulf Earth & its cosmic environments in 2012.
Cf. also RE "triangulation of Cosmos" on p. 558 of A. Harbinson's "Lodestone" (Sphere Books, 1989); - and also "metaphysics of tetrahedron" presented in works of Benjamin Creme.

With best wishes, C"

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