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Particle Physics and the Planes of Existence

I read a fascinating article the other day in Infinite Energy magazine and would like to share it with you here.

Under the title A Heuristic Approach to the Particle Physics Implicit in Theosophical "Occult Chemistry", William Patrick Bourne links the work of theosophist investigators Annie Besant and Charles W. Leadbeater to the mess that today is known as particle physics.

As you may know, Besant and Leadbeater investigated the world of particles with a particular approach, using the mind's inner eye to bring into focus the infinitely small.


ANU - the basic particle as described by Besant and Leadbeater

They had little to go by at the time, to compare their findings with the results of investigations by physicists who work with instrumentation, but their results were painstakingly recorded and they are available in a classic work: Occult Chemistry.


Hard copy of the book available from skybooksusa.com

and for those who just want a quick read, here is a scanned copy: Occult Chemistry (PDF, 6.4 MB)

Much has changed since the early part of the last century and physics has come up with a veritable particle zoo, but there are many inconsistencies and agreement on what is real and what are merely temporary products of the destruction of particles is still a far way off. So it is interesting to go back and see what was found before we started to build atom smashers to investigate subatomic particles and their components.

Bourne is an independent researcher who has published scientific papers in Chronology and Catastrophism Review, Leading Edge, and The Theoscientist. He is a generalist with particular interest in cosmology and particle physics. His synthesis of the occult knowledge of theosophical investigation with modern particle physics makes good sense.

The scale of particles postulated by Bourne brings us from the immaterial and ethereal all the way to visible, tangible matter. It would certainly constitute a worthwhile direction for further investigation ... to falsify or confirm, as the case may be.

Here is a PDF of Bourne's article as published in Infinite Energy.

A Heuristic Approach to the Particle Physics Implicit in Theosophical "Occult Chemistry"

and again the actual work, scanned: occult_chemistry.pdf

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On a related note, today I also came across an article by Leon Hauser, a Philosopher, Scientist, Artist, Writer, Engineer, Animator, Producer, Director and Musician living in New York. He published his discussion as a KNOL on Google.

In How it All Began - The Way The Conscious Cosmos Comes Into Being and How it Works Hauser discusses the holographic nature of the universe and says that our reality is constructed out of a succession of fractally nested particles of increasing scale from the infinitesimal to the physically tangible. According to Hauser, spin is the basic principle and carrier of all information in the universe.

His scale of particles is different from that arrived at by Bourne, but there certainly is a similarity of thought.

See his interesting discussion here:

In How it All Began - The Way The Conscious Cosmos Comes Into Being and How it Works

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Do you know of any current projects using schaubergers vortex pipes and his suction turbine.
I am exploring it for a river based scheme in Uk.

As much as I'd like to give you good news on this, I have not found anyone actually using Schauberger's turbine design.

Yours would be a first, and if you do get this to work, please make any results available.

Meanwhile, there is a vortex-based simple run-of-the-river system that has been tried out by an Austrian engineer, reported here:

Water Vortex Drives Power Plant

Clearly -the occult chemistry
got the anu symmetry -usefully..

but missed the fractality-mechanism of attractive force





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