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Parallel Path - Over Unity From Magnets

Many attempts have been made to harness energy from (permanent) magnets and in particular to get more energy out than is put in. Rotating devices such as Minato's magnetic fans as well as Mark Goldes' Magnetic Power Inc project and others out there are in progress, but none has made the breakthrough yet.

Enters a simple idea called Parallel Path which seems to open a new avenue in the quest for magnet-powered over unity by manipulating the magnetic field itself.

It's one of those "two step ahead" technologies that entice commenters to automatically call the inventor a crackpot. What's meant by "two steps ahead"? Here we go:

You've heard the saying, "He who is one step ahead is a genius; he who is two steps ahead is a crack pot." That saying applies to the world of ideas. In the marketplace, it can be rephrased as follows: "He who is one step ahead is very rich; he who is two steps ahead is very dead -- or at least very persecuted." If you have a "two steps ahead" technology that is nearly ready for introduction into the market, you might consider purposely ratcheting it back a notch or two so that is resembles a "one step ahead" technology. Then, once you have your foot in the door, and your reputation established firmly, the "two steps ahead" will only be one step ahead. Probably the only way a two-steps-ahead technology could be introduced would be through open source, where a simple set of plans for an easy-to-build device are published openly for the world, impossible to stop by the powers that be.

The quote above is from Sterling Allan, who also introduces a recent article analyzing the new technology and discusses why slashdot won't touch the over unity topic:

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Sterling D. Allan writes "I realize that most of the Slashdot crowd will spit out what they are chewing on upon reading this subject line with two double whammies: "Parallel Path" and "Over Unity", and will immediately go into "junk science" screaming mode. However, for those of you who have an open mind and have been toying around with alternative energy paradigms, I think you will find this article to be one of the most enlightening you have read in months if not years. It is a light-bulb-turner-oner. An "ah ha" piece. It is destined to be a classic. So sit back, make yourself comfortable, and be ready for a mind-blower as you read such things as: "Magnets are to the waves in the ether what a diode is to electricity" or "What Joe Flynn has is a transistor (actually a pair) for a magnetic circuit." Yes, the author of this piece is the same Paul Noel who wrote the "Wilma the Capacitor and Particle Accelerator" story that the Slashdot crowd threw tomatoes at. Remember the saying: He who is one step ahead is a genius, he who is two steps ahead is a crackpot. Most revolutions in thought have not come from the status quo establishment but from those who dare think outside the box. This piece is a box opener. To cinch the point, I see just now an apropos saying at the bottom of Slashdot: "Why not go out on a limb. That is where the fruit is."

See also:

How Parallel Path Gets Over Unity

Lutec Australia - Permanent magnet generator
Lutec Australia is developing a generator that will produce up to 1000 watts of DC electricity twenty four hours a day, every day, which will be stored in a battery bank and then inverted to AC power and connected directly into the home or business. Not yet available for sale.

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Despite years of claims, none of the claimants of these various devices has ever demonstrated their claims to be true.

Many OU claimants assert that they are not penned in by the "dogma" of a physics education. While the lack of education may free them to think creatively, it often causes them to commit horrendous experiment and data analysis errors. The honest ones eventually figure out they were wrong. The crooks keep insisting they are right w/o providing any verifiable evidence, and invariably keep looking for investor money.

The parallel path energy gain myth is the result of poor analysis.

With regard to Penny's statement that no device has ever been publicly demonstrated, that is not true.
While none have ever 'remained' in the public eye it doesn't take too much of a stretch of the head to know why.
You can't control them like you can gas, oil, etc.
If you think that is naive, then you only need look at the opium wars in China to get some idea.
Same players today you know. They didn't go away.
Secondly, Penny should have the skills to do the math, but has she?
Obviously not. No need when you KNOW already you much be right.
Man can't exceed 35 miles an hour without dying, now, wasn't that the scientific community that made that 'LAW'. But, we choose to forget that don't we.

Apparently Penny just spouts off at the mouth when she reads things that clash with her understanding of the world. I don't know shit about lutec but I have been following Flynn and his parallel path technology for quite a few years and can assure her that Joseph Flynn's discoveries are earth shattering. He's discovered how to manipulate a permanent magnets magnetic flux by using electromagnets as switches in a magnetic circuit. Consequently you don't have to supply the energy to create the magnetic flux of the permanent magnets and it takes a lot less magnetic flux in the control coils (electromagnets)to make a flux gate switch than it does to generate a magnetic field to perform actual work you can combine the magnetic flux fields of the permanent magnets and the magnetic flux generated by the control coils to perform work with 3.5 times the force.

Those who say it cannot be done should not interfere with those of us who are doing it.

-- S. Hickman

The devices which Vince Morgan claims to exist are all used to power black helicopters, I presume. The "conspiracy theory" just doesn't work in a world where the innovation is done in Southeast Asia, and those some people are pretty much in control of all the money. Any "secret" would be used by the Chinese, who have access to only 1% (one per cent) of the worlds oil, and can use all the efficiency they can find.

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