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Tewari: Discovering Universal Reality

What if space was filled with a non-material but very dense fluid and matter was composed of 'holes' in that fluid? Visualize water as the omnipresent medium and tiny bubbles swirling around to eventually give form to everything that can be seen. You'd have an analogy of the way Paramahamsa Tewari, a nuclear engineer with a passion for physics sees the universe.


Paramahamsa Tewari

Tewari's Space Vortex Theory (SVT) explains universal reality in a radically different way from that proposed by physicists today. A new book titled Discovering Universal Reality is available from his site (PDF download - 1.3MB) or in print from Stonehill Foundation in Kerala, India (stonehillfoundation@asianetindia.com). Tewari summarizes and explains the principles of SVT in a way that is understandable to everyone. You do not have to follow his equations to get the gist of what is said.

According to Tewari's theory, there is only one basic, stable particle - the electron - which in combination of great numbers builds atoms and thus makes up all the matter we perceive. The electron is seen as a bubble in the fluid of space, created by circulation of the space medium. When that circulation exceeds the space medium's limit of cohesion, it leaves a tiny spherical void. The existence of this tiny void stresses the incompressible space medium creating the electrical and gravitational properties we associate with matter.

Light and heat are oscillations of matter but they are transferred through space by a wave-like disturbance of the medium of which matter consists. There are no "photons" to visualize as separate particles, merely successive expanding "shells" of a disturbance propagating through space with the speed of light - c.

To vizualize this, let's look at the sea shore. The waves of water (the medium) transmit a force to the pebbles at the shore, they move them, roll them around, and in time grind them into fine sand. But there is no particle doing all this work - merely the waves of the medium. And the medium of space is much more dense than water...

But I better let Tewari speak, lest I get carried away and inject too much of my own - in this case necessarily secondary - understanding of things. Tewari's views have revolutionary implications for our understanding of the universe and they will - if proven correct - allow us to gain a conceptual understanding of physical reality. What a change that would be from today's physics which has become an esoteric labyrinth of mathemathical constructions that - it is said - only the brightest (but really perhaps only the most convoluted?) minds can grasp...

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Here are some excerpts from Tewari's Discovering Universal Reality that should give a better idea of what he found.

(Download the full text here)
(or get a copy of it here)

The primary reality of the universe is the cosmic energy of space. It exists eternally and is the substratum of the universe. While the process of creation is applicable to matter, it is not relevant to space. The properties of matter are not possessed by the medium of space, which has only one absolute-attribute related to the speed of transmission of light in an absolute vacuum. That is, the limiting angular velocity of space-rotation, and the transmission of the effects of potential gradients in it, such as gravitational, magnetic and electromagnetic forces/fields taking place at a constant speed (light speed) relative to it.

The process of creation of matter in the universe is the basic phenomenon that converts space-motion of large cosmic space-vortices into submicroscopic space-vortices, created as fundamental particles structured with the highest speed of space-circulation. In this phenomenon of creation, the space-energy from the electron-center is transferred to the universal space as energy fields - gravitational, electrostatic, magnetic, and electromagnetic.

Due to the existence of velocity fields in the whole universe as large cosmic-vortices with independent centers, cosmic energy resides at each point of the universal space except at the centers of the fundamental particles of matter. This new concept is diametrically opposed to the modern understanding on the seat of energy in the medium of space and in the structure of matter. In the absence of matter and its associated gravity and electromagnetic fields, space is considered energy-less according to contemporary physics; whereas the reality is, that the dynamic space is the fist source, and the cause of creation, stability, and the subsequent existence of cosmic matter and fields.

The velocity fields in the space vortices enclosing the cosmic bodies account for the inward free-fall acceleration (presently taken to be the same as gravitational acceleration) on their surfaces. This acceleration field also interacts with the acceleration field in the wavelengths of the star-light as it passes close to a cosmic body (star), thereby deflecting the same. The modern supposition, that stars attract light gravitationally because light possesses mass, is erroneous.

There is uniformity in the structural design of matter, right from the fundamental particle to the largest cosmic bodies, galaxies and meta-galaxies. For instance, the electron has a void-center enclosed within a space vortex; and the atom has an assembly of electrons and positrons (multiple single voids) as its nucleus, with an overall space vortex; the Earth has an assembly of atoms (with void content) enclosed within a space vortex that carries the Moon; the Sun too is made up of atoms, with void-content and an overall space vortex which through the velocity fields of its vortex rotates the planets in the planetary plane.

The concept of classical electrodynamics that an accelerating or oscillating electron gives-off energy is based on an implicit understanding that the electron structure is packed with energy all the way up to its center. Such a conclusion is obviously justified under the modern conception of emptiness of space and solidity (energy content) of matter. However, the existence of the central void in the vortex structure of electron, now proposed through SVT, reverses the entire system. Firstly, it does not provide for any detachment (emission) of light energy from the electron; and secondly, it gives stability preventing dissipation of vortex motion. Thus there is no exchange of energy between an oscillating electron and the light produced by it.

