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Vortex - Who needs the Higgs?

A Freak's View of the Uni-verse
by Robert McCoy

It has been well over a decade now since I saw the video. In it a radiantly vibrant silver haired woman marches assertively up to a podium and proceeds to give a slide lecture presentation of her discovery and recording of nothing less than the human energy field - a first in western science. Her voice is powerful and her manner confident - a polished presenter as befits her background as a retired Professor of Physiology at a major university.

spiral_1.jpgShe had been studying the musculature of dancers and this led to her investigating what lay behind the 'noise' on her recordings of the electronic traces created by the movement of their muscles. What she discovered was a whole range of minute signals that had never been seen before -- patterns below the pattern -- like some sort of energetic Mandelbrot, they were in the audio range and could be amplified and heard as well as 'seen' by sensitive's, as if they were the 'sound of light'. No wonder no one had ever found them - who would have guessed! 'Light' you can listen to! And furthermore each one of these frequencies corresponded to a discrete characteristic of the human mind and body and each had a distinct waveform and color. So frequency, waveform and color were synonymous with different human characteristics. She was astounded.

But what was it about the shape of the waveforms of this 'light' that contributed to its appearance and function? Was there something behind light that helped give it its distinctive waveform and that was behind the characteristics of mind and body it appeared to represent? Was the waveform a combination of carrier wave and some sort of modulated intent which helped to shape it and give it meaning -- a literal display of function following form? She didn't say.

Her name was Dr. Valerie Hunt and the waveforms she displayed on her slides were what are known as vector waveforms. All known frequencies in the electromagnetic spectrum are vector waves. Vector waves travel spatially for long distances and can be displayed and measured. But there are other waves in physics that are known to be 'below' or 'behind' the vector waveforms that we can see and measure and these waveforms are referred to as scalars and they are not so easy to see or measure -- or even describe.

Writing about scalars is like writing about zen. You could spend infinities at it and still be scratching your head in a different place. The language is all square and the 'whole' is a confoundin' dodecahedron. It's a pathetic operation -- has an endlessly futile feel to it like throwing water balloons at the sun. When you sift through the literature you are confronted with a Berlin wall of 'talkin' in tongues' terminology and Rune like formulas, all of which does nothing to clarify the true nature of the phenomena. In fact the opposite happens. A window of opacity opens up before the reader, somehow revealing yet simultaneously obscuring the view. Such is physics.

One thing though that does jump out at the casual investigator is that scalars have been referred to, at times as the information 'behind' a vector waveform and that when a vector waveform is 'collapsed' the scalar information is 'revealed'. This is generally done by running a vector through what is known as a Caduceus coil, a winding twisting pair of wires which wrap the wave back around on itself so as to combine the waveforms in such a way as to negate them, like a homeopathic. But the information left behind is not like a radio signal that was modulated onto a carrier wave -- a small vector riding on the back of a bigger vector -- it's the information that formed the wave itself... and that survives its destruction. A very curious phenomenon.

If scalars were something of an alchemist's dream then perhaps I was headed for a bottomless pit of pi in the sky, but as luck would have it I was eventually pointed in the direction of Tom Bearden, that curmudgeonly critic of all things false, inelegant and wrong headed in the field of electrical engineering. Bearden was a contradiction. On the one hand he was 'country... just folks', a loyal and retired military Cold Warrior with the Chuck Yeager twang, while on the other hand he was an ultimate, sophisticated and devastating Free Thinker! -- an intellectual and philosophical thorn in the side of an entire world view, like an 'edgy' Terence McKenna with an oscilloscope probe. No walls around his words! But he was more than just a pain in the neck to the Phd's in 'Double E'... he had something that not one of them could claim. He had earned a patent, but not just any patent, another boring 'breakthrough' in the long line of incremental engineering. No...his patent was unique, the first ever awarded for a Free Energy device (Uber Unity!). So when he 'spoke'... I listened. And what he spoke 'spoke volumes' to my clouded mind -- gave clarity to what were murky waters -- like Soma for my scratched sunglasses. What he 'spoke' was actually a reply to a question in an interview recorded on-line that he had given almost two decades earlier yet it was more revealing than any of even the more recent descriptions I could find.

On the subject of scalars...

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You will have to go to the realitysandwich site for the rest of Robert's article...

Who Needs the Higgs (A Freak's View of the Uni-verse)

I'm sending you there ... not only to give traffic to the site that first published the article, but also because there are a number of interesting comments in which Bob expands on the vortex phenomenon in a personal context...

... and don't forget to follow the link to a video with a great collection of relevant imagery.

Walter Russell Vortex Video: The Cosmology of Twin Opposing Electro-Magnetic Vortices

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