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Milewski Describes Magneto-Electric Radiation and Super Light

Dr John Milewski is an engineer and scientist who has been researching advanced materials. He has invented a process for growing single crystal fibers of various materials which could - once available in quantity - revolutionize many technical applications, from light bulbs to energy production. Physical healing and regeneration of living organisms may be a major effect of the new technology as well.


Dr. John V. Milewski is an Internationally recognized leader and consultant in his field of Advanced Materials. He is a professional engineer, scientist, inventor, entrepreneur, writer, publisher, editor and lecturer. He is a retired staff member of Los Alamos National Labs and has worked previously as a scientific staff member at Exxon Research Center and at Thiokol Chemical Rocket Engine Div. He recently founded his own research company called Superkinetic, Inc. where he is currently working on a revolutionary new electric light bulb based on using a single crystal fiber as a filament.

Perhaps even more interesting than the research into novel materials and the possible technical applications of Milewski's work are the theoretical implications, described in an article titled SuperLight - One Source, One Force.

SuperLight is described as the opposite and complementary phase to ordinary light. While electromagnetic radiation - visible light is part of its spectrum - has a strong electric and a weaker magnetic component, in magneto-electric radiation the magnetic component outweighs its electric counterpart.

Milewski proposes a model which sees magneto-electric radiation as the source of gravity, emitted by black holes and traveling at the square of the speed of light. SuperLight has a correspondingly shorter wavelength and higher energy content than ordinary light and is the source of the energy of life, which makes for its connection to the area of healing through increased coherence in organisms.

While physics has tended to exclude life and consciousness from its equations we now have - with Milewski's model - a very real possibility to reach unification with meta-physics, generally considered the purview of faith and religion.

- - -


(This is part of a more extensive article - go directly to the source)

SuperLight is magnetic light; it is magneto-electric radiation.

Regular light is electric light or electro-magnetic radiation. There is parity or symmetry the Universe, everything has an equal and opposite mirror-image counterpart, the Ying and the Yang, right and left, matter and anti matter, the electron and the positron. Why not light?

Both science and metaphysics have honored this parity law in all things except light. They are wrong. There is parity in light as well !

I will now explain and give you more detail.

SuperLight is the unseen force in nature that has been ignored by science but real to the mystics and metaphysicians for thousands of years. It has been given different names by different cultures for thousands of years.

A Nuous, Chi, Biomagnetic Energy, Wilhelm Reich's Orgone Energy, Tesler's Free Earth Energy, Animal Magnetism, Space Energy, Vacuum Energy, and Zero Point Energy, etc. Those who have subtle perception know it is real.

SuperLight was identified scientifically over 100 years ago when James Clerk Maxwell solved his famous wave equation. This occurred shortly after radio was invented by Nikola Tesla, and theoretical physicists tried to find a mathematical model to explain radio waves. When using positive numbers in Maxwell's Equations this explains radio waves and also all forms of electro-magnetic radiation such as light, radio, TV, microwaves, x-rays, etc. What his equation also explains 100 years ago was SuperLight but because it was the solution that comes from the use of negative numbers, "this second solution" was ignored for over 100 years. Remember when you were taught algebra and were told to ignore imaginary numbers (e.g. The square root of -1) because they have no meaning in this world. Well, times have changed and now we have a very valid second solution to Maxwell's equation and it is SuperLight.

In the mid 70's a scientist, Dr. William Tiller, at Stanford University took another look at Maxwell's equation and asked; "What does this second solution explain when interpreted in our world."{1}

To understand this second solution, we must first review what the first or positive solution explains. The first solution is as follows: Radio waves leave the antenna and radiate out into space from a point source (the antenna) equally in all directions into space toward infinity traveling at the speed of light. The wave is composed of a large electrical component and a small magnetic component 90 degrees to the electrical component. Thus named, electro-magnetic radiation.

The second solution describes a particle wave of just the opposite structure. It explains that from infinity traveling toward the point source from all directions radiates SuperLight. This new radiation is composed of a large magnetic component and a small electrical component, thus the name, magneto-electric radiation. When the equations are looked at more closely, one finds that "SuperLight" travels at the speed of light squared ! 1020 meters per second, or 10 billion times faster than light.

It has a frequency 10 billion times higher, and has a corresponding, shorter wavelength. It therefore has a higher energy density.

