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Economy - Earlier articles

There are some earlier articles of mine on the subject of alternatives in economy. The earliest of those are located on my "historic" site (www.hasslberger.com) and can be found in the Economy directory there.

Those articles go back to the early 1990s and document my voyage of personal discovery of what economy is all about, and where we should direct our efforts to improve things. Silvio Gesell with his opus magnum, The Natural Economic Order, which is available on line here, has been a major inspiration on these early explorations. Consequently, many of the articles you find on that earlier site deal with the problem of interest, one of the major faults in economic policy identified by Gesell.


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More recently, I have been working on a health related site: Health Supreme.

There are several articles on economic matters on that site as well - they are accessible through the Economy directory.

Naturally, globalization has been a recurring theme, as for instance in Deficits, Free Trade and Privatization. There is a report about a brave soul in Canada who took on the banks to court over the illegal creation of money and some articles about complementary currencies that do not charge usurious fees for the privilege of using money.

To get the whole list of articles, go directly to


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