A conceptual reorientation is needed today. It ought to shift the modern trend of assuming outward direction of the forces in material structure to an in- ward direction. It should posit basic reality to the medium of space, and matter to be the product of space. It must admit strict adherence to the cause-effect law, and a deterministic approach. These describe the needed course of action today - so as to incorporate physical aspects in each phenomenon, and thereby achieve reconstruction of the ongoing theories, classical as well as major revisions to Relativity and quantum physics.

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To dig into this further, here are some pointers:

Download the book

For a paper copy of the book, contact Stonehill Foundation, G-309 panampilly Avenue, Panampilly nagar, Cochin 682036, Kerala, India (stonehillfoundation@asianetindia.com)

Paramahamsa Tewari's website

Tewari: Hidden Laws in the Universe

Einstein's Contribution to Physics in Understanding Nature

Space Vortex Theory: Einstein and Tewari's 'Cartesian Universe'

The Myth Of Dark Matter - Can Science Change?

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There is a purely analytical paper based on one assumption. Namely, all forms of matter, fields, and propagations in the universe are fluid motions superimposed on an eather fluid whose differential fluid elements recede from each other in accord with the Hubble law. One resolves outstanding questions and paradoxes that have puzzled and irritated scintists for years. A PDF format of the paper is available on the above web site.

Main aspect of SVT is to reveal creational process of mass from postulated mass-less fluid space and from First Principles.Leif's article, by assining density to ether; and density being : Mass/ Volume, makes ether inherent with mass while leaving the origin of mass in obscurity.

best wishes,


Jose Luis Lopez-Bonilla from Mexico sent the following message:

I received Your e-mail about the new book of my dear P. Tewari..., then I remember that some time ago I wrote this brief Note (unpublished) on his theory, which am sending You as a humble gift.

I would like to share Jose Luis' gift with you, the readers... It's a short (2 page) PDF file:



1.01 Have just copyrighted book. Am seeking publisher. Book explains mathematically, scientifically and logically how Finite Reality (matter) was brought into existence by the force of Infinity Space acting upon Zero Nothingness. Logic of analysis: In Eternity Past, there would only be Infinity Space and Zero Nothingness. How did the basic particle of matter come into existence? The only answer has to be the relation between the basic particle of matter (Finite Reality), Infinity Space and Zero Nothingness.
2.01 To understand how everything came into existence, it is necessary to know: (1) The relationship between Space and Time. Time is the movement of matter in Space (Space-Time Continuum). (2) Gravitational force is attained through the rotational force of the angular momentum of mass creating an inward vacuum. (3) F / I = 0. Any Finite number divided by Infinity equals Zero. This defines mathematically that Finite can be reduced to Zero. This defines that the center of Finite can exist in zero space. Transposing: F = 0 x I. Finite equals Zero multiplied by Infinity. This defines how Finite Reality (matter) came into the Universe. These basic finite particles of matter will be designated by the author as (0 x I) (Zero multiplied by Infinity) spheres.

2.02 It would be a mathematical impossibility for the force of infinity space acting upon the zero center of space to be applied equally to create the (0 x I) sphere. The difference in application of force would cause the (0 x I) sphere to be spinning and hurdled into space. There would be no counter force in space to slow down the (0 x I) sphere’s rotation and movement - until other spheres were created. F / 0 = Finite divided by Zero equals Infinity. Space goes infinitely inward.

2.03 It would take eons of time for any two (0 x I)) spheres to come close enough together - so their gravitational forces would cause them to be pulled together. It is mathematically impossible that all mass in space (atoms, planets, stars, galaxie) is not rotating and moving. In Eternity (Past, Present, Future), the (0 x I) basic spheres of matter have been and continue to be created in Infinity of Space. Logic dictates the sequence of events from the basic particles of matter to Chaos, the gathering of all mass into the Super Sphere to go to absolute zero, to the "Exploding Gravity-Controlled Swirl" that brought Order and later Life into the Universe. The spheres that had passed the speed of light went into the center of the Super Sphere to occupy zero space and are the "Spirit of Order, Creation and Life" - the controlling force of the Universe - called "Hunab Ku" in Mayan culture.
3.01 At the forward-most point of hurdling through space and rotating, the Super Sphere (Black Hole) exploded - releasing energy per Einstein’s formula: E = mc2. Energy equals mass multiplied by the speed of light squared. Energy exploded and was bent outward. The spheres that had passed the speed of light divided to become the center of all mass in the Universe. This is the reason that amoeba and cells divide to reproduce.

3.02 Energy toward the center of Super Sphere exerted a gravitational force - to bend the released energy into the configuration of a magnetic swirl. Energy collided with energy to form mass. Einstein’s Equation: m = E/c2. Mass equals energy divided by the speed of light squared. All matter (stars, etc.) was in reference to the center of the Super Sphere (center of the Universe). This brought Order and later Life into the Universe. Knowledge is the relation of one object to another.