The question one asks immediately is, "if it is so powerful, how come we do not feel it, or how come it is not detected scientifically?" Well, the frequency is so high, its wave length so short, (4 x 10-8 nano-meters, or 4 x 10-17 meters), its velocity so fast, that it goes through everything as though the substance was nearly completely transparent (like glass).

We can say the higher frequency is completely penetrating like x-rays, but even more so. More information, regarding the relative size, will be given later.


It comes out of black holes !

First, I will describe how regular light is formed and then make the analogy for SuperLight.

Regular electro-magnetic radiation or light is formed when electric monopoles give off energy. The electron in orbit about our atoms is an electric monopole -- as it changes its' orbit it either gives off or absorbs energy in the form of electro-magnetic radiation. Sunlight is converted into electricity by this process in a solar cell. Just the opposite occurs in optical diodes, which convert electricity into light.

So, electro magnetic radiation or visible light is produced when an electron (an electric monopole) lowers its orbit and releases its energy in the form of light.

Now, I believe a similar event occurs in the extremely dense and hot matter found in black holes. It is theorized that black holes contain magnetic monopoles and when these extremely dense, extremely small, extremely energetic magnetic monopoles release energy by lowering their orbit they radiate magneto-electric radiation, our SuperLight. So black holes really are not so black. They are radiant beings of SuperLight. Of course SuperLight escapes the strong gravitation forces of the black holes because its velocity is the square of the velocity of light and it therefore, can easily escape.

The current scientific thinking is that in the center of every galaxy in the universe is a black hole. There are billions and billions of galaxies all around us, and they all are producing SuperLight. We are literally bathed in a three-dimensional dynamic energy field, or an "Ether" of SuperLight -- a Dynamic Ether.


I believe that SuperLight is the prime activating energy in the universe and accounts for the production of what we call life. I believe SuperLight interacts with special forms of matter in our bodies and produces what we call Vital Life Forces. These special forms of matter are found in bones, micro-crystals and also in the various fluids in the body, that contain cell salts. There are also believed to be organic molecules in some body fluids, that are believed to be liquid crystalline in structure. These change state (liquid to crystal) very readily, with an extremely small change in energy (e.g. emotions).

Another form of organized structure found in the body, are the multitude of long parallel conductive protein structures, that form phase-array like structures{5}. Like the phased array radio telescope in Socorro, New Mexico, they pick up extremely weak signals and amplify them, by being in phase. It is also suggested, that these proteins may have room temperature superconductivity. It is these organized structures in living things, that produce a coherence that has resonance with very minute amounts of SuperLight. Most of it passes through matter, between the nucleus and electron, without even coming in contact with them.

Our body is electronic in nature{2-5} and it is composed of millions and billions of micro-electronic units that are formed in structures that have a phase array organization{3}. I believe that there is electronic resonance in these organized conductive molecules, that they have some resonance with very small amounts of SuperLight and that these energy fields and currents are responsible for the human aura and the energy vortexes found in the body chakra area. They also produce the Vital Life Forces. But, since SuperLight is so powerful, even a very, very small amount produces more than enough energy to sustain life. Thus, life is produced and sustained by specific forms and amounts of organized matter, and old age and eventual death occurs when too much disorder and disease comes into our bodies and breaks up this ordered structure. At that point, the body can no longer produce enough Vital Life Force from SuperLight to sustain itself. I also believe that all forms of organized matter produce its own aura-finger-prints or energy signature when it reacts with SuperLight.

There are many sensitive people, who can detect and read the aura of living entities and substances. Our body can determine whether this energy is good or bad for itself. I believe that this accounts for Kineseology and also explains how herbs work on the body. For example, each herb has an energy field signature that has a special attunement to specific body parts and its presence helps "kick off" or reactivate that energy center which may be slow or stopped, because of some illness or disease. Therefore, SuperLight to the rescue, through the herb structure that is appropriate to that area of the body in need.

Crystals to the rescue also. Crystals are very organized structures and thus according to this thesis are also converters or transducers of SuperLight. This is where their energy comes from and explains how they seemingly can radiate a positive signal continuously without being recharged. As with herbs, crystals and minerals of different chemistries and structures, develop different types of energy fields. This explains why different crystals have different effects on different parts of the body. The key to crystal healing is to match the required energy with the proper crystal that produces that specific energy need.

As scientists and experimenters become more aware of SuperLight and start to understand it, experiments and instruments will be designed to attune to these energies. In the future, I conceive of manufacturing simulated body structures{4} which will be micro-size phase array assemblies made of room temperature superconductors. They will be converters SuperLight into Vital Life Force for healing. Specific micro-structures will be designed to attune to, and resonate with, the exact energy needed, in the specific part of the body that needs an energy boost for healing and regeneration.

