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Dirac's Equation and the Sea of Negative Energy - Part III

This article is a continuation of an earlier post that contains parts I and II of Don Hotson's article titled "Dirac's Equation and the Sea of Negative Energy". You can find the earlier post by following this link.

In the meantime, Don Hotson has written part III of the article, and like the previous ones, it was published in Infinite Energy magazine.


To give you an idea of what the argument is, here's the introduction to part III of Don Hotson's article:


The preceding two-part article published in Infinite Energy 44 and 45 (see web links to both documents in Bill Zebuhr's Introduction) was entirely predicated on the proposition that a true physics must be based on simplicity and causality. If Dirac's equation means what it says--that it describes everything that waves or every possible particle--it arguably provides the first basis, simplicity: the universe must be built of the four kinds of electron which are the roots of the equation.

We have shown at least plausible ways this might happen, ways that solve the glaring problems with conventional physics. Moreover, we have shown direct contact, causal solutions to the problems of the "electromagnetic field" and gravitation, in which we have shown that both represent physical, non-local structures, responses the Big BEC (Bose-Einstein condensate) must make to balance imbalances and maintain its own integrity.

There are a number of developments, unmentioned in Parts 1 and 2, which greatly strengthen the case presented there. First, the Nobelist Dr. Norman Ramsey convinced his colleagues that negative absolute temperatures made thermodynamic sense.1 Since it is the quantity of positive energy in a substance that gives it its positive energy temperature scale, it should be a perfectly obvious corollary that negative energy must be a prerequisite for negative absolute temperatures.

This complements our symmetry arguments, and the fact that both the energy equation and Dirac's equation have negative as well as positive roots.

Dr. Benni Reznik of Tel Aviv University has demonstrated that the "vacuum" as a whole violates Bell's inequalities, and so acts like a BEC. (Bell's inequalities, and the now voluminous proofs thereof, show that two particles or photons, created in the same event, remain "entangled" with each other, sharing the same wave function, no matter how far apart they may move. Thus an action on one instantaneously causes a complimentary change in the other.)

Dr. Reznik demonstrates that two unentangled probes, inserted into the "vacuum" at random distances, rapidly become phase-entangled. This is behavior one would expect from a BEC, not a "vacuum," and can hardly be understood except in terms of a universal BEC. Since the Dirac papers insist that the "vacuum" is a universal BEC, this represents an immense verification of its thesis.

This is only one of a number of demonstrations, recent and ancient, that entanglement and superluminal effects are real and fundamental factors. For instance, it has been known since Laplace that gravitation must act much faster than light, or the earth/sun system would form a "couple" and the earth would spiral off into space. That gravitation acts almost instantaneously has been shown by studies of contact binary stars, which show that it must act many orders of magnitude faster than light. Astronomer Dr. Tom Van Flandern has shown that General Relativity, though it gives lip service to the "light speed limit," simply goes on to assume instantaneous "changes in the curvature of space" in its equations, and so is non-local.

Further, it has been known for decades that electromagnetism acts faster than light, according to a whole series of experimental results starting with the Sherwin-Rawcliffe experiment and continuing with those of the Graneaus and Pappas. These experiments all show that changes in the electromagnetic field must propagate much faster than light, apparently instantaneously, so that a moving charge has no "left-behind potential hill." Thus changes in electromagnetic potential must propagate apparently instantaneously over any distance.

A BEC has been shown by laboratory experiments to be all one thing, so that an action on one end of a BEC causes an instantaneous reaction at the other end. Therefore a universal BEC is the only plausible explanation for these burgeoning superluminal effects.

But we require a further, in-depth look at causality... (continue reading here)

- - -

Apart from the principal article, the PDF document contains also an article by Bill Zebuhr of Infinite Energy, introducing Don Hotson's work and especially the third part of "Dirac's Equation and the Sea of Negative Energy".

But there's even more. The PDF also contains a bonus article by Don Hotson titled

The Music of the Spheres 2

Here is a quote by way of introduction:

In the second part of the Dirac papers (Issue 44, "Dirac's Equation and the Sea of Negative Energy, Part 2), I attempted to show that the solar system is harmonic, arrayed in octaves of T (Tau), 2e2/3mc3, the Least Count of the universe, and octaves of 10 T. The sun is organized on an octave of 10 T, with Jupiter organized on an octave of T. The largest influences on the Solar System were demonstrated to be the sun, with most of the mass, and Jupiter, with most of the angular momentum.


The Solar System - image found here

The positions of the planets, I demonstrated, are the resultants of a harmonic "war" between these titans, the planets between Jupiter and the sun occupying positions at the intermodulation nodes of this war. Mercury, like a good Quantum Object, oscillates between a harmonic of Jupiter and a harmonic of the sun. The other planets, and the asteroids, occupy intermodulation positions, explaining the rough symmetry of Bode's Law. Jupiter itself occupies an intermodulation position, 11/10 of an octave of Tau. The outer planets, Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto, again occupy positions which are near-octaves of the sun's diameter, with Neptune on a one-half octave position.

The argument is that a spinning body of plasma sets up a standing magnetic wave. The prime wavelength is the diameter of the body, with a node at the surface. Since a wave cannot be confined to a single wavelength, this wave spreads in octave wavelengths and has amplitude (pulls up epos from the BEC) everywhere but at the octave nodes, which, like sand on a tapped drumhead, become the locations of the planets. (This rule is modified, with the inner planets, by the out of phase Tau harmonics of Jupiter, so that they occupy intermodulation positions.)

Further, it was argued that while we couldn't perhaps prove that the sun was the source of a standing harmonic spin wave capable of moving huge planets into position, it was observed that there are anomalies at least consistent with that assumption. Since none of the inner planets are at nodal positions, each should exhibit anomalies which conventional astronomy cannot explain. The review of these started at the sun, with the huge anomaly that the solar "exhaust" is 50 times hotter than the "furnace": the solar corona achieves temperatures of over a million degrees Kelvin, while the sun's surface, at the node, is a mere 5,800 degrees K. Since the corona is expanding away from the sun's surface, it should, by the gas law, cool as it expands. Instead, it is violently heated. Moreover large numbers of protons are accelerated in the same region to relativistic velocities, forming the "solar wind," another unexplained phenomenon.

So here again, the link to the document:

Dirac's Equation and the Sea of Negative Energy, Part 3: Structure and Unification

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Dirac's discovery portends serious consideration that involve the possibility of "precursor engineering"....

matter has the tendency to want to expand in the sameway space can.so since this cant be done or since expansion of space makes a time deficit this is the engine behind inertial motion and gravitational fields

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