3.03 The zero spheres that had passed the speed of light will always remain in the center of the Universe. This is the "Womb of the Universe" and is feminine in nature. Technically, this is the only force that could be termed "God". Polaris, the North pole star, is one degree from direct north and is replicated as a neuron that is one degree from the center of the human brain. This neuron is the "super-ego" of an individual. Polaris is the star that the Judean-Christian culture worship as Jehovah (Yahweh) and the Islam culture worship as Allah (Alilah). Individuals are actually worshiping their own super-egos. Most people want to believe this way - from the fear of death - with the threat of hell for those who do not believe and the promise of heaven for those who believe. But - it is believing a lie. Faith: Webster: "Unquestioning belief that does not require proof or evidence." Faith - in religious use - is one of the most evil words in language. It involves acting on something that has no basis in fact and is the same as lying. Both established religions and cults specialize in brain-washing and lies.

3.04 Religion is the highest form of evil. All religions will be destroyed by Truth. Worst hoax ever perpetrated on the human race: Premise that Jesus was born of a virgin, died on the cross, arose from the dead, and is God. This was the Devil’s plan to be worshiped as God. Desiring worship is proof of demonic pride. Jesus was incarnated by the angel-spirit-star of Lucifer (definition: light-bearer, morning star) - who is Adam the Devil - the Sun-god, the god of sex. Replication of the Sun as a neuron in the brain is responsible for reproduction through sex.

3.05 Stars of Milky Way Galaxy are replicated in the human brain (order of 200 billion). All the stars are the neurons of the Mind of Universe. Spheres occupying zero space in the zero center of the Super Sphere divided to become the center of every particle of matter.
4.01 False assumption that a force cannot exist in zero space has stopped scientists, cosmologists - and others - from describing how the Universe began - with creation of matter - and later Order and Life. The term: "Big Bang" is incorrect. The correct term should be: "Exploding Gravity-Controlled Swirl". Infinity mass in Chaos of Space was brought together by Gravity and reduced to absolute zero.
5.00 Removed the many reference numbers in above paragraphs in order to save space. Have combined and enumerated a few chapters below to give better overview of information contained in book. You should be able to open program with Adobe Reader.

5.01 History of Scientific Endeavours: Google: All about Creation: All scientists have really proven about the origin of the Universe is that they don’t really know how it happened, and they may be looking at it the wrong way. Pride, prejudice and hatred have deceived religion into promoting lies instead of having an open mind in searching for truth. (D1, C12, P8: 38.01-38.02)

5.02 D2: C1, P21: 1.01-7.01: Seven Equations: governing creation of matter from "Nothingness of Space" to an ordered Universe.

5.03 D2, C2, P21: 8.01-14.01: Seven events from creation of mass to an ordered Universe.

5.04 D2, C3, P22: 15.01-20.02: Conclusion: Balancing of centrifugal, centripetal forces helps to maintain stability in the Universe.

5.05 D2, C4, P22: 21.01-25.01: Overview: How matter was brought into Existence from "Nothingness of Space".

5.06 D2, C5, P22-23: 26.01-33.01: Time for creation of matter. Overview of Steady State, Superstring Theories.

5.07 D2, C12, P25-26: 49.01-62.04: Foundation statements to establish time needed for infinity spheres in far outer space to be pulled by gravitational force into the Super Sphere. Planck time. D2, C16, P27: 69.01-72.02: Critical (Schwarzchild) radius for Super Sphere to become a Black Hole is about 400 billion miles. Event horizon. Escape velocity. D2, C17, P28: 73.01-76.02.

5.08 D2, C18: P28: 77.01-80.05: Super Sphere must go to absolute zero to explode at the weakest point - most forward point of rotation and hurdling through space. Initial opening point of the "Exploding Gravity-Controlled Swirl" is the direct north of the Earth. D2, C20, P30: 82.01-86.04: Infinity Space has been reduced to Absolute Zero. D2, C21, P31: 87.01-90.03: Infinity mass in zero center of Super Sphere explodes. Drawn inward by gravity of inner mass to collide and form entire Universe in configuration of a magnetic swirl. D2, C22, P31: 91.01-92.02.
Bound book with CD Rom - $27. Includes ship. Truth of the Universe, 2600 N.W. 63rd. St., #99, Oklahoma City, OK 73116-4928. jfiz@cox.net

Tewari’s theory springs out from ingenious intuitions but is addressed by inadequate analytical tools. There are immediately evident errors due to lack of knowledge of basic kinematics. First of all (I’ll limit here myself to this remark), any mass-less point in non-linear motion does never undergo “centrifugal acceleration”. Any mass-less point in a non-linear motion may only be subjected to “centripetal” and/or “transverse accelerations”. Considering that Tewari’s physical space is a continuum essence void of mass, its points in motion can never undergo “centrifugal accelerations”. Centrifugal acceleration pops out only in the non-linear motions of objects endowed with “mass”, to determine centrifugal forces. (By the way, this is one of the actually unexplained riddles of classic mechanics, in spite of inappropriate chats among “scientists” which dare even to state that “centrifugal force” is only a fictitious force!). Thus the formation of the volume of absolute void that Tewari considers as the empty nucleus of the electron is described by a flawed analysis. Other errors follow, also as a consequence of that initial one.

As to Jolly Fields Izoe, some doctor should suggest two or three cups of chamomile a day, to quell his illusions on himself and his theory.

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