It is said, that the priests in Atlantis lived for thousands of years, and that their secret was that they, at times, would sleep in crystal lined caves and that this would rejuvenate their bodies, bringing healing and new growth.

I propose that, in the very near future, I will be able to test this idea with the fiber crystal that I am making in my lab in Albuquerque. Soon, I hope to be able to grow my fiber crystals long enough, and in large enough quantities, that we will be able to spin these crystals into yarn. Once spun into yarn, single crystal fiber cloth could be woven to make crystal cloth head and wristbands, hats, and meditation shawls. You could even stuff your mattress with crystal fiber, or cover your bedroom wall with crystal fiber cloth wallpaper. This should stimulate creativity, imagination, healing and regeneration.

Now this next idea may sound way out, but, I believe that it will be possible to make room temperature superconductors of crystal fiber. If this becomes possible, we are talking about levitation, and possibly even a magic carpet.

So, the door is wide open with the possibilities of working with SuperLight energies, through the use of single crystal fibers. I believe these need to be high purity crystal fibers, in order to have the coherence necessary to resonate with SuperLight.


Gravity is not an intrinsic property of matter, neither is inertia. These secondary forces are both formed by the reaction of matter to the dynamic field of SuperLight. Gravity is not an attraction! It is the result of a universal pressure, exerted by SuperLight as it rains in from infinity, from all directions, onto every object. Materials are not 100% transparent to SuperLight. I estimate, perhaps about 99.99999999% transparent. As a consequence, all material domains, all "matter", experiences an acceleration caused by SuperLight. Every "particle" is affected by a slight drag, or pressure differential, as SuperLight travels past and through them.

Quantum Particle Interactions, come into play as SuperLight joins in, or exits the activities of the particle domain. Field effects come into play, as the SuperLight Entity travels through the Atomic Atmosphere producing drag. Drag turbulence and particle pressures combine to produce the accelerational force we know as gravity.

This acceleration is of little consequence when a single object is in space, at a very great distance from other objects, since the force vectors cancel out. However, when a second object comes close to the first object, then, the two objects shield each other from the full power of SuperLight pressure on the opposite sides of the objects facing each other. As a result of this, the objects experience a net accelerational force toward each other, which is directly proportional to their mass. Mass that produces the mutual shielding that each object experiences. Thus, falsely, each object is said to be attracted to each other ! In reality, they are being pushed together by the net differential force of SuperLight pressure which results from the slight absorption of SuperLight as it passes through these objects. This, according to my theory, is what creates gravity. It is a push exerted by SuperLight, on objects shielding each other, from a portion of the SuperLight radiation.

Gravity then becomes the "Weak Force", from the effects of porous matter. An atom of matter is about 1018 parts void for each part of solid matter. The wavelength of SuperLight is much smaller than the typical atomic dimension. Thus, most of SuperLight passes through the atomic structure unopposed. However, when SuperLight contacts the nucleus or electrons it produces the force that holds the electrons in orbit, and the nucleus together. It is the nuclear glue. This gives matter its chemical properties. Thus, gravity is the weak force since only a very small amount of SuperLight interacts with matter on the atomic scale. An example that will give you some idea as to how porous solid matter is, as follows: Let us expand the nucleus of an atom to the size of a golf ball, then the electrons in orbit about this nucleus would be about the size of a pea. Now when this pea makes its orbit about the golf ball its orbit is not a few feet or even a few yards in diameter, its orbit is about 2 miles in diameter. Matter is mostly composed of void or space and the energy rays of SuperLight, whose wavelength is many times smaller than the diameter of the electron, will to a large extent miss the particle regions, as it rains through the atomic region. Only a small amount of SuperLight interacts with the nucleus and electrons while the majority will pass right through the region.


The structure of the nucleus is extremely dense, when compared to that of the atom as a whole. The particles of matter in the nucleus are much closer to each other, than those in the electron. The nucleus is probably in the order of 1028 more dense. Thus, the force that holds the nucleus together, must be very strong.

In reality, it is still the effects of SuperLight pushing and interacting, that holds the components of nucleus together. These stronger interactions on the nucleus, are a result of its increased relative density and ability to shield SuperLight. It is the density and geometry of matter that changes the forces we see. Thus, from One Source, comes the One Force, that divides and manifests itself in so many interesting ways.

The relative packing symmetry is very critical in the nucleus and this accounts for the relative stability of various nuclei. A less symmetrical structure, results in radioactivity and an unstable nucleus. In this way, SuperLight helps to explain radioactivity.

(The University Field or Energy Source)

Einstein spent the last half of his life in search of a unifying field theory that would unite all forces into one. I believe that with SuperLight, a theory can be developed to explain this idea. SuperLight; one force, once source. The concept I've developed is new, and all aspects have not yet been considered, but what has been covered appears to fit quite well with our current understanding of reality.

I propose that SuperLight energy is the singularity or universal energy force in all nature and that its interaction with various forms of matter and energy produces all other forces in the Universe. Specific atomic structures and sub-atomic structures are resonant to and interact with some aspects of SuperLight as it passes through them and our bodies. The energy that is absorbed is converted into the electrical, magnetic, nuclear and gravitational forces producing our vital life force. This can explain all the forces of nature and life energies.

It is the geometry and density of matter that explains the different forms and intensity of the forces that are produced.


As we develop greater understanding of what types of devices can attune to SuperLight, I believe that it will be possible to capture this energy, collect it, and measure it. At first only small assemblies will be made for healing and regeneration, (only small amounts are needed) scientific analysis, proof of principle and localized experiments. In the future, I envision massive devices to be used as direct energy converters. This development will have a significant effect on reducing world pollution associated with most other energy producing systems such as nuclear and fossil fuels.


There is parity in the universe, therefore light has two forms:

ELECRTO-MAGNETIC -- electric light traveling at C. (1010 meters per sec.)

MAGNETO-ELECTRIC -- magnetic light traveling at C squared.

These lights are responsible for all created matter, all forces, and life itself. As a result of this theory , I make the following statements:


1. Vital life force energies come from SuperLight reacting with coherent structures in the body.

2. Organs and chakras produce energy vortexes from the interaction with SuperLight.

3. Aging comes from loss of coherence in the body.

4. Healing and regeneration will be possible, by exposure to higher concentrations of SuperLight.

5. All psychic phenomena takes place on the SuperLight wave bands.

SuperLight as it Affects Physics and Astronomy

1. It proposes a three dimensional dynamic ether that reacts with all matter and energy causing all forces.

2. Gravity is not and intrinsic property of matter, but only a reaction to an external force. (e.g. SuperLight)

3. Inertia is not an intrinsic property of matter, but only it's reaction to acceleration through the ether of SuperLight's dynamic field.

4. It eliminates the problem of action at a distance.

5. It eliminates the need for dark matter, and solves Dr. Rubins problem of the outer stars in galaxies "traveling too fast". (There is a slight drag causing the stars to fall slowly into the center of the galaxy.)

6. Also, the gravity constant is not constant, but becomes less as one approaches black holes, due to the reduction effect of SuperLight radiating out of the black hole.

7. This also means that the gravity constant becomes significantly less at the edge of the Universe.

8. It also allows black holes to reach an equilibrium state, -- matter in SuperLight out -- thus preventing one black hole from becoming massive and gobbling up the whole universe.

9. It explains what neutrinos are: they are SuperLight.

10. It allows many new scenarios for the Big Bang and creation. For example: Since gravity and inertia are the result of matter reacting with SuperLight, which did not exist prior to the big bang, or in early times, then, the Big Bang could have been a Little Bang (or a big breath)because any force would cause and infinite acceleration, since there was nothing to hold matter back.

SuperLight And Space Travel

Communication, on the SuperLight wave bands, will permit extreme distant communication in space in much shorter times. (e.g. 100,000 light years in 3 to 4 minutes.)

It eliminates the need to take fuel, when you travel in space, thus permitting real deep space travel.

Harnessing SuperLight Will Give Us An
Infinite Supply of Non-Polluting Energy


1. Carlton, J.B. & Tiller, WA. Index of Refraction Measurements for Superluminal Radiation; 9th Annual Medical Symposium Jan. 1976 ARE Clinic, Phoenix, AZ

2. Milewski, J.V. "The Crystal Sourcebook"; Preference & Introduction, Mystic Crystal Publications, Albq, NM

3. & 4. Bulkley, D.H., An Electromagnetic Theory of Life; Seattle Inst., Seattle, WA 94115

5. "The Body Electric", R. Becker MD, & G. Seldon; Wm Morrow & Co., NY 1985

- - -

I highly recommend you take a peek at the Milewski website

The Wonderful World of Advanced Materials

where you can delve into much more information on this interesting tack of research.

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What happens when travelling towards a black hole. Infact I would expect , according to this theory, that the imbalance in Superlight would push every mass away from the black hole because the push from the blackhole is higher then the pressure from all other directions.

It is possible that the effects of 'Superlight' on matter are such that superlight is 'transduced' into what we know as a gravity field. All matter, as a result of the dynamic aether flow through itself, resultantly gives off an appreciable spectrum of spiral strings which couple with other objects, producing a gravitic dipole. So, gravity remains an largely an attractive force. However, when objects of sufficient size disparity move toward one another, the smaller object goes from interacting largely with attractive force, into experiencing both attraction and getting a push from behind once it's own field is fully captured by the parent body.

It can readily be shown for instance, that the magnetic field models taught erroneously in the highest science halls for far too long (and likely purposely so) are in dire need of correction. I say "likely purposely so" as the simple demonstration that proves this is easy enough for an elementary school student to administer.

"Let there be light!"


Dr. Milewski makes many interesting and I think many good points.

He used, I think, a ‘Sanskrit' term and concept that is very important: ‘Chakra’; and it denotes a ‘wheel’, a spinning wheel, disk, and center of energy – a life force energy. That ‘Asian’ term and concept evolved many years before the Planck’s constant (h) – a constant with ‘dimensions’ of angular momentum (spin). That (related) super-ubiquitous ‘h’ seems to dominate all space and material – far beyond even what Planck likely ever envisioned.

I have occasionally written articles speculating that the Ratio of strong nuclear force to weak gravitation force (i.e., say the nuclear force between a neutron and proton in deuterium compared to the gravitational force between a neutron very close to a proton) ---- is proportional to the following: The high density of nuclear fluid to the low density of ‘aether’ in space. I.e., about 10 ^ (+18 power) kg/cu m. to 10^ (- 20 power) kg/ cu m., and that ratio comes out 10 ^ (+ 38 power) to 1.

A so-called ‘attraction’ analogy is what the high pressure of our atmosphere can lead to: Say, on a beach, the high suction of undertow of (high-density) 20 mph water current –- compared to the low or light suction caused by, say, a 20 mph air-blowing fan, the air being of much lower density that water!! (In that analogy; a Bernoulli-principle like suction may be active.)

Interesting comments Carl. Consider the magnetic dipole, how it's flux string bundles leave each pole, spinning in the same direction such that they are repelled away from one another as soon as they are free of the magnetic material. They then arc back, stacking up over themselves in an effort to join those strings eminating from the opposite pole. I perceive that magnetism is to gravity, a laser beam is to white light. Only in the case of magnetism, coherence is not maintained linearly outside the material because of the inherent repulsion between parallel strings forcing an arcuate path that ultimately seeks a closed system. I am certain that a correlation, if such may be found, between the ratios of magnetic strength to gravitic strength and laser efficiency to full spectrum efficiency would not be coincidental.

Imagine a ruby rod being pumped by our researcher counterparts in another dimension producing instead, an arcuate path from both ends to meet in the middle! Well, if the 'virtual photons' of a magnet were visible to the naked eye, much more would be instantly understood about the true nature of both gravitic and magnetic systems. After all, magnetism is really a form of 'coherent gravity', which is why it is attracted so strongly to ferrous metals. Terra and Luna floating in free space are large gravitic monopoles.....field coupled at close distance, voila! They become a gravitic dipole. Dr Milewski must have an enjoyable time in his laboratory! As do his much less affable cave dwelling counterparts, I'm sure.

At any rate, I'm sure we'll all get a chance to meet the One source behind the grandest force soon enough.



Dr. Milewski's theories are appealing. But how can the speed of superlight be c^2? The units of c^2 are distance squared divided by time squared, which is not a velocity. If c^2 is expressed as 3E10 cm/s, then c^2 is 9E20. If c^2 is expressed as 3E8 m/s, then c^2 is 9E16.


Very intrigueing theory. This could explain the quickness of the human mind and the ability to recall information instantly.

This theory was first presented by the author in 1993. What has been done since then to prove it?

This leaves me with way too many questions.

Does superlight explain human consciousness?

Does superlight explain the collapsing wave function in the double slit experiment?

Does superlight explain entangled electrons?

Could superlight be the force that causes the universe to expand?

Could superlight be support the holographic universe theory?

Can superlight be the entity that operates that projector that produces a holographic universe?

Could superlight be what some perceive as God?

Can I get some answers.



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